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innoCos Europe
21-23 May 2014 Rome...
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Anagnosti Tsoukala
Head of Sustain...
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Wednesday 21 May
19:30 - Arrival a...
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Thursday 22 May (continue)
17:30 C...
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Friday 23 May
8:45 - Chairman’s We...
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21-23 May 2014 InnoCos Europe
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  1. 1. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com innoCos Europe 21-23 May 2014 Rome, Italy Aldrovandi Villa Borghese Beauty Innovation Leaders Summit 2014 Thank you to our partners & sponsors 6 - 7 4
  2. 2. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com Anagnosti Tsoukala Head of Sustainability Apivita Cruz Calvo Founder Beauty Cube Valerie Hoecke VP Digital Experience & commerce LVMH, Benefit Cosmetics Les Smith Senior Vice President R&D COTY Elisabetta Ricci VP Regional Marketing Europe Elizabeth Arden Veronique Stephan, Sales & Business Development Director Johnson & Johnson Irina Barbalova Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research Euromonitor International Jean-Luc Guichard Manager Busines Development, Health & Nutrition Europe Gelita Gladys Ouédraogo Ph.D, Pharm.D. Scientific Officer L’Oréal Research & Innovation Alain Mavon Skin Research Director Oriflame Cosmetics AB Dominique Desjeux Anthropologist Professor Paris Sorbonne Cité Sinan Yuksel Head & Shoulders EMEA & Digital Marketing, CEE Hair Care Portfolio Procter & Gamble Roberto Leonardi Former R&D Director Raw Materials, Analytics and Quality Assurance Revlon Elizabeth Angles D’Auriac Director Marketing EMEA Sephora Alexandra Soubrier Digital Marketing Services, General Manager, Marketing Analytics, Unilever Paul Howells VP R&D Packging Unilever Jan Mihm Co-Founder USLU Airlines Joy Chen CEO YES TO, inc Celia Delahalle Marketing & Communication Director Yves Rocher
  3. 3. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com Wednesday 21 May 19:30 - Arrival and registration. Join us for drinks and network wth fellow attendees & speakers. Thursday 22 May Thursday 22 May 9:00 - Chairman’s Welcome Steve Gibbons, Managing Director, Dew Gibbons + Partners 9:15 OPENING KEYNOTE: CREATING SUCCESSFUL PRODUCTS IN THE CONSUMER FOCUSED ERA Social anthropology is being used to understand how an individual’s daily interactions in their social networks is essential for brands to identify their target market. For example an individual is not alone because he or she lives with other family members, their friends, and their colleagues - so that means buying something is also the result of a collective process, based on “pre-digital networks” and digital networks. By focusing on how the consumers’ decision-making process begins before the final product possession, this will create a successful product. This presentation will highlight four key points: • Invention at the R&D level - brand competition vs. consumer con- straints • Exploring innovation as a social process - from R&D to marketing • Viewing reception of innovation in the domestic space • Discussing how consumers use all objects: recycling vs. disposal Dominique Desjeux Anthropologist Professor Paris Sorbonne Cité 9:45 INNOVATING THE OMNICHANNEL CLIENT BEAUTY EXPERIENCE • Understanding the challenges of a coherent omnicanal experience • Driving innovation to build client experience Elizabeth Angles D’Auriac, Director Marketing EMEA, Sephora 10:15 MAXIMISING OPEN INNOVATION THROUGH PARTNERSHIPS • Identifying and selecting the right partners effectively • Driving open innovation by setting goals and guidelines for supplier and partner relationships • Advancing R&D efforts, minimizing costs, meeting demands and co- creating products with external partners • Encouraging and uncovering fresh ideas by partnering with universi- ties and new talent Elisabetta Ricci, VP Regional Marketing Europe, Elizabeth Arden. 