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CMA Dheeraj Resume

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CMA Dheeraj Resume

  1. 1. Dheeraj Kommuri M K D.No-5-4-675, Plot Not-92, Kamalanagar, Vanasthalipuram Mail.id: kmkdheeraj@gmail.com Hyderabad, Telangana. Mobile No: 9494965861 CAREER OBJECTIVE:  In my career, to be a resourceful person to my employer, through updating self in areas of my expertise.  In my personal life, to be ethical.  In my social life, to spearhead educational reforms in my country.  My every professional activity should result in value addition. PROFESSIONAL FORTE:  Secured All India 27th Rank.  Ambitious and hardworking, committed to excellence.  Ability and capacity to assimilate new concepts and skills.  Capacity to work effectively with diverse group of people.  Skilled to work as an individual and team member along with ability to take up responsibility and produce results under stress.  Proficient in accounting and taxation systems, also possess excellent verbal and writing communication skills, dealing with technical data, relationship management , team building skills and willingness to learn the work and flair for trainings.  Willing to relocate and currently available to work. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION:  Good level of knowledgein MS-Office. PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION: Examination Year Institution Performance CMA- Final Dec 2014 ICAI (formerly ICWAI) 50.63 % CMA- INTER Dec 2011 ICAI (formerly ICWAI) 50.00% CMA-Foundation Dec 2010 ICAI (formerly ICWAI) 72.00%
  2. 2. ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS: Examination Year Institution Performance B.Com 2011 Prabhas Degree College, ANU. 62% Intermediate Public Examination, A.P 2008 Merit Students Junior College. 83.6% C.B.S.E 2006 St. Ann’s School. 79.8% PERSONAL DETAILS: Name : Dheeraj Kommuri M K Father’s Name : Samba Siva Rao K Date of Birth : 31 -May-1991. Hobbies : Watching Movies, Listening to Music, and Trekking. Languages Known : English, Telugu, and Hindi Marital Status : Single. Nationality : Indian. DECLARATION: I hereby declare that all the statements made above are true to the best of my knowledge. Date: 12-June-2015 Place: Hyderabad. (DHEERAJ KMK)