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Kanata Garden Windows - Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd.(613) 415-4515

Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd.
1861 Robertson Road, Suite 256
Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 1B9
(613) 415-4515


Trust Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd. with your window retrofit and we know you’ll be happy with the results. At Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd. we take pride in knowing that our customers are all satisfied with our results. Call us today and one of our consultants will help you to achieve the new look you’ve been waiting for in your home.

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Kanata Garden Windows - Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd.(613) 415-4515

  1. 1. ‘W I n: . «mm. -u » Professional In Iatlon or s 1* 3.1 L‘ Windows & Doors for over 36 years. -’ ‘ 1 ‘ 1 4 _v = = n H ; .7 ‘ ', .‘ t r H; I , v; _
  2. 2. Kanata Exterior Door — Kanata V/ indovvs & Doors Lid. Line Up A Renovation Plan With The Kanata Vvindows Doors Suppliers Are 5-‘(Du Ioo—: irig to! a BBB accredited facility that ensures ("re sate and Du. -': hase of auther-ti-C afid cau ufj asstired 'u‘. 'ir~. -:1ov. 's and E)oors Hanata? 's'v‘e= .i. in that case. you are JLISIC a CEICK a-. 'a', .- fvorn reatiziflg yon. ..’ oo_iect. '.'e. You are C! ‘.. =_Bll»"! t_J '. ith a BBB aopioved pn. n'x: !"iase'. a.v1d this co. -‘hes as ah added advantage Yo-_i ca - be sure that you are rnaking the right choice Even W’ you run out of concept- at oiientations. tr“. -en the specietist designers up theie / -Il‘. : oe there to guide you on As a ves-_iLt your ir'2decis. veness '. -rill rot D. -ove to oe constraiifixrtg Take A Look Before l‘. 'ir33-(I11; a DeVSC)l1al‘JlSlI, )'Oi_I can take a: '- ontxne visit Taking a kook throuqh the ‘A/ ir1do-vs and Doors Kanata qallery is the first thinq to do Iri that way. you can get a hang of the existing st. -ea? -as and trehds There are architecture! shapes and designer orientations of different KI". C$S it is irriooitaht to »: o.'r'tside. ' the pros aria cons of every single option At the end of the day. ‘A/ hat nnatters is gettieg the exact itei-T1 that -_. roi_. need The process needs Quite a bit of t? "H! ‘lf‘§!11g reflectior1 arid planning, For E‘Xa! ‘.‘l13'. E_ you should in '. -that vueys the oo-N vu-rido‘. -1 types are dif“ererit frorn the casernent -. -xindows -’. D."‘Ly i‘ you aie ferrnliar i. -nth tore Bros and cons of the : >oth_ '. ‘ill you oe in a ; DC)S)t}(3."| to take the right decision, Hc~'. ~.~e-. -er. r‘ you have a little t= i'ne to spend before you actually go and ouy the doors or ‘aVll1Ci(3‘/ -‘S. Look onlihe See the different types of e-.1-3:LabLe ‘. -zzndo-. -zs and doors Chec-( and S. —“3r‘| :S: the ones that sL. :-’. your budget and I'z? C|L. ‘If'vZ‘{‘"Ié‘. "VL Nov. ‘ 3-0.; can '-‘ISIV. the szoi es to check. those out