10:45 Networking Coffee Break and 11:15 INNOVATING & POSITIVELY IMPACTING YOUR BOTTOM LINE THROUGH EMERGING TRENDS • Take advantage the latest trends to differentiate and refresh your brand • What is the next big thing? Celia Delahalle, Marketing & Communication Director, Yves Rocher 11:45- FROM YES TO CARROTS TO YES TO NATURALS • From YES TO Carrots to YES TO Naturals • YES TO road trip to success and the position of natural products in the global market • Combining innovation, branding and digital marketing to gain a com- petitive advantage in an extremely competitive beauty market. • Meeting new ingredient and product demands as consumers are increas­ingly savvy and well informed. Joy Chen, CEO, Yes To, Inc. 12:15- ADVANCING TECHNOLOGYTO BETTER CONNECTWITH BEAUTY CONSUMERS ONLINE • How you can leverage online and mobile platforms to extend shopping experiences • Utilizing technology to enhance emotional connections and humanize the brand with the consumer • Building relationships and maximizing one-on-one conversations with customers • Talking with your consumers online to create the most effective and engaging advertisements and marketing campaigns Alexandra Soubrier, Digital Marketing Services, General Manager Market- ing Analytics, Unilever 12: 45 Networking lunch 14:00 EXAMINING THE HOTTEST & LATEST MARKETING TRENDS • Investigating trends in both the online and offline landscape that af- fects digital efforts and marketing to shoppers • Discussing how you can effectively reach and market to today’s global, demanding and connected consumer Sinan Yuksel, Head & Shoulders EMEA Regional Brand Manager & EMEA Hair Care Marketing Capability, Procter & Gamble 14:30 THE FUTURE IS NOW: HOWTHE BEAUTY INDUSTRY CAN BENEFIT FROM DIGITAL CAMPAIGNS • Assessing changes in the digital landscape in order to proactively capitalise future sales and marketing opportunities • Understanding shifts in entertainment and media creation, and where they create new opportunities for brands • Adapting to the monetization of social media- Connecting with the vlogger, a.k.a. the “Beauty Editor for the digital era” • Leveraging user generated content to extend brand reach & credibility & exploring opportunities for always on shopping in a multi-device world Valerie Hoecke, VP Digital Experience & Commerce, LVMH, Benefit Cos- metics 15:00 BEAUTY FROM WITHIN WITH VENSOL® • Significantly improves wrinkles, skin elasticity and moisture • Counteracts the causes of skin aging in the dermal skin layer Jean-Luc Guichard, Manager Busines Development, Health & Nutrition Europe, Gelita 15:30 Networking Coffee Break and Exhibition 16:00 NEWTECHNOLOGIES & ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: PLANT STEM CELLS & SUSTAINABILITY • Critically analysing the sustainability benefits and accompanied chal- lenges and limitation • Future outlook for plant stem cells in cosmetics Alain Mavon, Skin Research Director, Oriflame Cosmetics AB 16:30 BUILDING TRUST: UTILISING INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES THAT SERVE CUSTOMER NEEDS WHILE EASING SAFETY CONCERNS • Non-animal approaches • Using alternative/predictive methods to support innovation • Anticipating the safety and effectiveness of products Gladys Ouédraogo, Scientific Officer Research & Innovation, L’Oreal 17:00 DEVELOPING GREEN & SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING • Addressing consumer confusion of sustainable packaging to clearly communicate and translate your strategy • Displaying your sustainable initiatives and attributes of products clearly on packaging • Determining the credibility of your brand and authenticity of your sustainable / green offerings to consumers who are becoming more educated • Balancing marketing and sustainability objectives effectively Anagnosti Tsoukala, Head of Sustainability, Apivita
  4. 4. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com Thursday 22 May (continue) 17:30 CONSUMER CENTRIC PACKAGING DESIGN FOR BRAND SUCCESS • Translating the brand identity of personal care brands such as Dove or Lynx into creative and efficient packaging design to ensure right packaging solutions are delivered • Achieving a holistic package design that reflects main brand values and satisfies consumer needs • Investing in a consumer-centric approach to packaging design and in- novation that builds trust in new brands and adds value to established ones Paul Howells, VP R&D Packaging, Unilever 18:00 End of the day 19:30 Registration for the Awards Dinner & Networking Reception 20: 00 Dinner 20: 30 AWARDS CEREMONY Nominate the Leader who inspires you the most! Nomination deadline 20th of April 2014. www.leaderoftheyearaward.com “Meeting a lot of people is easy, but meeting the right people is the challenge and that’s what innoCos is for us” Kurt Gasser, USP Solutions. “At innoCos we really have concrete and clear examples on how to work to make new innovations” Sophie Bru, L’Occitane en Provence This first annual Awards to honor the Most inspiring innovation Leaders of the Year has been created to recognize managers who have significantly contributed to the success of their companies by advancing the spread and the practice of Innovation in the area of Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry. Come to the event and stay for the EXCLUSIVE, one-of-a-kind experience:Leader of the Year Awards Ceremony and Dinner Reception by Global Cosmetics Community. EDITION LOCATION 2014 2nd annual Beauty 2.0 NYC, USA 2014 5th annual innoCos Europe Rome, Italy 2013 1st annual innoCos Beauty 2.0 Paris, France 2013 2nd annual innoCos USA NYC, USA 2012 4th annual innoCos Europe Nice, France 2011 1st annual innoCos USA NYC, USA 2011 3rd annual innoCos Europe Geneva, Switzerland 2010 2nd annual innoCosmetics Europe Paris, France 2009 1st annual innoCosmetics Europe Berlin, Germany
