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Business in fresno county

Home to the 5th Largest City in the World’s 5th Largest Economy
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Downtown Fresno
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Business in fresno county

  1. 1. 1 Home to the 5th Largest City in the World’s 5th Largest Economy FRESNO COUNTY CALIFORNIA
  2. 2. 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS About 3 Quick Facts 4 Population 5 Location 6 Transportation 7 Roads & Highways 8 Economy 9 Workforce 10 Labor Force 11 Occupational Wages 12 Higher Education 13 Top Employers 14 Business Activity 15 High Speed Rail 16 Industries 19 Manufacturing 20 Agriculture 21 Energy & Water Technology 22 Logistics and Distribution 23 Health Care 26 Information-Technology 27 Quality of Life 29 Cost of Living 30 Housing Market 31 Weather 32 Seismic Stability 33 Recreation & Entertainment 34 Parks, Trails, and more 35 Incentives 36 Hiring 37 Local 38 State 39 Federal 40
  4. 4. 4 QUICK FACTS Number of Fresno County census tracts approved as Opportunity Zones. 47 1 million Fresno County has officially surpassed a total population of 1 million in 2018 and is expected to grow at a faster rate (22.4%) than California (13.4%) by 2030. 10 months Time it took Amazon.com, Inc. to complete its 855,000 SF e-commerce fulfillment center in Fresno, including permitting, inspections, and construction. Number of large e-commerce fulfillment center projects completed or announced in the past year: Amazon.com, Inc., ULTA Beauty, Inc., and Gap, Inc.3 40,000 Total Non-Farm jobs created in Fresno County between June 2014 and June 2018. BY THE NUMBERS 40.4 billion Fresno County’s GDP in 2016, ranking 69th nationally out of 382 metropolitan areas.
  5. 5. 5 POPULATION Fresno 538,330 Clovis 113,883 Sanger 26,648 Reedley 26,390 Selma 24,742 Coalinga 16,791 Parlier 15,493 Kerman 15,083 Kingsburg 12,392 Mendota 12,051 Orange Cove 9,469 Firebaugh 8,112 Huron 7,302 Fowler 6,241 San Joaquin 4,119 Unincorporated 170,183 Fresno County Total: 1,007,229 Fresno County Population (2018) State of California, Department of Finance, E-1 Population Estimates — January 1, 2018. May 2018. Region 2019 2025 2035 % Growth 2019-2025 % Growth 2019-2035 % Growth 2025-2035 Fresno MSA 1,021 1,088 1,201 6.57% 17.57% 10.33% California 40,295 42,326 45,441 5.04% 12.77% 7.36% United States 331,884 347,335 370,338 4.66% 11.59% 6.62% Projected Population (in thousands) and Growth (2019-2035) Source: California Finance Department, Demographic Research Unit, and the U.S. Census Bureau's Demographic Data Fresno MSA California United States Region Projected 2035 Population, Share by Age Group 0-14 15-19 20-24 25-34 35-54 55-64 65+ 20.80% 16.10% 17.40% 7.29% 6.31% 5.86% 8.18% 7.02% 5.99% 13.68% 12.78% 12.81% 23.65% 24.46% 25.84% 9.35% 11.04% 10.71% 17.04% 22.30% 21.39% AgeGroup Source: Ibid
  6. 6. 6 Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Fresno LOCATION Centrally Located Fresno County is centrally located between the major markets of northern and southern California, with access to two of the state’s major transportation corridors in CA-99 and I-5. Market Distance from Fresno Silicon Valley 140 miles Sacramento 145 miles Los Angeles 192 miles Reno 285 miles San Diego 315 miles Las Vegas 385 miles Phoenix 580 miles Port Miles from Fresno Stockton 116 Oakland 165 LA/Long Beach 241 Distance to Deep Water Ports Distance to Major Markets