  3. 3. Kanata French Doors — Kanata Windovvs & Doors Ltd. ADVANTAGE OF KANATA SLIDING DOORS As a Mamas-. .r~ar, -, -ct. i. iII sci-siaar vane-vating ai-a updating bet! ‘ the Il‘ter'ier' as well as the axtsricr space. r-= -.«si—a~. «atii: i- is ar impsi-at. -.-is it sar-. ~es to ir-. ci~sass the rat -. ~aIi_s of ‘, ‘Gl. l' pi-cpai-: «,«_ The proposition‘ is l: -:tl- i—icii~e«, ~ as -IE” as, til"e'CGl‘-Sl_. i"Iil‘<; . Sc: -. .l-. at '. ‘C. (‘deed is Droa: tI E D|3l‘~l‘H‘~g. Ev. -er-, » aspect of your FeFO'. 'atlGFi plar is ul"i<: uel', ‘ differert from the otrer. So. you have to glue Focuses atterticr‘ ts earl‘ ai-a e-. -er-, ' aspect oF the plarhing. For the time being. -, -cu : ai~ corsider upciacing the doors. Rapiacii-g the exlstlf‘/ Q ‘stern s th the Karate Slizxirg Dears will not be a bad F1:-me ti: rnake. Enhances The Appeal The S[ldll‘vg doors one i: F the I"'I: St attract: -.ie cptici-s ti: use. ‘ion car cus a H: ., s-, J—, h_a , w,a xr. Hun, !_t! i-—>‘1,. Jdd. up}, -3. ‘sh, §? _E«‘linL_1__C= i .395 am: luster cf the interior space. .'. 'itF tl~e ii-stallacicr of this ncor t«, -as the space takes or a -. .i-: -si-ea look. As a result. -, «ci. ear‘ create cc: -citusr-s Far the sr-ti~, - oi’ tI~e Extra bit of I‘ati. l‘al light. As ana -. .l~er-. you tl—ii-L that the irteriors are m airs Feed For the reFresP'~irg : oi. :i— as Freshress, you an ; ust use the sliding cptior to ', 'OLM‘ cor". -er‘ier‘i: e. Eco-Friendly And Inviting Sezcndl ‘, ‘CL4 . .i| l ai: .-. «;ai. si-, - like eptihg for Br‘ Esa-rivsi-ax-, ~ hams li"ipr'o 'e-l'| er*t Idea. The Kanata Slioir-Q E)-: .:rs are the best cl-ioias to Ffiake, ii- that case. The sauatiar. is sai-i-ieti~ii—-g like ti~is. IF ‘, 'Cu car‘ am: -.. i-. ati_ii-al light to erter: then‘ you can -at. -e quite a bit cf ~, -our elect: -isit-, » bills. -. -.'itl~ the il‘iF| <:- or surlight. the lrtericr | :>e: <;r'ne- t4lCE mars refreshing than issual. -rise ambiance II‘ gereral. iaeacrvias l‘1CrI’e'.4e': Cl""! if‘g thaw 4.. |*at it was e3r| ier. Aooitichall with a r-"mesh patio soar. -. iau aai-. keep a. :B', ' the pests from antermg the roam -, -et EV‘_‘C‘, ‘ the Fresh air ann gaaa -. -er-. uia: iai~.
  4. 4. arden Windows — Kanata / Vmdovvs & Doors Ltd. How To Choose The Best Kanata Patio Doors : x«: >g 3051 A far 55 1-1: se*e: =!'. :>v' of car: door goes there :5 s v»: ie§cI"e5d sssortrrvefit to oons-:1-_—r "roars are swzlmg door ODI-O’15-I s-fin. -3", /, tr-1e*e one those inset can oe sun-.1-fig ooerz, It is stylish to use Kanata Pane Doc-rs that ha. r: options -‘or dual folding The sonssaz N131 "ass a :3 —fo= d'ng omon has smother nsvrse r. me Fr-e’n: h Fazro doors In sm, sss-s. the ossgnsr sty-= _'— (‘"131 yDxJ : --ooss mas 1:: rnaxoh the 3-': ="n£-': J_; _a'3« sr, -s of yDLl' Nadia The —= v-ad of ‘fe_ y‘-e that you s*e used 1:), the ssues of : *:>n‘vf: >r'1 add that of : oI1«'e. ":«e"): :e are so"ne of the on-x—2y p5'B? r'>:41e'§ of 5e'—3:: LrD'1 One of The Consicterations r-mar-s 3'-3 : -3-rtatn colours: o-us to rnahe For -«-vsxsr-use. yam S*13u»: .I >r'v: |vL' U19 sun-fax area of {'12 E| x1e'V'1a s: >a: >e Vhs scare rnay be vgnt. or -1. . -nay have a> descreszd ones to 5: : H'n"v'n: )d31e 5. douse s~: !e: ! _~s'-firgrfig D51'D door, Czn xne other r'1a"~:1‘ ‘F919 spas- no '. "1&'e . n the balcony . s oons1r. :te. :l. y:n_: Cs’! vmnx. of us-Hg 1'16 D-. a'1:<‘. a F-‘En-o C‘~oovs '. -1': D3'Ie. s that are Stalxohary "V-we s: r-;1-s can -so Su. '-"lQr7'I~;1 door s 10- other ooz. :.n to oonsdsv for 1H9 Da'v: ro'y sosoe t"v$‘2r awn-‘v; —:i A Crucial Factor ‘mus Da1’. ::I opens out to tfié aesutes a"I~: ! grse-wares of 1-_ 0.115-.15’. -v: b*‘-:1 I: serves ss 5 tonfieozws :2-sage Dex-Iv-s-en the outdoor and the wndoor N-ng s'ea You need to oearums CI5'1>: :.J-‘arfszizbr -n the -n v-r—:1 sw-was D. _J': "x3s'1g the ‘r snszs. I= st. o E-oars. “'rw—: - :1:u: I»'vEy has to De . v:! e -. '»>’1'-I a -:1:aDv‘-'ay' ‘U151 -s . ~-de. you -. ~‘ gel D6116’ access to {Ne v= _'»<YeV"3. space ‘L"IEI'1 inose vwtn s-no" door-. va, s | r1 QE’| é"8‘. 