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  2. 2. W W W. I N N O C O S S U M M I T. C O M E M A I L : R E G I S T R AT I O N @ I N N O C O S E V E N T S . C O M P H O N E : + 3 1 6 4 3 0 0 1 9 5 4
  3. 3. An exclusive gathering of senior marketing & innovation exectuives InnoCos isn’t for everyone. This is a high – level event for a small group of about 100 or more likeminded corporate executives. Have a look at who joined us at the previous event: Take a look who you’ll meet at Innocos CMO, VPs Directors of Marketing VPs, Head of Innovation, Front End Innovation VPs, Directors of Consumer Insights Head of New Product Development VPs, Directors of Research & Development Branding executives Head of Retailing and eCommerce VPs and Directors of Packaging (Innovation, Development, Design) Business Development Directors Head of Market Research Directors of Digital Marketing Head of Social Media Strategy C-suite Vice president Directors Managers Other Coporate Agencies Other
  4. 4. Jinpyo LEE, VP AMOREPACIFIC John Morgan, Global Discover Open Innovation, Amway Stephanie Michel, Chiel Marketing officer, Bellabox Australia Sonja Ungewitter, VP Marketing Asia Pacific, Beiersdorf Tanguy Chen Laurent, US Managing Partner, Creative Capital Brandon Truaxe, Founder, Deciem Katalin Berenyi, President, Erborian Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Pers. Care Research, Euromonitor International Mazen Raydan, R&D Di- rector, Forlle’d Sking Care Company, Nanocosmetech V.Onur Bayhan, Category director(member of Board of Executives), Hepsibura- da.com Des iree Reid, General Manager, IMAN Cosmetics Alex Zhavoronkov, Co-founder & CEO, Insilico Medicine Koko Hayashi, Founder and CEO, Mirai Clinical Jennifer Tidy, Vice President Partner- ships, ModiFace Jorge Larranaga, Manu- facturing Division, Num- ber Three Inc. (Japan) Didier Huot, Member of the Executive Board, Qamare Didier Huot, Member of the Executive Board, Qamare Jeremy Basset, Global Marketig Strategy Direc- tor, Unilever Xavier Ormancey, Head of R&D, Yves Rocher Featuring speakers from leading companies: Lead Sponsor: Partners and Sponsors:
  5. 5. REGISTRATION AND NET- WORKING OPENING ADDRESS FROM THE CHAIR TRANSFORMING BEAUTY THROUGH DIVERSITY Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research, Euromonitor International • Cross-regional influences foster a new approach to innovation in beauty • Diversification inspires new formats, routines and concepts • Consumer, ethnic and cultural diversity opens scope for further revenue expansion and creativity • Corporate challenges for key portfolio focus vs niche expansion EMBRACING DISRUPTIVE IN- NOVATION THROUGH PART- NERSHIPS Jeremy Basset, Global Marketig Strategy Director, Unilever 8:00 9:00 9:15 9:45 June 9 Morning Activites
  6. 6. W W W. I N N O C O S S U M M I T. C O M . E M A I L : R E G I S T R AT I O THE EMOTION OF PACKAGING: OLD, NEW, FAST, SLOW – RITUALS OF THE EAST COME WEST AND WEST TO EAST NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK & EXHIBI- TION KEYNOTE John Morgan, Global Discover Open Innovation, Amway. In today’s ever-changing fast paced beauty industry the lines between packaging, devises, and wearables are being blurred. Consumers are de- manding more from products they use every day and the package plays a central role in delivering on the functional, emotional, and social needs of the consumer. Some of the topics we’ll touch on during this presenta- tion include: • Why rituals of the east are impacting the west • Demystifying interactive packaging, understanding current and emerging technologies trends currently available • How to integrate interactive packaging technologies for maximum consumer impact/benefit 10:15 10:45 11:15 According the Forbes’ annual list of The World’s Most Innovative Compa- nies, Amorepacific debuted this year at No.28 and is the most innovative cosmetics company on this list. World’s 14th-largest cosmetics manufacturer makes first appearance on list after its shares surge more than 100% in the past year. Dominating the country’s beauty scene, it’s the giant behind popular brands Hera, IOPE, Laneige, Etude House and others. In 2008 it brought to market the “cushion foundation,” a beauty compact that quickly soared in populari- ty; competitors followed suit Amorepacific’s speaker name and session will be confirmed shortly. Jinpyo LEE, VP of Strategy & Business Development Global Operations, AMOREPACIFIC 11:45 • The Meeting • The Courtship • The Engagement • Why You Should Marry Her? Desiree Reid General Manager, SVP Band Development IMPALA inc (IMAN Cosmetic and JayManuelBeauty) MULTICULTURAL CONSUMER: DON’T JUST DATE HER, MARRY HER!
