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New Home Builder Houston

Best New Home Builder in Houston, Texas. J. Patrick Homes Ready for Sale in Houston, Woodlands, Cypress, Richland, Katy and Manville area.

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New Home Builder Houston

  1. 1. www.jpatrickhomes.com
  2. 2. New Homes in Houston, Texas • If you’re searching for a new home in Houston, TX, you’ll find J. Patrick Homes in many of the finest new-home communities on the Houston map – from leading master-planned communities to cozy neighborhoods in the best school districts. • A leader among Houston home builders in design, quality and luxury, J. Patrick Homes may take your breath away with features like soaring ceilings, dramatic staircases and wide-open views. They’ll also impress your practical side, with spacious rooms and versatile floor plans we are happy to customize. And after you’ve found the perfect new J. Patrick home in Houston, our industry-leading quality and customer service will make you a happy homeowner for years to come.
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  7. 7. Construction • Experienced construction managers possessing the necessary skills for complete responsibility of residential construction including on-site construction management, scheduling and supervision of the trade base are invited to submit resumes and/or applications for positions in various upcoming locations in the Houston Metropolitan area to: • J. Patrick Homes 9700 Richmond Ave., Suite 162 Houston, Texas 77042 713-789-8004 x12 • 713-789-8062 FAX
  8. 8. New Home Sales • New Home Sales Persons with a proven track record of consistent high production and outstanding customer satisfaction ratings in "move-up" communities are invited to contact us for possible future association. We are currently interviewing for numerous locations scheduled to open within the next 30 to 120 days. You may fax a resume to 713-789-8062 or contact: • J. Patrick Homes 9700 Richmond Ave., Suite 162 Houston, Texas 77042 713-789-8004 x12 • 713-789-8062 FAX
  9. 9. Contact • J. Patrick Homes 9700 Richmond, Suite 162 Houston, TX 77042 Office: 713.789.8004 • • • • Site -: Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : http://www.jpatrickhomes.com/ https://www.facebook.com/jpatrickhomeshouston https://twitter.com/jpatrickhome/ http://www.youtube.com/user/JPatrickHomes