1-we fadwfig door systefifis f'| Sv . v- -aoo-. .-gays 5-'11-‘Sr 5 ‘(rue of the Freficfi doors of the s~s'-"ag. r.g type The Glass Type ‘rue "text same“! that fr»-sorts you’ amen: -on re: -axes to the grass se-eot-on G ass nacoens to De the H1051 C-'u: ::s : :>'1st-‘loan’. oftr-us vasu-mats Pet»: Doors I1 pays to oot forxv-us en»-_~-gy effect we Q 555 oozzons r‘ou . v- so-a-. s ssross s vsmsxy ms: s -. n:. .ww as ms E—g‘ass ': ne v3’rely rs uv-u, q._; s '1 the sense that rt 5-E-V‘-4951:: 'ed. _A: s ! "|D ens-gy bu‘; S&C: !"V: !~y. yOu 9-21 true D'ote:1 on 1'19‘. you need agannsi u«1’5-v-: I ex fadng 14'. -an certs-' sovmg on your utd-ty nus. yCIu can as sure of gen mg the tyssx so-. ~'-= The hlate rial Type There are neoo. -s . ~.--ao choose to .452 1'1E5‘.3fiSL5 Doro C‘: oo's 55 Lnssr ore saver-use -A-ray‘ If ', o._; s'e usrfig the Dabs’: as an e't': ="1:e ivsy xne-u you need ‘(:1 oe pan-cu-3' 9:30.41 ': -1oosfig a duraoe -V131-3': a.1'151'5 oo"vv—: ~n. e"x1 to use as A-2" as "V'S. '1XS n " ere 5'2 : _s-r-tan w. J§‘lra‘t-: :'1'= ' that a'e more vs-ea*(*1e= 'f'~er1:! y 1"5ir1 ms amsrs ‘v"ny‘. s'. _|'‘"'_: 'TI. “ad » ~: .o: : 3'1: frbe*g-ass are sorne of the wnaxsnsw tvoes to oov-Isder ‘Tnese . s-:0-usxand 1'-we ' wages of: _ an: Drove to be effect-we for —o'1g r*'n use. You 25": seeoi ms s. ;pa: .sr sv-td get The doors V1513:-5:! VH5‘: here Kanata V‘-IlcioM. 's & Doors Ltd
  5. 5. Kanata Home Doors — Kanata Windovvs & Doors Lid. Informative Facts And Figures On Kanata Home Doors . ,,. ,i How will you choose. and for that matter purchase the Kanata Home Doors? The first aspect that merits your consideration is the size ofyour home. ls the home big enough to serve the needs of a single Family? If it so, then you ought to make your selection from the nuclear family home segment. It is evident that before walking into the store. you will like making an online survey. The survey will help you to get a hang of the exact standpoint and status of the market. There are pictorial representations to go through, and the descriptive details to consider. As you go through the catalogue, you will be in a position to come to the right decision. A Word of Advice You are supposed to take note ofthe product description. Noting the particulars including what the manufacturer has to say about the warranty_condition of the Kanata Home Doors are crucially important [! .'. While some ofthe home door and window products may have limited warranty of ten years; there are others that cover a longer warranty time frame of twenty years. It is important to remember. that as a rule, you are supposed to get a minimal warranty oflive years. Irrespective ofthe product that you have chosen. you cannot be oblivious ofthe warranty statements. Making sure that the time period ofwarranty is not less than five years is not a choice but a compulsion. A Reality To Consider It is just not possible to keep the Kanata Patio Door free from the ultraviolet exposure. As a result of this exposure, the color is likely to fide out, in the due course ofthe time. It is a realistic issue that you have to bear in the mind that