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GCC Business Council Membership Introduction

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The GCC Business Council provides memberships to companies looking to expand their network, increase market visibility, find new leads, develop their capacity, and enhance their profitability.

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GCC Business Council Membership Introduction

  1. 1. GCC Business Council 2016 Membership Overview
  2. 2. Provide valuable consulting and coaching for your business Connect you with Local and International Business Opportunities Enhance Marketing and increase social media effectiveness Introduce you to new prospect clients and provide VIP introductions Facilitate networking without borders WHAT THE GCC CAN DO FOR YOU
  3. 3. Event Promotions Promote your business at our +24 events per year Database Marketing Benefit from the GCC Database; you define, we source. SM Promotions We offer limited promotion services on our active social networks Relationship Manager Available during your membership as a point of contact for support. MEMBER BENEFITS
  4. 4. ContactsStatistics Events Per YearDatabases GCC Database Summary GLOBAL GCC 26-32 HOSTING 6-12 SPONSORING 45-65 PRESENT 16,465 Contacts GCC Databases* www.gccbusiness.org Ver. 10 April 2016 23% Yearly Contacts Growth Social Media Summary 1,218 Members 1,743 Followers 6,172 Members 1,447 Followers 238 Followers 119 Followers +25,000 Monthly Reach
  5. 5. SizeDemographics Business SectorsNationalities GCC Database Summary Multi-nationals SME’s Multi-nationals Oil & Gas Hospitality Insurance Construction Finance Banking IT Retail Training HR Automotive Entrepreneurs and more +65 Nationalities GCC Databases* www.gccbusiness.org Ver. 10 April 2016 Database Segmentation Capabilities Nationality Industry Interest Title Location
  6. 6. Membership Benefits (Pg1of2) Ideal Company Size Member Representatives GCC Discounts Relationship Manager Strategic Development Sessions PR Campaigns Marketing Announcements Participate in Council Events 1-10 1 2/yr 2/yr 2/yr 10-200 Up to 3 4/yr 4/yr 4/yr +200 Up to 10 4/yr 8/yr 8/yr Silver Gold Platinum GCC Newsletter Subscription Access to other paid services: marketing, design, and PR.
  7. 7. Membership Benefits (Pg2of2) Complimentary Event Sponsorship Market Special Offers to the GCC network Access to University Interns Chair Council Boards Special Invitations to Regional Conferences Branded GCC Memorabilia Member Plaque Logo on GCC Member Spotlight Banners at events 1/yr 1/yr Silver Gold Platinum Logo displayed on GCC Website VIP Introductions & Access
  8. 8. Other Available Member Services Graphic & Logo Design Website Design Ghostwriting & Content Creation Promotional Videos Company Profile Writing & Designing Social Media Advisory Promotional Staff Public Affairs Coordination Marketing & PR Speech Writing Feasibility Studies Proposal Development Strategic Planning Event Coordination MC & Keynote Speakers Soft Skills Training Executive Coaching Teambuilding Consulting Services Executive Presentations Receive a competitive quote within 24hrs Contact your Relationship Manager for quotes. Services are delivered by skilled and certified experts.
  9. 9. Membership Options Silver Gold Platinum Company Size 1-10 Company Size 10-200 Company Size +200 Basic Marketing Services Member Discounts Relationship Manager Referral Bonuses 2x/yr Strategic Coaching Partner with GCC events 1 Member Rep and more… AED3000 Expanded Marketing Services Complimentary introductions at events GCC Academy Discounts 4x/yr Strategic Coaching Up to 3 Member Reps *plus Silver benefits AED6500 Sponsor Level Marketing Services VIP Introductions Logo displayed on website and spotlight banner at GCC events Up to 10member Reps *plus Silver and Gold benefits AED12000 Limited memberships available per year
  10. 10. WHERE CAN WE HELP YOU GO TODAY? Member Coordinator: Joshua@gccbusiness.org +971501428008