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Justin Gosses
1015 Aurora Street (281)-755-7536
Houston, Texas, 77009 USA jgosses82@gmail.com
Experienced explorat...
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  1. 1. Justin Gosses 1015 Aurora Street (281)-755-7536 Houston, Texas, 77009 USA jgosses82@gmail.com Summary Experienced exploration petroleum geologist with strengths in regional framework, deepwater clastic stratigraphy, and prospect risk analysis. Worked exploration from regional to infrastructure-led scale. Effective collaborator with engineering staff and across teams. Significant experience making recommendations both for and against prospects and other business decisions that were accepted by management and joint venture partners. Professional Experience Brazil Deepwater Exploration, BP Houston 2014-2015 Senior geologist working multi-basin evaluation. Built depositional environment maps for carbonate and deepwater plays, created new salt interpretation models, and produced critical risk maps that impacted the business. Yet to Find analysis, Farm-in evaluations, and lead inventory. Mentored junior geologist. Collaborated with team members to reach common goals while understaffed. Described new plays, identified key risks, and ranked opportunities enabling decisive business decisions. Regional Oil Sands, BP Calgary, Canada 2012-2013 Built regional stratigraphic framework allowing better evaluation of individual fields. Improved accuracy of methods for automated net prediction over thousands of logs. Evaluated access opportunities. Coached less experienced staff. Gulf of Mexico & Subsurface Technology, BP Houston 2006-2012 Demonstrated ability to convince skeptical joint venture partners. Successful well planning, well monitoring, and post-well reviews. Applied seismic attribute techniques to reduce connectivity and volume uncertainty supporting well planning decisions. Built reservoir model for one of the largest producing intervals in the Gulf of Mexico. Evaluated software packages for pore pressure prediction. Improved data quality of fluids geochemistry database. Contributed to seismic purchasing and processing decisions. Created methods for thin-bed pay calculation. Acted as an internal consultant loaned to teams for sed/strat interpretation. Presented 1-3 talks per year to global BP audience on various topics, including deepwater stratigraphic architecture, application of deepwater outcrop studies to reduce uncertainties, and probabilistic methods for analyzing connectivity uncertainty in slope settings. Assisted with field trips and classes. Interpreted and presented core results. Education M.S. Geology September 2006 University of Wisconsin – Madison B.S. Geology May 2004 Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA Software Skills: Landmark Software Suite (seismic & Logs), RMS (modeling), Geoprobe (3D seismic & structure), ArcMap (risk mapping), and Decision Space (well planning), Risk/uncertainty software, Python and Excel (well and ArcGIS data manipulation).