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Metroplus Insurance Agency

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Get Cheaper Auto Insurance in New Jersey by Metroplus Insurance Agency.

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Metroplus Insurance Agency

  1. 1. Get Cheaper Auto Insurance in New Jersey by Metroplus Insurance Agency. Newark NJ (January 18, 2016) Unfortunately New Jersey is a no fault state which means that most persons have to have personal injury protection coverage as part of their auto insurance policy coverage, the outcome of which leads to higher insurance costs for New Jersey Residence. Metroplus Insurance Agency has these simple tips on how to lower your auto insurance costs in New Jersey. Tip 1 The first tip is to know how much coverage you really need. New Jersey has a minimum coverage requirement. But you should not just choose your coverage base on the state minimum there are other factors to consider , the age, value and type of car you want to protect should also be considered “visit types of auto and coverage ” for more details. The other assets you own and have to protect are also a factor to consider, if you own your home you want to make sure you have enough coverage to extend to your assets. Remember in the event of an accident if you do not have sufficient coverage a law suit can wipe you out, if you think you don’t have any assets so you only need the minimum or no coverage; think again your wages can also be garnished following a law suit. You can contact the agents at Metroplus Insurance Agency for more information and guidance on selecting the write coverage for you. Tip2. Review your driving record. Your driving record is also a major factor in determining how much you pay for car insurance so you want to make sure that any points you have from tickets or any accidents reports are legitimate and any points scheduled for three or five year removal are removed if you have to dispute any item the time to do it is before you get a quote. You can contact the department of Motor Vehicle to purchase your MVR for about $12- $15 or any of the agents at Metroplus Insurance Agency contact us Tip 3. To get a good quote choose an agent that is reliable, professional. Knowledgeable and can give you multiple quote options, these are the qualities Metroplus Insurance Agency are rated very high on and why they should be your first stop when you are seeking to lower your insurance costs. Metroplus Insurance Agency currently have two offices one in Newark and the other in Belleville New Jersey and represents a number of insurance companies with auto insurance options for standard and preferred insured. When you find a good company stick with them , if you change insurance companies constantly even if your rate increase s it may still be wise to stick with your existing policy despite what may be a imple costs adjustment by your insurance company. This would maintain your continuous insurance discount benefit, the longer you are with your company the better. Tip 4. Know your available discounts and ensure that your agent gives you all the applicable discounts , some discounts include multi-car discounts, work and job discounts , continuous insurance discount, education, length of residence, multi policy home and Auto discounts , good driver discounts, paperless
  2. 2. discounts, safe driver course discount, car security system and passenger restraint discounts and of course discounts for automatic payment and continuous coverage discount. Be sure to also mention to your agent if you have health insurance. Also ask your agent about drive and usage devices. These free devices are plugged into your car dashboard and tracks you’re driving pattern; if you are a good driver the discount on your policy can be very significant. Based on the average New Jersey auto insurance policy costs this little device could save you as much as $480 per term. Tip 5 Review your policy after you have selected your insurance quote, make sure the coverage’s are what you need and want compare your new quote to your old policy. Keep in mind though that cheaper is not always better you should also look at the insurance company you are quoted with to ensure that they are a top rated company this is especially important if you ever have a claim. This is where having an independent agent can be a great advantage to guide you along, as oppose to purchasing insurance online, you may think you are adequately covered and the price of your insurance is low but having a good agent review your quote with you is the best way to get good and cheap insurance in New Jersey and why you should contact the Metroplus Insurance Agency team . It really does pay to be knowledgeable, knowing what coverage’s you need, what your driving record says about you, what discounts you can get, who your agent is and what company they are quoting you with are the 5 key tips to help reduce your auto insurance costs. visit http://metroplusinsurance.com/site/ for more details Media Contact: Metroplus Insurance Agency 1423 McCarter Highway Newark, NJ 07104 338 Washington Avenue Belleville, NJ 07109 Newark: 973.732.3794 Belleville: 973.759.8291 Website: http://www.metroplusinsurance.com/