  7. 7. O N @ I N N O C O S E V E N T S . C O M . P H O N E : + 3 1 6 4 3 0 0 1 9 5 4 EASTERN VS WESTERN NARRATIVES IN THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY 12:15 14:00 15:30 • How to leverage national identity in your beauty brand narrative ? This session will be followed by interactive brainstorming session. DO WESTERN WOMEN DREAM OF ASIAN HAIR? Jorge Larranaga, Manufacturing Division, Number Three Inc. (Japan) The Japanese Hair care and hair coloring market is not just among the world largest, but it is also a very mature market with the world highest per capita spending and a taste for high-end functional products. In such competitive scenario, innovative companies are thriving and exporting their know-how and high quality products not just to other Asian coun- tries, but also to the West, blurring the old perception that technology developed for Asian hair won’t work on Western heads. • Japanese hair care and hair coloring market review and trends. • Impact of Asian hair developments into the West. • B2B: Hair salons and professional products in Japan. • Organic and natural hair products: the last Asian frontier. NETWORKING LUNCH12:45 Tanguy Chen Laurent, US Managing Partner Creative Capital NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK & EXHIBI- TION NETWORKING LUNCH16:00 • The Abnormal Beauty Com- pany story • Beauty disruption • Changing the world of beauty • Honesty/integrity in the world of beauty • Skin health • Current misleading beauty claims/scams Brandon Truaxe, Founder & CEO and Nicola Kilner, Co-CEO Deciem Afternoon LAUNCHING QAMARÉ, THE FIRST AND ONLY16:30
  8. 8. W W W. I N N O C O S S U M M I T. C O M . E M A I L : R E G I S T R AT I O SWISS HALAL CERTIFIED SKIN CARE... WHEN WEST MEETS EAST A VERITABLE FUSION OF FRENCH LUXURY AND KOREAN NATURAL COSMETICS Didier Huot, Member of the Executive Board, Qamare • Halal cosmetics: from niche to segment. • Not only a matter of ingredients: the technical and chemical side of the certification. • L’Art et la manière: communication is crucial. 17:00 17:30 18:00 Katalin Berenyi, President, Erborian Erborian was created by two women: Hojung Lee, a Korean scientist, and Katalin Berenyi, a beauty globe-trotter. They share the same dream, that of revealing Korean beauty secrets to the rest of the world. Erborian associates the most sophisticated technologies and the best ingredients from Korean pharmacopeia (traditional pharmaceutical knowledge) to create unique formulas. HOW AUGMENTED REALITY IS REVOLU- TIONIZING BEAUTY Jennifer Tidy VP Partnerships ModiFace • How Augmented Reality can be used to transform the consumer ex- perience • The future of Augmented reality and how its impacting the beauty in- dustry • Boosting e-commerce with the use of Augmented Reality LEADER OF THE YEAR AWARDS RECEPTION Nominate your Leader of the Year at www.leaderoftheyearawards.com Deadline March 31 2016! 19:00 REGISTRATION AND DEPARTURE FOR THE DINNER • Fusion: a main trend? • Korean naturality + French know-how and luxury. Reconcilia- tion or synergy? • The Erborian Business Case • Main challenges and key solution points • The Fusion Toolbox
  10. 10. W W W. I N N O C O S S U M M I T. C O M . E M A I L : R E G I S T R AT I O To create, implement & drive successful innovation everything starts with the consumer, one has to fully understand the de- sires & wishes, the pain points & unmet needs. Answering these is the basic must of any FMCG brand in order to shape & develop the right products & innovations. But more important than ever today: One has to respect the consumer as a real, holistic human being and must not only start but be & stay close to him/her and be a companion throughout the full consumer journey. In her presentation at InnoCos in Vienna, Sonja will share how NIVEA as No1 skin care in the world reached out to understand men in China. She will