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10 Commandments for Lean in Government (and Beyond)

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Webinar presented by Harry Kenworthy on Sept 13.

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10 Commandments for Lean in Government (and Beyond)

  1. 1. Presenter: Harry Kenworthy QIPC, LLC hwk455@comcast.net 10 Commandments for Lean in Government (and Beyond) Host: Mark Graban KaiNexus Mark@KaiNexus.com @MarkGraban
  2. 2. KaiNexus Webinar 2 Agenda & Logistics l Presentation (40-45 minutes) l Your Questions (10-15 minutes) ¨ Use the GoToWebinar Meeting Panel to submit a question at any time l Recording link and slides will be sent via email
  3. 3. KaiNexus Webinar 3 Harry W. Kenworthy, Principal & Manager, QPIC LLC http://www.leangovcenter.com/ Worked with Dr. Deming Japanese JV BOD LSS Master Black Belt Government Focused GFOA Lean Provider NGA SME
  4. 4. KaiNexus Webinar 4 Harry Kenworthy - Your Webinar Leader He has spoken at over 90 conferences on Leadership, Quality, Productivity, Lean, and Six Sigma, and has been published in numerous magazines. Harry also had extended relationships with Dr. Joseph Juran and Dorian Shainin. For 9 years, he was on the Board of Directors of a Japanese Joint Venture based in Nagoya, Japan. The JV was a key supplier to Toyota and Harry studied Lean from the Toyota perspective. From 1989-1991 he was a Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Examiner. Harry was one of the first practitioners to apply Lean Six Sigma (LSS) in the Government sector in the mid-90s. His work is focused on partnering with leadership to change the culture of organizations with LSS. QPIC’s clients have included numerous Local, State and Federal Government agencies that have been improved by removing wastes and reducing costs while also reducing overall process cycle times and improving customer service. Achieving 40-70%+ improvements are normal, along with 25+ ROIs. He founded QPIC, LLC in 1984 and has devoted full time to the consultancy since 2004. He has a BS in Materials Engineering from Rennselear Polytechnic Institute and an MBA in Finance from Syracuse University. QPIC’s main client base consists of government at the State Agency, Local (cities /counties with 100,000+ population) and K-12 school systems (20,000+ students). QPIC is also the Lean government service provider for the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA). Harry served as a Lean government subject matter expert (SME) for the National Governor’s Association (NGA). Harry can be contacted at hwk455@comcast.net or 860-295-9134. Harry is a Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Master Black Belt and also Principal & Manager of the Quality and Productivity Improvement Center (QPIC, LLC and www.leangovcenter.com ). He was a group VP and VP, Manufacturing for Rogers Corporation and, in concert with GE, developed and deployed Lean Six Sigma throughout Rogers in the US, Europe, Japan and China until 2004. He worked with Dr. W. Edwards Deming in 1983-85 on a series of 2 day seminars throughout the US.
  5. 5. KaiNexus Webinar 5 Lean Government 10 Commandments Can they work in your organization?
  6. 6. KaiNexus Webinar 6 Key areas we’ll cover: 1. Brief Lean overview 2. Lean Government 10 Commandments 3. What Leaders need to do 4. How to get started?
  7. 7. KaiNexus Webinar 7 Key areas we’ll cover: 1. Brief Lean overview 2. Lean Government 10 Commandments 3. What Leaders need to do 4. How to get started?
  8. 8. KaiNexus Webinar 8 Lean is… v everyone’s relentless drive v to remove waste and improve quality v to increase customer service v and “fix what bugs you”
  9. 9. KaiNexus Webinar 9 vs.
  10. 10. KaiNexus Webinar 10 What Lean does? REDUCES Cost & Waste INCREASES SService Capacity CHANGES The CULTURE
  11. 11. KaiNexus Webinar 11 “The most important thing for Toyota is people. Toyota is all about teaching and training people and building a culture of continuous improvement. We don’t care about the next hybrid, the next engineering marvel, not even the next sales strategy. Our number one concern is how to build our people and how to build a culture of continuous improvement.” From a Toyota VP
  12. 12. KaiNexus Webinar 12 Key areas we’ll cover: 1. Brief Lean overview 2. Lean Government 10 Commandments 3. What Leaders need to do 4. How to get started?
  13. 13. KaiNexus Webinar 13 #1 - Understand Customer Needs Customer What does my customer need from our process? How is our process performance from the customer perspective? How does my customer measure my process? How would my customer like for our process to perform? What can we do better? How does my customer view my process? How easy are your websites to navigate? Is information easy to read and understand? Easy forms and checklists? Written at the 7th grade level?