  5. 5. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com Friday 23 May 8:45 - Chairman’s Welcome 9:00 UTILISING INNOVATION & DRIVING YOUR BRAND IN EMERGING MARKETS • Full fledge organization vs.outsourcing • The paradigm of third party sales intermediaries • Understanding the need for transparency when you are collaborating on a project Veronique Stephan, Sales & Business Development Director, Johnson & Johnson 9:30 UNCOVERING THE LATEST DEVELOPMENTS IN NEW INGREDIENTS AND FORMULA TECHNIQUES • Creating a one product for all through innovative ingredients and formulations • Fulfilling consumer needs and meeting product claims • Ensuring the marketing, NPD, innovation and R&D team works closely together to increase time-to-market and product success Roberto Leonardi, Former R&D Director Raw Materials, Analytics and Quality Assurance, Revlon 10::00 A RETAILERS REVENUE DREAM: CREATING AN ENTIRE NEW BEAUTY CATEGORY In this session we will hear how uslu airlines has made airbrush makeup retailable - from a pro tool to a bathroom standart. uslu airlines has yielded the retailer over €500 per customer tickets, which has been impossible to be achieved with any other colour cosmetic category before and also builds a firm relationship with the customer for repeat sales. The user experience is habit forming. Like a drug, just without the negatives or the police. The ‘Nespresso brand’ of cosmetics (in the making). Jan will discuss how 2014 will see the the relaunch of this revolution after 6 years of development... Jan Mihm, Co-Founder USLU Airlines 10:30 THE BEAUTY RETAIL REVOLUTION BEAUTY CUBE has been conceived in a post-digital environment, not to ex- ist only in a physical space – but by merging the divide between the ‘virtual’ and ‘physical’ space. At BEAUTY CUBE, the customer cannot be sure ‘where’ things happen, finding his/herself in an intuitive, flowing ‘meta-space’. This design of BEAUTY CUBE extends beyond the divide between the ‘shop’ and ‘editorial content’, as products are ‘stretched’ to bear a bigger meaning beyond themselves, and content is not ‘isolated’ as merely an addition or as an accessory to a product. This presentation highlights: • Integrating a retail/e-commerce within the new patterns in percep- tion and consumption in the post-digital era • Upcoming innovations in content/editorial creation, lineup and retail editing Cruz Calvo, Founder Beauty Cube 11:00 Networking Cofee Break and Exhibition 11:30 CAPITALISING ON THE EVOLVING PREMIUM/LUXURY BEAUTY MARKET • Understanding how the premium market is shaping up in developed vs emerging economies • Investigating industry crossover, such as fashion and beauty, and how you can maximise these for new business ventures • Exploring key opportunities across different beauty segments and future potential Irina Barbalova, Global Head of Beauty & Personal Care Research, Eu- romonitor International 12:00 BRAND BUILDING INNOVATION IN A CHANGING WORLD • The importance of innovation in gaining a competitive advantage • Contemporary innovation programs of Coty • Case study Les Smith, Senior Vice President R&D, Coty 12.30 - Networking lunch 14.00 Rome Trend Walk: focus on inspiration & design in everyday objects and spaces. * This program is currently being updated with new speakers and topics and some sessions may be subject to change.* This exclusive programme delivers two days of business and social network- ing alongside an inspiring and insightful agenda featuring leading experts from cosmetics and personal care industry. We rely extensively on industry research to provide practical platforms where executives can learn, network and benchmark themselves against their peers. If you are interested in speaking at innoCos Europe, Rome, 21-23 May 2014, email registration@innocosevents.com Thank you. innoCos would like to thank all who have assisted with the research and preparation of this event. In particular the speakers, sponsors and media partners who have supported the event through direct contribution. For further information, please refer to our website www.innocosevents.com “Rome is not a model for good urbanism and it works beautifully. It has the confidence of history and the romance of good taste, which allows it to break any code of urban quality of life. And it’s precisely this arrogance that makes it so alluring.” Hugo Macdonald, design editor, Monocle.
