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From now on and up until May 18, you can grab 10% OFF any product on!

Use coupon code sexystshop10 to claim your 10% OFF!

These Are the 5 Best - Selling Products:

The Original Pocket Rocket - This is the best vibrator for the woman who wants a small toy to carry in her purse or to take in her carry-on luggage. It is fairly quiet (if you use it under the covers) and it has just the right level of vibration.

Magic Wand Original - Bought one for my wife... only downside is I must cook myself dinner because she hasn't left the bedroom in two weeks.

Trojan Stimulations Ultra Ribbed - These are the best condoms ever. If you want that RAW feeling that it doesn't feel like a rubber is there, these are the condoms for you.

American Whopper Vibrating 7" Dildo - Wow I just love it! It can never replace a man of course but it sure left me satisfied! I would recomend it to all the single women or men who are looking for a quick fix.

Gyrating Rockin Enhancers - I bought this as a gift for my girlfriend and she absolutely loves it. The vibrations are *incredibly* strong and it runs for 4-6 hours on a single AA battery.

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