  7. 7. 7 TRANSPORTATION Fresno-Yosemite International Airport As the San Joaquin Valley’s gateway to the world, Fresno-Yosemite International Airport serves over 1.6 million passengers annually and supports service from seven commercial airlines that provide air travel opportunities through 13 non-stop destinations and beyond. The airport is also home to the California Air National Guard’s 144th Fighter Wing, and provides aviation facilities to numerous business and government agencies. In June 2018, United Airlines launched their daily nonstop air service between Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and Fresno. Freight Rail Class I freight railroads BNSF Railway Company (BNSF) and Union Pacific Railroad (UP) serve Fresno County, along with short line operator San Joaquin Valley Railroad (SJVRR). Measure C Through Measure C, Fresno County is one of a select number of California counties that locally fund road and highway improvements. Measure C is a half-cent sales tax aimed at improving the overall quality of Fresno County’s transportation system. In its first 20 years, Measure C delivered more than $1 billion of improvements to state highways and county roadways, including the building of additional lanes on freeways throughout the County. As a result of the successful original measure, Fresno County voters chose to extend Measure C for an additional 20 years. Measure C Expenditures to Transportation Programs
  8. 8. 8 ROADS & HIGHWAYS Region Average Time (minutes) Fresno, CA MSA 21.7 Fresno, CA 20.2 Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA MSA 30.3 Perris, CA 36.0 Riverside, CA 30.4 Ontario, CA 29.5 Stockton-Lodi MSA 30.0 Tracy, CA 40.8 Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA MSA 29.0 United States 25.0 Commuting - Travel Time to Work for Workers of Selected California MSAs and Cities Los Angeles San Francisco Sacramento Fresno Riverside Perris Ontario Tracy
  9. 9. 9 ECONOMY Fresno County 4.3% Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce. Per capita real GDP by metropolitan area, Levels, All Industry Totals. September 20, 2017 -- new statistics for 2016; revised statistics for 2001-2015. Region 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Fresno MSA 33,961 32,895 34,076 34,309 34,935 35,821 Per Capita Real GDP by Metropolitan Area (MSA), chained 2009 dollars Bureau of Economic Analysis, U.S. Department of Commerce. Current-Dollar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Metropolitan Area. September 20, 2017 -- new statistics for 2016; revised statistics for 2001-2015. Region 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2016 Rank (of 382 MSAs) Fresno MSA 34,043 33,971 36,181 37,323 38,784 40,465 69 Current-Dollar Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by Metropolitan Area (millions of dollars) Fresno County 4.3%
  11. 11. 11 LABOR FORCE Total Labor Force: 451,700 Employed: 422,100 Unemployed: 29,600 Unemployment Rate: 6.6% California Employment Development Department, Aug 2018 Industry Aug ‘17 Employed Aug ‘18 Employed YOY Change YOY Change (%) Total, All Industries 399,600 408,300 8,700 2.2% Total Farm 55,600 55,200 (400) (0.7%) Total Nonfarm 344,000 353,100 9,100 2.6% Construction 17,800 19,400 1,600 9.0% Manufacturing 26,900 28,500 1,600 5.9% Trade, Trans., & Utilities 66,500 68,100 1,600 2.4% Information 3,600 3,600 0 0.0% Financial Activities 13,500 13,700 200 1.5% Professional & Business Svs 32,700 34,400 1,700 5.2% Educational & Health Svs 68,600 69,000 400 0.6% Leisure & Hospitality 34,900 35,300 400 1.1% Other Services 11,800 11,700 (100) (0.8%) Government 67,400 69,100 1,700 2.5% California Employment Development Department, Aug 2018 Industry Employment - Fresno MSA Rank Industry % Growth 1 Construction 33.3% 2 Accommodation & Food Svs 24.6% 3 Healthcare and Social Assistance 24.3% 4 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services 22.9% 5 Management of Companies and Enterprises 22.7% California Employment Development Department, Employment Projections by Industry and Occupation, Aug. 2018 Top 5 Projected Growth Sectors by Employment Fresno MSA (2014 - 2024) Fresno MSA Employment by Occupations (2016) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 1-year Estimate. DATA USA