outline how this lead to a different ap- proach offline as well as online in comparison to men in more western parts of the world. Find inspiration in seeing how hidden insights have been de- tected & translated into one of the most successful launches ever within China male skin care. 10:45 11:15 • Turkish cosmetics market (mass & luxury segment) key vol- ume and numbers • Offline, online channels growth potential for Turkish market • Turkish Shoppers preferences to choose offline or online re- tailers Duygu Aktaş Çekyay, Category Manager Health & Beauty, Hep- siburada.com SPECIFICS OF TURKISH MARKET AND CONSUMER BEHAVIOR NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK Stephanie Michel, Chief Marketing Officer, bellabox Australia • Beauty gets global but China market still remains extremely local • China market trends (ecommerce, online, beauty etc...) • bellabox companywide challenges and successes through ex- pansion to China SUCCESSES AND CHALLENGES OF THE BELLABOX AUSTRALIA IN ASIAN MAR- KETS 10:15
  11. 11. O N @ I N N O C O S E V E N T S . C O M . P H O N E : + 3 1 6 4 3 0 0 1 9 5 4 11:45 HOW JAPANESE TRADITIONAL INGREDIENT GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Koko Hayashi, Founder and CEO, Mirai Clinical • Successful market in Japan doesn’t mean it will be successful in USA • Change the concept for American audience • Tipping points by Dr. Oz, and the Academy awards in Hollywood 12:15 NETWORKING LUNCH USING DEEP NEURAL NETWORKS FOR AG- ING AND BEAUTY RESEARCH 13:30 Alex Zhavoronkov, Co-Founder and CEO, Insilico Medicine (USA) While deep learning, commonly referred to as Artificial Intelligence is not a novel concept, in order to realize its full potential scientists required truly high performance computing and very large data sets for train- ing, that only recently became available. The availability of Big Data and Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)-accelerated com¬puting allowed deep neural networks to surpass human performance in many areas including image and text recognition, al¬lowed machines to compose music and create works of art. However, applications in deep learning in the beauty and healthcare industry have been scarce. • Expectations of online retailers from the suppliers • E-commerce strategy to become successful NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT STREAM Afternoon
  12. 12. R&D MAIN CHALLENGES AND PERSPEC- TIVES IN A FAST GROWING AND EVOLVING SKIN CARE INDUSTRY 14:00 Mazen Raydan R&D Director Nanocosmetec • Current cosmetic regulations and product safety; the impact may new regulations have on the progress of cosmetic industry • The rise of new promising wealthy markets and their impact on the developing process of new products; how to meet the expectations of these markets and their regulations • Skin care at the present and what to expect in the future; is the Eastern success and current popularity in cosmetic industry worth considering and building upon in the future? INNOVATION IN FORMULATION STREAM14:30 Xavier Ormancey Head of R&D Yves Rocher • Innovation becomes a “claim” in our beauty industry. But most of the time it is just novelty. Real innovation is limited for different reasons: lack of benchmarks, capacity to take risks, consumer insights, regulations… • For R&D how to combine incremental innovation, product portfolio re- newal and find space for breakthrough innovations? • How to build innovations based on company’s DNA (Botanicals, sus- tainability…)? CONFERENCE CLOSING AND NETWORKING COFFEE BREAK 15:00 Insilico Medicine uses deep learning to develop disease and aging bio -markers, repurpose drugs and discover new therapeutic interventions. This lecture will cover deep learned biomarkers using blood-derived as well as tissue-specific transcriptomic data as well as novel ap¬proaches of deep learning to analyzing human skin.