with constant usage and application: wear and tear is likely to take place. You cannot expect the warranty statements to cover the natural wear and tear that takes place with the gradual passage oftime. Uses of The Warra nty In spite, of the limitation: the warranty terms and statements on Kanata Patio Door are not without their uses. At least, you know that the product or the piece that you are investing in is free from the manufacturing defect/ s. In any case, even if you have a defective issue to counter: then, you can revert to the mutually consented warranty agreement that you have entered into with your manufacturer. A manufacturing defect may be responsible for causing DE-lamination, blistering and peeling. In that case, make sure that the respective supplier. "'manufacturer is ready to oblige by the warranty statement. This is something that you need to ensure because there may be some issue that you discover later and need a replacement. That is why ensure that even if you buy the doors online. it has clearly mentioned in the fine print. Click here [5 to read more
  6. 6. Kanata Patio Door — Kanata / /indows & Doors Lid. (613) 415-4515 laaaur-, -, a vars -, -, depth and -. -alua happen to be the def ng hallmarks pr the Kanata Garden . .indp. .s. It is ; usl: not the question or sprucang up the look » Ise appeal or the interiors. Adding a touch or toD tn the performance or the interiors is equalb irnpcrtant. You are n your cornfcrt acne, and hence, -pu should take that 2- cra stride to accentuate the quotient. The kind or garden doors and .7 r. do. .s that you select has p Iotal roles to pla. regarding th s. There are arcain factors to bear in the mind Po is To Ren1enIbel- Style staternefit and flair deserve the r"Ia. irnurn lfTIpDl'tEfCe. but these ave tr: |. lDTk hand in hand saith the Functional dylxarrlics. You nia choose one oflhe rnost stl sh Iookin Kanala Garden UV ndov-Is, but if it Fails tc take the beat ng of the incrernent weather conditions: then you vrill ha e precious little to gain. The nil‘. m. has to be energy efficient, sturdy and tough. Clnly then can the-, - sen e -, -our ~. -earlong CornFGrtir'. g needs. There are glass based options to consider. samilarl», -, there are glazed glass cptions to can er. The latter more eFfect a than the other in ma eFfi: ienc A Unique Type Tfie kirl: l of glass Fitting that -you have chosen 4lll also have considerable roles to pla‘ . Your idea is te have a sturdy and stable solution that ser-mes you round the year, irrespect Ie oi’ the seasonal a d en. 'iranrnerv. taI variai: ans. You can think of us ng the Kanata Garden clcn. -s opticn that carries the triple pane provision. The glass pane consists or Argpn and Kn, -pcpn. In certain cases, the glass pane ncludes a blend of both the noble gases. The aspect that proves to be beneficial is the non- reactive nature or the respective elements. The Beneficial Properties The nor1~rea(ti-Je Feature serves as a protective sl- eld. ]r-. c i. /av. you can get the prnteztior‘. that pu need. You kficsa For sure that the Kanata Garden . 'irsdoas are not: going to respond to the ncrernent weather cpnd ens. Besides this particular varieb . -, -ou also have the option of choosing the splar-affect e indot solutions. The xiindol. /5 are not pnl-, - safe to use but also come up stick a d verse arra, oF stylish o ntat: on.