  12. 12. 12 Occupational (SOC) Code Occupation Title Median Hourly Wage Average Hourly Wage Average Annual Wage 11-0000 Management Occupations $43.40 $49.37 $102,700 11-3051 Industrial Production Managers $43.15 $46.20 $96,100 11-3071 Transportation, Storage, and Distribution Managers $38.71 $41.84 $87,030 43-0000 Office and Administrative Support Occupations $16.18 $17.49 $36,370 43-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Office and Administrative Support Workers $25.65 $27.02 $56,200 43-4061 Production, Planning, and Expediting Clerks $21.10 $23.00 $47,850 43-4151 Order Clerks $16.52 $16.16 $33,600 49-0000 Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Occupations $20.25 $22.13 $46,020 49-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Mechanics, Installers, and Repairers $32.96 $34.39 $71,530 49-2094 Electrical and Electronics Repairers, Commercial and Industrial Equipment $24.94 $25.41 $52,860 49-9041 Industrial Machinery Mechanics $24.86 $25.46 $52,950 49-9043 Maintenance Workers, Machinery $17.19 $18.02 $37,470 51-0000 All Production Occupations $13.53 $15.99 $33,250 51-1011 First-Line Supervisors of Production and Operating Workers $22.70 $25.24 $52,510 51-2041 Structural Metal Fabricators and Fitters $18.18 $19.15 $39,840 51-2098 Assemblers and Fabricators, All Other, Including Team Assemblers $12.55 $14.58 $30,330 51-4011 Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators $16.84 $17.69 $36,790 51-4031 Cutting, Punching, and Press Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic $14.47 $16.48 $34,290 51-4032 Drilling and Boring Machine Tool Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic $15.72 $16.70 $34,730 51-4041 Machinists $17.26 $20.27 $42,160 51-4121 Welders, Cutters, Solderers, and Brazers $17.25 $18.39 $38,250 51-4193 Plating and Coating Machine Setters, Operators, and Tenders, Metal and Plastic $12.77 $14.27 $29,680 51-4199 Metal Workers and Plastic Workers, All Other $10.29 $13.24 $27,540 51-9199 Production Workers, All other $12.10 $14.65 $30,480 53-0000 Transportation and Material Moving Occupations $14.01 $16.44 $34,190 53-1021 First-Line Supervisors of Transportation and Material- Moving Machine and Vehicle Operators $22.94 $25.03 $52,060 53-7051 Industrial Truck and Tractor Operators (including Forklift) $13.14 $14.73 $30,640 OCCUPATIONAL WAGES Fresno MSA - Production-Related Occupational Wage Estimates May 2017 (Data Published March 30, 2018 - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)
  13. 13. 13 HIGHER EDUCATION Universities Fresno State California State University, Fresno, universally known as Fresno State, is the largest university located in central California with a student population of more than 24,000. Fresno State consists of eight schools and colleges and offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees. Fresno State was recently ranked as the nation’s 17th best national university by Washington Monthly magazine. The Lyles College of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the following programs: Civil Engineering • Computer Engineering Construction Management • Electrical Engineering Geomatics Engineering • Mechanical Engineering University of California, Merced UC Merced is the newest of the University of California campuses, located about 50 minutes north of Fresno. The university currently has a student enrollment of more than 6,200 with undergraduate and postgraduate degrees available from three Schools, with an additional two - School of Medicine and School of Management - planned for the near future. The School of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in the following programs: Bioengineering • Computer Science Engineering Environmental Engineering • Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering • Materials Science & Engineering Fresno Pacific University Fresno Pacific is a private liberal arts university located in the city of Fresno. Current enrollment exceeds 3,400 with bachelor’s and master’s degree programs available from five Schools. University of California, San Francisco - Fresno UCSF Fresno is a major clinical and educational branch of the UCSF School of Medicine. It is the only major campus of the five UCSF campuses to be located outside the city of San