  13. 13. InnoCosSummit Vienna, Austria June 9-10 2016 NAME 1 POSITION EMAIL NAME 2 POSITION EMAIL NAME 3 POSITION EMAIL ORGANIZATION VAT NUMBER ADDRESS POSTCODE TOWN COUNTRY TEL FAX Conference Fee o Two days conference ticket €1995 o Conference Ticket: ONE day only €1350 o Add conference dinner on June 9(not included in the con- o Add promotional package (for suppliers) €295 I agree with the Terms & Conditions Signature Date Return this registration form complete with signature to email: registration@innocosevents.com Prices include the conference documentation, lunches, refreshments and service charge but excludes the optional dinner, travel costs and hotel accommodation. Payment is required within 10 days. You are not registered until you have received an e-mail confirmation. Groups of 3 - SAVE 20% off the normal rate. Groups of 4 & more - SAVE 40% off the normal rate. Registration confirmation Upon receipt of your payment for the conference a confirmation email will be sent containing instructions and updates. Registration confir- mation will not be distributed by post. Hotel Accommodation Upon receipt of your signed registration form you will receive an email with information on how to secure your accommodation. Delegates are responsible for making accommodation reservations directly with the selected hotel and entering into an agreement with the hotel re- garding credit card guarantees, cancellation terms and conditions, and room rates. KGS cannot accept responsibility for hotel accommoda- tion disputes between a delegate and the hotel. Disabled access Please notify us if you require special assistance. Promotional Literature Please note that no individual or organisation may display or distribute publicity material or other printed matter during the conference, un- less agreed upon and arranged with KGS. Organisations and companies wishing to discuss promotional oppor- tunities should contact: Irina Kremin tel: +31 70 4040170 or email: ikremin@innocosevents.com Cancellations and Substitutions KGS will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of each individual delegate registration, even if cancelled within 1 day after booking. Cancellations must be received by mail, fax or email three- weeks before the conference. In case of cancellation thereafter the full conference fee is payable. No credit note will be issued if cancel- lation is received 3 weeks or less prior to an event. Delegate substi- tutions are welcome at any time prior to the dates of the conference. If for any reason, KGS decides to amend or ot cancel the conference, KGS is not responsible for any costs and/or damages, such as covering airfare, hotel and/or other costs incurred by delegates. In the event that KGS cancels the conference, KGS reserves the right to provide a credit of an equivalent amount to another conference within the same sector. KGS does not bear responsibility for any conference/programme, amendments and/or cancellations, such as speaker cancellation, KGS also reserves the right to change the programme as it sees fit. KGS does not provide refunds due to programme changes and cancella- tions. KGS reserves the right to refuse at its discretion delegates and companies wishing to attend or resister for any of its events. Event Organisation The event is organised, administered and delivered by KGS B.V., Regis- tered offices: KGS B.V., Park Hoornwijck 37,2289CZ, Rijswijk, VAT num- ber: NL822557769B01, Chamber of Commerce of The Hague 50125893. Privacy Policy The personal information obtained from this form will only be used for purposes relating to the conference. You may receive additional information regarding future events from KGS. Your name and con- tact details may be passed on to conference sponsors who may wish to communicate with you. If you do not want to receive information from other companies, please contact us at info@kgsglobal.com or +31 643001954. Registernow ference fee €75)
  14. 14. 2015 6th annual innoCos summit June 4-5, Madrid, Spain 2015 3rd annual innoCos Digital March 18, London, UK 2014 2nd annual innoCos Digital NYC, USA 2014 5th annual innoCos summit Rome, Italy 2013 1st annual innoCos Digital Paris, France 3rd annual innoCos Digital November 5, NewYork, USA 2015 2nd annual innoCos NYC, USA 2013 2012 4th annual innoCos summit Nice, France 2011 1st annual innoCos USA NYC, USA 2011 3rd annual innoCos summit Geneva, Switzerland 2010 2nd annual innoCosmetics Europe Paris, France 2009 1st annual innoCosmetics Europe Berlin, Germany Examples of the top executives who attend innoCos