organizational excellence total quality management international entrepreneurship born global oviatt & mcdougall innovation management import and export export-oriented entrepreneurship role of entrepreneur rise of born global firms rennie choquette e. at al. (2017) case studies born global firms challenges alibaba vs amazon alibaba process theory network theory internationalization vs globalization internationalization stages internationalization pros & cons international entrepreneurship theory eclectic / economic theory competitive advantage technology transfer managing innovation innovation leadership six sigma quality management systematic management product excellence process excellence long term success improved morale employee involvement defect reduction customer satisfaction customer focus cost reduction continuous improvement timeframes of divergence and convergence finances connected isolation technology agnostic attitude and approach ambitious ideas wide-ranging exploration trust and commitment people innovation leaders innovation champions creative geniuses levels of innovation culture organization culture dimensions of innovation culture elements of innovation culture status quo culture culture innovation culture mark zuckerberg pete cashmore jeff bezos drive results work collaboratively lead effectively dan buchner david magellan horth 5 top innovative leaders innovative thinking skills innovative thinking business thinking nine behaviors that drive innovation process how leadership can drive innovation leader–member exchange (lmx) theory path-goal theory competency model david gliddon innovation leader internationalization theories tqm awards the international organization for standardization quality tools quality team quality management system (qms) quality leadership quality culture quality control and quality assurance quality continuous improvement quality benefits problem solving kaizen introduction to quality implementing tqm global entrepreneurship index 2018 integrated manufacturing capability global distribution system supply chain tax benefits technological advantage economies of scale unique market opportunity declining home-country excess production capacity unique product(s) or service(s) competitive pressures profits motivation for going global lower operational cost improve sales and profit performance act local think global multinational companies jvs and strategic partnership outsourcing and offshoring franchising licensing new legal and financial systems new government regulations new transportation geographical distances currency exchange rates international markets export promotion import substitution economic growth export skype oviatt multinational trader mojang ab import-export startup global startups geographically focused startups early internationalization of technology firms benchmark amazon entrepreneurship global business global entrepreneurship williamson uppsala model oli theory johanson & mattson internationalization meaning globalization dunning johanson & vahine new technologies apple steve jobs entrepreneurs difference between creativity and innovation francis and bessant open innovation paradigm shift greg satell paradigm position process product 4p dimensions of innovation space basic research disruptive innovation breakthrough innovation sustaining innovation types of innovation invention creativity theory of innovation joseph schumpeter peter drucker michael porter strategic planning effective control focus on customer requirements cooperation from employees continuous improvement in process commitment from employees communication motivation quality improvement culture recognition teamwork training trust integrity ethics six cs tqm implementation control charts scatter diagrams fish bone cause-and-effect diagrams pareto diagrams histograms check sheets flow charts tqm tools hkma quality award deming prize efqm model malcolm baldrige national quality award iso 9000: 2000 series of quality standards iso 9000 standards and awards quality management quality system quality assurance quality control
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