Francisco. UCSF is exclusively dedicated to graduate education in the health sciences and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading universities in medical education and research. It currently ranks as the 2nd best for Primary Care in the country and 5th best for Research in the 2019 Best Medical Schools rankings released by U.S. News & World Report. California Health Sciences University The first university of its kind in Fresno County, California Health Sciences University (CHSU) welcomed its inaugural College of Pharmacy class in August of 2014 in Clovis, CA. CHSU College of Pharmacy is a four-year pharmacy school that provides a Doctor of Pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) program. CHSU plans to open four more doctoral schools at their 70-acre planned master campus to train health care professionals in the San Joaquin Valley. The five colleges to be housed on the main campus will include: College of Pharmacy • College of Medicine College of Allied Health • College of Dentistry College of Optometry Professional & Technical Schools Bitwise Industries - Geekwise Academy Located in Downtown Fresno, Geekwise Academy is an accelerated training program for current and aspiring computer programmers and developers. The Academy teaches students hard skills currently in-demand in the technology industry with a variety of six week courses that are fast-paced, rigorous, and narrowly focused. Selected students then participate in a 26-week internship program that has been developed to bridge the gap between the students and their ability to move into roles as developers in the Fresno technology industry. San Joaquin College of Law Clovis, CA Institute of Technology Clovis, CA Community Colleges Clovis Community College Clovis, CA Fresno City College Fresno, CA Reedley College Reedley, CA West Hills College, Coalinga Coalinga, CA West Hills College, North Center Firebaugh CA
  14. 14. 14 TOP EMPLOYERS # Company Location Sector/Operations Employees 1. Community Medical Centers Multiple Healthcare 8,500 2. Saint Agnes Medical Center Fresno Nonstore Retailer 2,800 3. Kaiser Permanente Fresno Fresno Healthcare 2,675 4. Amazon.com, Inc. Multiple Nonstore Retailer 2,500 5. Alorica, Inc. Multiple Call-Center 2,100 6. Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E) Multiple Utilities 1,954 7. Cargill Meat Solutions Fresno Food Processing 1,300 8. Wawona Frozen Foods Clovis Food Processing 1,200 9. Foster Farms Multiple Food Processing 1,100 10. Harris Ranch Beef Company Selma Food Processing 1,000 10TOP # Company Location Type Employees 1. Fresno Unified School District Fresno Education (K-12) 10,552 2. County of Fresno Fresno Local Government 7,773 3. Clovis Unified School District Multiple Education (K-12) 4,377 4. Internal Revenue Service Fresno Federal Agency 4,040 5. City of Fresno Fresno Local Government 3,575 6. California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) Fresno Education 2,543 7. State Center Community College District Multiple Education 2,329 8. Department of State Hospitals - Coalinga Coalinga Healthcare 1,925 9. Central Unified School District Fresno Education (K-12) 1,519 10. VA Central California Health System Fresno Healthcare 1,279 Top 10 Private Employers Top 10 Public Employers Source: Fresno County Economic Development Corporation, internal data Source: Fresno County Economic Development Corporation, internal data