  6. 6. Register Today!+31 643 00 1954 | registration@innocosevents.com | www.innocosevents.com 21-23 May 2014 InnoCos Europe Aldrovandi Villa Borghese, Rome Via Ulisse Aldrovandi, 15, 00197 Roma , Italy NAME 1 POSITION EMAIL NAME 2 POSITION EMAIL NAME 3 POSITION EMAIL ORGANIZATION VAT NUMBER ADDRESS POSTCODE T OWN COUNTRY TEL FAX Conference Fee o 2 day Package regular - €1.995,00 +VAT o Add Awards Night (not included in conference fee) €175 +VAT I agree with the Terms & Conditions Signature Date Return this registration form complete with signature to email: registration@innocosevents.com Prices include the conference documentation, lunches, refreshments and service charge but excludes the optional dinner, travel costs and hotel accommodation Payment is required within 10 days You are not registered until you have received an e-mail confirma- tion. Groups of 3 - SAVE 20% off the normal rate Groups of 4 & more - SAVE 40% off the normal rate Registration confirmation Upon receipt of your payment for the conference a confirmation email will be sent containing instructions and updates. Registration confirmation will not be distributed by post. Hotel Accommodation Upon receipt of your signed registration form you will receive an email with information on how to secure your accommodation. Delegates are responsible for making accommodation reservations directly with the selected hotel and entering into an agreement with the hotel regarding credit card guarantees, cancellation terms and conditions, and room rates. KGS cannot accept responsibility for hotel accommodation disputes between a delegate and the hotel. Disabled access Please notify us if you require special assistance. Promotional Literature Please note that no individual or organisation may display or distribute publicity material or other printed matter during the conference, unless agreed upon and arranged with KGS. Organisations and companies wishing to discuss promotional opportunities should contact: Irina Kremin tel: +31 70 4040170 or email: ikremin@innocosevents.com Cancellations and Substitutions KGS will not be able to mitigate its losses for any less than 50% of each individual delegate registration, even if cancelled within 1 day af- ter booking. Cancellations must be received by mail, fax or email three weeks before the conference. In case of cancellation thereafter the full conference fee is payable. No credit note will be issued if cancel- lation is received 3 weeks or less prior to an event. Delegate substitu- tions are welcome at any time prior to the dates of the conference. If for any reason, KGS decides to amend or ot cancel the conference, KGS is not responsible for any costs and/or damages, such as covering airfare, hotel and/or other costs incurred by delegates. In the event that KGS cancels the conference, KGS reserves the right to provide a credit of an equivalent amount to another conference within the same sector. KGS does not bear responsibility for any conference/programme amendments and/or cancellations, such as speaker cancellation, KGS also reserves the right to change the programme as it sees fit. KGS does not provide refunds due to programme changes and cancella- tions. KGS reserves the right to refuse at its discretion delegates and companies wishing to attend or resister for any of its events. Event Organisation The event is organised, administered and delivered by KGS B.V., Regis- tered offices: KGS B.V., Park Hoornwijck 37,2289CZ, Rijswijk, VAT num- ber: NL822557769B01, Chamber of Commerce of The Hague 50125893 Privacy Policy The personal information obtained from this form will only be used for purposes relating to the conference. You may receive additional information regarding future events from KGS. Your name and contact details may be passed on to conference sponsors who may wish to communicate with you. If you do not want to receive informa- tion from other companies, please contact us at info@kgsglobal.com or +31 643001954