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cover letter and resume

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cover letter and resume

  1. 1. Kailey Kessinger 1548 Golf Course Road Birdsboro PA, 19508 610-301-1439 kjkessin@millersville.edu This letter is to inform you on why I would be an ideal candidate for hire. In reading my resume, I hope you will find my past experiences and attributes applicable to your company. As you will find I have experiences in customer service which have helped me create my work ethic. Utilizing my experiences, I have learned to use team work and dedication in order to help finish a project. Working within my job as well as studying communications at Millersville, has given me a way to improve my communication skills every day. While working in a job that works first hand with customers, I have become more aware of different communication styles. This has helped me in my work at Millersville as I am able to study communication from a different perspective. Along with these aspects, I have also gained learning experiences through having product knowledge, phone etiquette, and organizational skills. Thank you for taking the time to read this and taking into consideration my resume. I can be reached at the cell phone number listed above as well as the email address. Thank you, Kailey Kessinger
  2. 2. Kailey Kessinger 1548 Golf Course Road Birdsboro PA, 19508 610-301-1439 kjkessin@millersville.edu Experiences Restoration Hardware Sales Associate June 2014 - Present Some of my responsibilities include attending to customers, product knowledge, physical activity such as moving and loading furniture, keeping the sales floor clean and organized, and phone etiquette. Rita's Italian Ice Server May 2011 - June 2013 Served customers and kept the store clean, stocked, and organized. Education Millersville University of Pennsylvania Communication Studies Bachelor of Science 2013 - Present Twin Valley High School High School Diploma 2009 - 2013 Skills • Customer Service • Phone Etiquette • Social Media • Team Work Honors • Dean's List Millersville University, Fall 2015 • Real Hero Restoration Hardware July 2015, December 2014 Voted "Real Hero" or Employee of the Month for both listed months
  3. 3. • Communication Studies • Product Knowledge