  15. 15. 15 BUSINESS ACTIVITY Source: Fresno County Economic Development Corporation, internal data Notable Opening & Expansion Announcements Fresno County 2015 - 2018 Company Location Type Project Size (SF) New Jobs Investment Operations 1. Amazon.com, Inc. Fresno New 855,000 2,500 $200 million E-Commerce fulfillment 2. ULTA Beauty, Inc. Fresno New 670,000 642 $110 million E-Commerce fulfillment 3. Gap, Inc. Fresno Expansion - 515 $100 million E-Commerce fulfillment 4. OK Produce Fresno Expansion 314,915 100 - Wholesale - Produce 5. Bitwise Industries Fresno Expansion 300,000 - $30 million Technology 6. Harris Ranch Beef Company Selma New 281,000 35 $10 million Food Manufacturing 7. United States Cold Storage Fresno Expansion 275,000 50 $50 million Cold Storage 8. Valley Wide Beverage Company Fresno Expansion 225,000 50 - Wholesale - Beverage 9. Cargill Fresno Expansion 124,800 300 $50 million Food Manufacturing 10. Tires Warehouse, Inc. Fresno New 122,000 60 - Wholesale - Tires 11. Scelzi Enterprises Fresno Expansion 80,000 100 $4 million Manufacturing 12. Cintas Corporation Fresno Expansion 55,000 60 $20 million Industrial Uniform Supply 13. Brenntag Pacific Fresno Expansion 53,787 22 $9 million Manufacturing 14. Caylym Technologies Fresno Expansion 41,000 53 $3.5 million Manufacturing 15. Aetna Health of California Fresno Expansion - 225 $29.1 million Finance and Insurance
  16. 16. 16 SAN JOSE FRESNO HIGH-SPEED RAIL California High-Speed Rail System Map
  17. 17. 17 Born in Fresno The nation’s first high-speed rail (HSR) project broke ground in Downtown Fresno on January 6, 2015, marking the beginning of the high-speed rail era for the United States. Our region will now be the starting point of a high-speed rail network that will one day span the entire state, beginning with the first operational segment between the San Joaquin Valley and Silicon Valley in 2025, before advancing to a 500-mile system connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles by 2029. It’s Happening The construction of high-speed rail’s “Backbone” is well underway in Fresno and surrounding communities. In addition to the billions of dollars directly invested on HSR infrastructure, the City of Fresno has received an excess of a $100 million from the California High-Sped Rail Authority (Authority) for related road and highway infrastructure upgrades, improving Fresno’s overall transportation network. Downtown Fresno Station Fresno’s Downtown high-speed rail station will be the first to be built for the project. The City of Fresno is coordinating with the Authority to ensure the HSR station and development plans for the Fresno Station District are integrated into the overall HSR system and best position Fresno for success. The Fresno Station District is centered around the ¼ mile radius of the planned HSR station and encompasses roughly 200 acres of land in Downtown Fresno. 2015 HSR Ground breaking Ceremony HSR Construction Oct. 2017 - Cedar ViaductHSR Construction Sept. 2017 - Fresno River Viaduct Conceptual - Downtown Fresno Station CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL
  18. 18. 18 Valley to Valley in 45 Minutes by 2025 The first and initial operational segment (IOS) of the high-speed rail project is slated to open by 2029. The IOS will connect the San Joaquin Valley to Silicon Valley at 220 miles per hour. The travel time between a non-stop ride between Fresno and San Jose is estimated to be between 45 minutes and 53 minutes. This puts Fresno less than an average Bay Area commute away from Silicon Valley’s highly-skilled workforce and Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC). Service Plan In the most recent Business Plan published by the California High-Speed Rail Authority, service for the IOS in 2029 is estimated at 2 trains per hour during peak hours and 1 train per hour during non-peak hours. HSR Station San Jose1 San Francisco2 Burbank Airport2 Downtown Los Angeles2 Anaheim2 Fresno 45 - 53 minutes 102 83 95 141 1. IOS completion in 2029; 2. At Phase 1 completion in 2032 Systemwide Maps Sacramento San Stockton San Jose Gilroy Modesto Merced Fresno Kings/Tulare Bakersfield Burbank Palmdale Los Angeles Anaheim San Diego Francisco Phase 1 Silicon Valley to Central Valley Extension (San Francisco, Merced, Bakersfield) Phase 2 Proposed Station Riverside San BernardinoBurbank to Anaheim Corridor Improvements Silicon Valley to Central Valley Line (San Jose – North of Bakersfield) LEGEND Madera CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL SYSTEM 2016 BUSINESS PLAN PHASED IMPLEMENTATION XpressWest Kings/Tulare Bakersfield Fresno Las Vegas Merced Modesto Stockton Sacramento San Francisco San Jose Gilroy Palmdale Victorville Burbank Los Angeles Anaheim San Bernardino Riverside San Diego Proposed Station Proposed Station (Option) LEGEND Phase 2 Phase 1 High Desert Corridor XpressWest CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL CONNECTING CALIFORNIA SUBJECT TO CHANGE – MARCH 2015 Proposed Statewide Alignment CALIFORNIA HIGH-SPEED RAIL Estimated HSR Travel Time (minutes) from Fresno
