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  1. 1. Save endangered animals
  2. 2. The main cause of endangered animals. ➢ Destruction of habitat ➢ Pollution ➢ Hunting and fishing
  3. 3. Destruction of habitat People nowadays use wood as furniture in their home. But, people don’t know is that the logs that were needed to make the furniture was actually from forest that belong to the nature, where animals and species live happily. The mess that people have made is the main cause of endangered animals that are about to become extinct. I would suggest that we regrow the trees for the animals.
  4. 4. Pollution Pollution is a very serious thing for the animals, animals and plants that live underwater will suffer because of pollution, the pollution will block their ability to breath and cause their death. Animals like turtles and fishes will suffer and chew on plastic bags in the ocean because of the pollution.
  5. 5. Hunting and fishing Hunters are the murderer of animals, they use animals’ meat as resources to feed themselves, they still used the parts of the animal's body to make handicrafts, medicine and sell it for a big amount of money. Hunters decreases the population of animals because of their innocent kills.
  6. 6. List of animals that are endangered and about to extinct ➢ Leatherback Turtle ➢ bare-faced tamarin ➢ Black rhinos ➢ Chinese Alligator ➢ Seychelles Sheath-Tailed Bat ➢ Dama Gazelle ➢ Wild Bactrian Camel ➢ Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat ➢ Sumatran Orangutan ➢ Iberian Lynx ➢ Panda
  7. 7. What will happen if animals become extinct? If animals really become extinct from this world, the food chain will be changing from state to an entire new state, animals will change and the entire food chain will be a mess, people’s habitat will change due to the mess made by humans, people don’t know that doing this is actually just killing ourselves.
  8. 8. Why save the animals? Why save the animals? The answer to this question is that animals is the one thing some people live for, some people have pets that they enjoyed playing with everyday. Some people don’t and that’s okay, some people don't realize that the food we buy comes for animals. If animals extinct in this world, people would not have things to eat and would not have fun with animals. So we must protect the animals if with can no matter what it takes to do it, if you see this presentation please protect the animals.
  9. 9. Solution to this problem I personally think that the solution to this inefficient problem is that we could set up a breeding center for animals to give birth in order to increase the population of the extinct species. I still suggest that after breeding, we could patiently wait for the animals to grow till an adult and let it go out to the wonderful nature, where it is suppose to be in the first place. We can still take actions to hunters at once, and bring them to jail if they kill innocent lives again.
  10. 10. Thanks for your patience and time for looking at my presentation Protect the animals Save the animals Help the animals Care for the animals