  7. 7. Kanata Patio Doors — Kan to V / iiidows & Doors Lid. Planning A I/ lakeover VVith The Kanata French Doors Every horvseorwner has renovation plans to undertake. It needs rethinking and planning You may be on a spree of renovation, and this tirne round. you will like to give a new rnakeover to the doors and vvindovvs. HOW about installing the Kanata Frern: '1 Doors’ It is one of the worthy options to consider. The next Question that I: ornes up is. where vvill you go looking for this partic ular type of doors? Vvell. c ertainly you will need it or you went to put a door over the patio. If you have renaissance architecture or French doc or. you will need to ensure that the doors and vvin-dovvs rnatch the déc or of the whole house, A Separate Unit There is a soialized EITIQIIK that deals exclusively with the Kanata French Doors. You can also see the heritag-e collection that includes high—enG door profiles of drffererlt kinds. The vinyl rnade fold able French doors is convenient to use Y ou 850 have the optlon of pure haslng doors that have 8 panorarnic View to present, The ooors ano winoow-s of this partic ular segrnent are not only classy but also do justic e to the Fren-C h architectural orinc iples, So. if you are fastidious about recreating the European feel and flair: then. there is no reason for not taking the plunge, However. you will need to ensure that the fittings do not ex: eed your bucget, The Various Options Everything is good for a c hangs, As you get going with the renovation plan. you can handpick Kanata Frenc h Doors that have c ontoured profiles to present, The contouring enhances the look wise feel and arouses a c lassy architectural irnp-ac t, You also have the option of accessonzlng the door as there IS a segrnent that has a diverse assortrnent of doors and window accessories. Accessibility and availability of unlinaited color options are of oararnount signific an: e. Afier all. the chosen color so herne has to fall in line with the generic aura of the interiors. A Diversified Collection it may be the question of c hoosing the right color scheme. or the proposition rnay com: ern arc hitec tural exuberance. There are selection pararneters of different kinds. but what ‘works to your advantage is the varied rrvultiplic of the entire collection, Diversity happens to be the rlarne of the garne. So planning a rnakeover with a befitting introduction of the Kanata Frenc h Doors is not a big deal.
  8. 8. Purchase Points of The Kanata Exterior Door Facility POSTED cr-N , , , 8-33-x; lr1ECl r‘icu_. :e mi. .3: gettin. >5 4: VW’‘ the »_= v‘iLr. nag _: .e. :ia: . ‘ - ii! ‘ :1 "*= .' _. .1 The Outstanding Features ; -1/hat is so Liv1{c; L.a, - about the 5(3l"| .'§. ‘1 E'; terior Door r1-. <r-. -.nf: ~cturer : t~l’i’H; l »: *F U'n-: — ‘ pr-. :. 4&2 are mu, am. v11.3|vx"xg av‘ 'LE“; ‘Cc“’.3 am-:1 cie:1.; ;nii1 E-F. ‘er: tnue ’r’c~_n :51’-. .
  9. 9. Buying The Best Kanata Doors And Windows For Your Home The price is great, and the installation service bears the ll‘. CL. ‘Stl’V recc>rr‘. rv= ei‘r. ‘.~ed duality beiwclwmarks. It is what a buyer has to testify regarding the high—erd efficiency of the Kanata Doors ard 4'v'll‘CO'-‘-‘S facility. To top it all, you can avail of vintage pieces. Many conlpanies like Kanata Doors and Windows offer that with the purchase option of three vintage doors, the fourth one contes for free. Sinoilarlv, the -. -.'indoi. -.- that is smallest ir size, in the entire harviper that you have purcl‘asez: also con" es for free. The Common Aspects No two buyers are exactly similar. Ir spite, of the differences, there are areas that are grourds that are grossly sii-r': ilar. Ecoiworhv, duality arc‘ affordability are soihe of the most corrirrior priorities. Ever if you are fohd of lavishhess ard opulerce; you will not like crossing your budget expectations. Every buyer has a cost lirmt to consider, and so it pays to get a free offer. The offer cc-mes as a d‘ouble~ edged sword‘ of advahtage wls-ei‘ yoL. choose to Wake a bulk purchase of the Kanata Doors arc VJir, do-. -.'s. Hoi. -.iever, you need to get the details or‘: the offer arc‘ read the fire prirzt before you take then‘ up or the offer. An Established Standing For the last three decades or so, the facility has beeh adcressirg the needs of the resirjerttial inmates, the property caretakers and the real-estate developers. The Kanata Doors ard l. l/i"iC‘O‘-‘J5 hot or: ly live up to the feel ahd flair of the rormeoi. -.'riers but are also fourd fulfilling the bulk pL. rcl*. ase needs of the property developers. They have bulk purchases to make for fulfillirg the needs of the large arc the small—scale cor: structior*. a| projects. You already kl‘. Ol. '.' that it pays to rriake a bulk irivestrraerfit. Ir that way, the developers car expect discounted rates ard offers.

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Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd. 1861 Robertson Road, Suite 256 Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 1B9 (613) 415-4515 http://www.windowskanata.com/ Trust Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd. with your window retrofit and we know you’ll be happy with the results. At Kanata Windows & Doors Ltd. we take pride in knowing that our customers are all satisfied with our results. Call us today and one of our consultants will help you to achieve the new look you’ve been waiting for in your home.


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