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Enhance your Relationship by Counseling Services

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https://www.junocounseling.com/contact - We improve the relationships by helping couples, recognize and resolve conflicts. Our therapist build healthier connection by exploring their needs and improving how they communicate. For more information call us 561-316-7738.

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Enhance your Relationship by Counseling Services

  2. 2. This is a way to help you feel better regarding you relationship. WHY ? It deals with any negative feelings in relationship support to overcome issues and allows you to talk about the complications in a secure environment.
  4. 4. ENQUIRE1. Counselors ask how they are introduced, which is attracted and what the purpose to choose each other. These answers are important milestones to solve the case.
  5. 5. Chance to tell about their difficulties between them in life. They can express their personal feelings. 2. PROBLEMS
  6. 6. Observing the positive things happens in their life and high light it. Try to remember those moments. 3. STRENGTH
  7. 7. Keeping different time to relate them this get an experience how they react. 4. SESSION This an effective way to change together.
  8. 8. At last, they will give a review of their relationship. Pointing out the troubles faces in life and advising to correct the mistakes have been done. 5. FEEDBACK
  9. 9. PRESENTED BY Wellness to create a safe, comfortable space for people to escape to, share what’s bothering them, and improve their lives.
  10. 10. 561-316-7738 Junocounseling.com 2401 PGA Blvd, Suite 230Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410
  11. 11. THANKS!