  14. 14. KaiNexus Webinar 14 Thinking People System (TPS) Challenge Continuous Improvement True North #2 - Set Challenge Goals with High Leverage
  15. 15. KaiNexus Webinar 15 Thinking People System (TPS) Challenge Kaizen Continuous Improvement True North#3 - Kaizen – Continuous Improvement Kaizen events and daily Kaizen (Dynamic Idea Generation)
  16. 16. KaiNexus Webinar 16 Thinking People System (TPS) Challenge Kaizen Learn to See Continuous Improvement True North#4 - Learn to See More process detail than you ever knew existed
  17. 17. KaiNexus Webinar 17 #5 One Stop Shopping is the Goal Batch Processing (the norm) One-Piece Flow Ideal – One Stop Shopping
  18. 18. KaiNexus Webinar 18 #6 Statutes, Laws and Ordinances Was the “real problem” clearly understood before the “solution” was created? Interpretations “morph” over time. Be careful adding controls and “interpreting policy”.
  19. 19. KaiNexus Webinar 19 “Steal shamelessly, but legally” GFOA, ICMA, NGA, etc. Baldrige Winners Great Schools #7 - Benchmarking
  20. 20. KaiNexus Webinar 20 #8 – Dynamic Daily Data Collection Eliminate Errors and Rework. Do your people collect and see dynamic daily data? What are the benefits of doing this?
  21. 21. KaiNexus Webinar 21 Safety Concentration Diagrams B = bruise C = cut M = muscle strain S = sprain Days = GREEN Nights = RED You can: - Code by Dept. - Code by Geography - Etc. MMMMM MMMMM CCCC CC MMM MM MM MM BBBBBB SS MMMM What do you see? This should be posted for all to see.
  22. 22. KaiNexus Webinar 22 Boca Raton AP Error Tracking by cause and dept: Identify where training is needed. Visible feedback on “How are we doing.” Departments Causes
  23. 23. KaiNexus Webinar 23 #9 – 5S Everywhere 6th S = SAFETY
  24. 24. KaiNexus Webinar 24 5S - Why do it? ¨ Standardize improvements for maintenance and in the workplace, esp. Public Works ¨ Improve delivery consistency ¨ Improve quality ¨ Improve safety! ¨ Improve productivity ¨ Feel better about your workplace – Eliminate wastes that result from uncontrolled processes – Gain control on equipment, material, and inventory – Apply control techniques to eliminate erosion of improvements
  25. 25. KaiNexus Webinar 25 How do you Learn? You can’t teach/coach someone who doesn’t want to learn. Kata = a new behavior that is converted into a new permanent habit through deliberate practice. Mike Rother You can’t “train” people to embrace a new habit. #10 – Develop Great Leaders
  26. 26. KaiNexus Webinar 26 Key areas we’ll cover: 1. Brief Lean overview 2. Lean Government 10 Commandments 3. What Leaders need to do 4. How to get started?
  27. 27. KaiNexus Webinar 27
  28. 28. KaiNexus Webinar 28 LEAN is about providing VALUE to the CUSTOMER and SPEED Transportation Waiting Defects & Rework & Delays Over ProcessingMotion Over Producing Inventory Wasted Time Value Added Time Types of Waste Under/Not utilized People – The Greatest Waste of All! Think: TIMWOOD or DOWNTIME
  29. 29. KaiNexus Webinar 29 PDCA Problem Solving Process for Continuous Improvement Plan DoCheck Act Clarify the problem Break down the problem Set Improvement Targets Root Cause Analysis Develop Countermeasures Put the Countermeasures in place (Trystorm) Monitor both the Results and the Process Standardize Successful Processes – Lock in and Hold the Gains
  30. 30. KaiNexus Webinar 30 Key areas we’ll cover: 1. Brief Lean overview 2. Lean Government 10 Commandments 3. What Leaders need to do 4. How to get started?
  31. 31. KaiNexus Webinar 31 QPIC’s Proven Path
  32. 32. KaiNexus Webinar 32 Thinking People System (TPS) Challenge Kaizen Learn to See Respect Teamwork Continuous Improvement Respect For people True North Tools = 15-20% Culture = 80-85%
  33. 33. KaiNexus Webinar 33 QPIC, LLC www.leangovcenter.com
  34. 34. KaiNexus Webinar 34 Lean Summary Developing an Organizational Culture of Continuous Improvement through the relentless elimination of WASTE Quote from 5 year old Katie: “Lean is getting rid of stuff that bugs you!”
  35. 35. KaiNexus Webinar 35 Webinars On Demand
  36. 36. KaiNexus Webinar 36 Next Webinar – September 20 http://www.kainexus.com/webinars Erin Edwards Four Seasons Produce
  37. 37. KaiNexus Webinar 37 Thank you! Contact Info: Q&A l Web: ¨ www.kainexus.com ¨ www.leangovcenter.com l Past Webinars: ¨ www.kainexus.com/webinars l Social media: ¨ www.twitter.com/kainexus ¨ www.linkedin.com/company/kainexus ¨ www.facebook.com/kainexus Harry Kenworthy hwk455@comcast.net 860-295-9134 Mark Graban KaiNexus Mark@KaiNexus.com @MarkGraban