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Helmut Kaempken GmbH En

Presentation of the Company
Helmut Kaempken GmbH
Products and Services

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Helmut Kaempken GmbH En

  1. 1. Special Constructions •Steam Injectors / Eductors •Steam Coolers •Tank Driving Units •Working Platforms •Sampling Devices •Cleaning Devices
  2. 2.  Kämpken & Fischer GmbH is a prominent, medium-size enterprise in the area steam injection, tank-driving units & inspection systems, cleaning and sampling devices, whatever is internationally variously represented. Reference assets in over 40 countries prove this. Our products are already imported as standard with many of our customers.  The management becomes in the 2nd Generation perception by Dipl. Ing. Marcel Fischer and Mr. Peter Kaempken. With its Know-How regarding development, construction and manufacturing, the Kaempken GmbH offers the complete service pallet from the idea identification to the finished product. Here it is insignificant whether it concerns prototypes, pilot lot models, unique pieces, small series or series.  The customer puts the yardstick fixed at which we be measured to let itself. The slim structures within the enterprise enable a close customer contact, as well as high flexibility, whereby also most complex request can be transferred within shortest time. In addition also the good business relations contribute to semi-finished material and standard part manufacturers apart from the unusually high quality.
  3. 3. We offer: Extensive consultation and design of steam injectors Design of Driving units for tanks Development of working platforms Construction of cleaning devices Construction of sampling devices
  4. 4. To inject steam into liquids we have different solutions in our program. Steam can be fed directly into a pipe through which flows the medium. Here our types RKE, RFF, RLF and our multi-level models are used. Furthermore, it is possible to directly inject steam into a vessel. Here our types of IFF, ILF, IGE, IFA and IFM are used. The differences concern mostly the different flange connections.
  5. 5. We develop and manufacture Tank Driving Units and Inspection Devices for many kinds of Tanks, Vessels and Silos, which allow the staff to inspect the containers inside and repairs.
  6. 6. For the cleaning of tanks and containers we develop different devices for high pressure cleaning.
  7. 7. In order to monitor the quality of the current production, we developed a sampling device, which automatically takes product samples in determined time intervals from out of the pressure line. The sampling device is preferably used for granulates or powder products It can be mounted in pipelines and vessels.
  8. 8. By requests from our customers, we are constantly developing new products that are tailored specifically for the customer's requirement. These include for example - Vacuum containers - Special bearings - Steam Cooling Stations
  9. 9. Kämpken & Fischer GmbH Contact us: Kämpken & Fischer GmbH Gewerbegebiet Oberheister Kupferfeld 7 D-53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid Germany Phone: +49 2247 / 6534 Fax: +49 2247 / 74241 E-Mail: info@kaempken.de Web: www.kaempken.de