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Steam Injectors / Mixing Nozzles

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Steam Injectors
Models and Applications

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Steam Injectors / Mixing Nozzles

  1. 1. Steam Injectors / Eductors Steam Coolers
  2. 2. To inject steam into liquids we have different solutions in our program. Steam can be fed directly into a pipe through which flows the medium. Here our types RKE, RFF, RLF and our multi-level models are used. Furthermore, it is possible to directly inject steam into a vessel. Here our types IFF, ILF, IGE, IFA and IFM are used. The differences concern mostly the different flange connections.
  3. 3. Purpose of Steam Injectors: Steam Injectors are often used to heat water or other liquid media in the production cycle. These Steam Heaters usually work in closed circuits, in tanks or other pipelines. Heating processes can find place in only one step or in closed circuits with a defined Start- and Final Temperature. Pipeline Mounting Steam Injectors can be mounted in pipelines with loose or fixed flanges according to DIN or ANSI-Standards, or in sanitary executions. Mounting inside of a vessel Kaempken & Fischer Steam Injectors also can be installed below liquid/water level to directly heat water or other water compatible liquid media inside containers, vessels or tanks. The steam will be quietly induced into the liquid and completely condensed. The suction effect of the injector causes a medium flow inside the vessel and this causes a uniform temperature inside the container.
  4. 4.  Range of Application:  Heating of liquid media  Steam Spargers for Cycle- water  Cooling of steam  Mixing of different media  Feeding of Gases  PE- PP- PVC- LLDPE-Plants  Pulp + Paper  Food, Wine, Beverage, Pharmaceutical  Educting of Antifouling media  Cooling of Extruders  Feeding of additives  Advantages:  Noiseless Injection of Steam  Control range 0-100% of Steam  Minimum Pressure-loss  Maximum Heat-Transfer  Favourable Dimensions  Mounting in optional Positions  High Operating-time, Maintenance-free  Wide Variety of Materials
  5. 5. Installation in a pipeline
  6. 6. RFF/RLF type RFF type with PTFE-inlet RKE type RFF type 2-staged RFF type 3-staged
  7. 7. Installation in a vessel
  8. 8. IFM type 3-staged IFA type in PTFE IFA type IFF/ILF type
  9. 9. Our Steam Injectors also can be used as Steam Coolers. For this purpose, the steam is passed through the large opening and the cooling water is connected at the tangential connection. A small nozzle is integrated in the centerline which injects the cooling medium into the steam.
  10. 10. Kämpken & Fischer GmbH If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us: Kämpken & Fischer GmbH Gewerbegebiet Oberheister Kupferfeld 7 D-53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid Germany Phone: +49 2247 / 6534 Fax: +49 2247 / 74241 E-Mail: info@kaempken.de Web: www.kaempken.de