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24 reasons i should be alive

  1. I am not going to waste the next 24 hours because it is going to determine the next important phase of my life. If I have to continue from here I need to come up with 24 convincing reasons why I should win and continue my journey in life if at all there is anything left for me. ©Joyful Destiny
  2. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 1. • I have a dream and a purpose to live for that is worthwhile given to me by God. 2. • I have the anointing of the Holy Spirit on me that gives me grace to carry on (I have what it takes) 3. • Someone believes in me e.g. my family, my church, my spouse, myself. 2 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  3. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 4. • I am not who I was, I have achieved something, I have grown, no wonder the frustrations. 5. • I feel there is more than what I have just seen with my eyes. Why should I be alive when I have been through what I have been through? 6. • Why is my mind conditioned to think and be excited about my future? Cause there is always pictures playing in my mind about the life I want to be. 3 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  4. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 7. •If God can use anything He can use me for His purpose. He has used an harlot before by the name of Rahab ({Hebrews 11:31} By faith the harlot Rahab perished not with them that believed not, when she had received the spies with peace) 8. •If His promises of the Bible are true, then it should apply to me. It says I have plans to prosper you… (Jeremiah 29; 11) even In the New Testament {Ephesians 3:6} …that the Gentiles should be fellow heirs, and of the same body, and partakers of his promise in Christ by the gospel. 9. •If life is to be lived as life there should be something significant, something real and exciting, so if at all there is anything like that I should remain alive. 4 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  5. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 10. • If God my creator is alive I should be alive too. How many are the days of your servant…? {Psalm 119:84} 11. • If life has got what they call future then I have got to see it because I have not yet seen it. 12. • What about all I have started…or all He has started in me because the scripture says He who has began a good work in you is faithful to accomplish it. 5 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  6. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 13. • My position tells me something, I am not just doing just anything my routine is definite – my location. 14. • I have chosen my company; I don’t hang up with just anybody. 14. • My gifts, talents and abilities tells me that there is room for me at the top (My gifts will bring me before kings and great people) 6 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  7. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 16. • What about my choices, if anything dignifying are fulfilled choices. 17. • Communication line – it’s what I have committed to the Lord and I am sure He will keep what I have committed to Him just as much He expects me to keep that Which He has committed to me 1Timothy 6:20 says; O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust,… “The prayer answering God will visit my habitation:” {2Timothy 1:12} For the which cause I also suffer these things: nevertheless I am not ashamed: for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day. 18. • What preoccupies my work and work ethics or daily activities? 7 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  8. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 19. • What dominates my language and talk life? 20. • The desires of my heart should find expression. 21. • My allocation of the precious gift of time tells the rest of the story. 8 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.
  9. 24 REASONS I SHOULD BE ALIVE 22. • Some of what I believe and I don’t allow my heart to doubt or fear. 23. • My allocation of God’s precious resources e.g. money. 24. • Why does my heart see what I see, why does my God allows me to see what I see if it has no place of fulfillment. 9 24ReasonsIshouldbeAlive.