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About Shops and Homes Online | Shopsandhomes.com

Shopsandhomes provides real right genuine real opportunity in Residential and Commercial Property in Mumbai.Give a fresh start to your search for Residential and Commercial Property For Sale, Purchase and Rent in Mumbai. Get a chance to search over a thousand properties from the top developers and Real Estate Agents in Mumbai- Shops and Homes.Want to add value to your properties? Owning flats in Mumbai could be your best investment decision in residential property in Mumbai real estate.

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About Shops and Homes Online | Shopsandhomes.com

  2. 2. Shops and Homes? Shops and Homes serve as a benchmark in terms of providing up—to—date and precise information. We explore new ideas and technologies persistently in order to keep up with the latest market trends. We support employees with an active work environment, continuing training, performance-based recognition and opportunities for improvement. Make them to understand the culture, the history and the people of Mumbai's real estate market. We target to become the leading brand in providing online solutions for the Real Estate sector and are progressing towards achieving this goal. Our branding strategy involves teaming up with key builders and agents from Mumbai and its surroundings for helping them bring more revenues for their business. Our Vision Our Mission To bring all participants together for making buying and selling cost effective in real estate market while still retaining the premier level of sen/ ice. To provide comprehensive real estate advices to customers regarding making sound decisions while purchasing or selling in the real estate market. Ill‘: SURE WAYTD MISS SLJIIESS IS TO MISS THE OPPORTUNITY. Strategy Revenue growth from bigger expend by our promoters. Returning surplus cash to shareholders either via dividends or through share buybacks. Brand Positioning Our brand positioning connects our mission with technology to bring out wor| d—class property solutions for the customers from Mumbai and its surroundings.
  3. 3. Why use Shops and Homes? Unlike other real estate giants like Magicbricks. com, 99acres. com and housing. com, Shopsandhomescom not only just provide ways to market your properties but also take responsibility to make sure you get the best deal! Magic Bricks The absolute fundomentol aim is to make money out _ of sotisfyrng customers. 99 acres HousIng. com xI~ eI; v_v- We follow a complete transparent process at Shopsandhomes and this has earned us several customers to our website over the time. At Shopsandhomes we also do sole selling, online marketing and offline marketing. We authenticate and market your property.
  4. 4. Online Marketing In today's Internet age, online marketing is the foremost requirement in real estate. Almost 87% of buyers start their property search from online resources. Offline Marketing We take every possible step even for offline marketing of your property listed with us. We have marketing experts with better reach than you do. Two Easy Steps Provide us with all the details you have about your property such as, floor plan, area etc. if you want to sell it. On the other hand if you rather want to buy one, then list us all your requirements which you would want in your future home! Sole Selling We also provide the facility of Sole Selling meaning if you require, we can exclusively appoint a dedicated agent solely for advertising your property Once you have given us all the possible information you have whether for selling or buying property, leave everything on us. Sit back and relax. It is now our turn to prove ourselves, Trust us! Other services Avail free assessment of your property using the current computational methods and affecting real estate factors.
  5. 5. Rushabh Arcade Old Station Road Thane — West 400601 E ‘E Maharashtra, India. Q‘ El v. . Phone : +9122 4100 8386 Email : info@shopsandhomes. com Ror~. tTIr»Ic You : l' THE DIRECTION OF T “-1""-'93