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4 causes put you in high risk of infecting with prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammation in prostate gland.

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4 causes put you in high risk of infecting with prostatitis

  1. 1. 4 Causes Put You in High Risk of Infecting With Prostatitis http://prostatitisradicalcure.com/
  2. 2. Prostatitis is a disease that infects many elder males, however the sufferers of it becomes younger and younger nowadays. This phenomenon has aroused many experts’ attention. To find out the right answer, there are many searches have been done these years. Thanks god, their efforts do not in vain. They find as the quick pace of modern life, men’s pressure becomes stronger that is exactly what making prostatitis patients younger and younger. So to avoid more males infected prostatitis, experts summary 4 pressure that would put you in high risk of infecting with prostatitis.
  3. 3. • Pressure from bad habits such as long-hour sitting, driving or bicycle-riding. They will make the perineum under great pressure and directly slow down the blood flow. The blood into pelvic will increase after drinking alcohol. Thus, it will cause difficulty for the blood originally in the prostate to flow out.
  4. 4. • Mental stress. Scientists have found that tension and anxiety will not only cause local pain and discomfort in prostate, but also heighten the pressure of urethral canal and then incur a vicious circle of the urine’s backflow.
  5. 5. • The attack of microorganism. The glandular tube of prostate connects with the urethral canal, along which the pathogens, including bacteria, mould virus and so on, spread to the prostate. The bacterial, especially colon bacillus, is the most common. Many Prostatitis patients have a history of infection in urethral canal.
  6. 6. • Man’s own immune. They will defend themselves excessively. The immune system is supposed to clear up the infectious agent and foreign matters in our body, but in some cases, it will make excessive defense and cause unnecessary inflammation like prostatitis.
  7. 7. You needn’t feel too desperate, because prostatitis, though it takes long time, can be cured if the treatment is proper. There are many treatments for prostatitis, among them there is a very effective and safe one. An herbal medicine named diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill, which can work directly and efficiently on the lesion. By forging several traditional herbs together, she enables the pill able to promote the blood circulation of our body and at the same time, clear up the heat and remove the inflammation gradually.