  20. 20. 20 MANUFACTURING Region Total Value of Shipments and Receipts for Services ($1,000) Fresno County $8,658,325 California $512,303,164 Manufacturing Cluster Manufacturing has become a focal area of investment for Fresno County and the San Joaquin Valley. Led by the San Joaquin Valley Manufacturing Alliance (SJVMA), efforts are being made to develop the area into a globally competitive resource that will attract companies. The SJVMA’s primary focus is to building stronger regional manufacturing companies by strengthening connections and relationships, building growth assets, and strengthening the workforce pipeline by collaborating with education partners and ensuring students are supported in discovering a path that inspires them. 2017 Q1 Establishments 2017 Q1 Employees Fresno County (Total) 595 24,238 NAICS 311 Food manufacturing 137 12,180 NAICS 333 Machinery manufacturing 53 1,898 NAICS 332 Fabricated metal product manufacturing 86 1,770 Major Fresno Manufacturing Trade Shows California Food Expo www.fresnofoodexpo.com Date: July 24-25, 2019 Location: Fresno Convention Center The California Food Expo exclusively features California food & beverage brands. The one-stop trade event makes connecting to California food brands more convenient, efficient and accessible. Manufacturing Summit www.sjvma.org Date: May 2019 Location: Fresno Convention Center The Manufacturing Summit designed as a workshop and resource expo for manufacturers and celebrates the long history of innovation in manufacturing in the San Joaquin Valley. Fresno-based P*DE*Q exhibiting at the Fresno Food Expo 2017 Manufacturing Summit 2012 Total Value of Manufacturing Sector (2012 NAICS 31-33) Shipments and Receipts for Services ($1,000) Top 3 Manufacturing Sectors by Employment Level Fresno County
  21. 21. 21 AGRICULTURE Local Industry With $7.02 billion in output, Fresno County ranks in the top 3 of agricultural producing counties in the United States. Located in one of the most fertile and productive regions of the world, the agricultural output of the region has led to a robust food processing industry, with food processors and food processing equipment manufacturers making up a large percentage of Fresno County’s economy. Fresno County GDP: $38.8 billion (2015): Ranks 70th of 382 metropolitan areas. Exports: $4.04 billion (2015), with $2.95 billion related to agriculture. Number of Commodities Grown: Nearly 400 2017 Crop Highlights by Commodity Field Crops: $323 million, an increase of 40.1% over 2016 Seed Crops: $27.7 million, a 29.2% over 2016 Vegetable Crops: $990 million, led by tomatoes Fruit and Nut Crops: $4.03 billion, a 24% increase from 2016 and led by Almonds Nursery: $38 million Livestock and Poultry: $1.01 billion Livestock and Poultry Products: $501.6 million Apiary Products and Pollination Services: $95.6 million Industrial Crops: $5.9 million, up 24.8% from 2016 2017 Rank Crop 2017 Dollar Value 2016 Rank 2007 Rank 1997 Rank 1 Almonds $1,220,082,000 1 2 5 2 Grapes $951,231,000 2 1 1 3 Poultry $495,021,000 3 4 3 4 Pistachios $424,875,000 7 18 26 5 Milk $409,019,000 6 3 6 6 Mandarins $384,124,000 11 * * 7 Cattle & Calves $255,885,000 4 6 7 8 Tomatoes Garlic $221,519,000 5 5 4 9 Peaches $204,402,000 10 8 12 10 Oranges $197,713,000 9 9 9 Fresno County’s 10 Leading Crops 2017 Fresno County Annual Crop & Livestock Report *Not Previously separated for ranking purposes
  22. 22. 22 The Water and Energy Technology (WET) Center The Water and Energy Technology (WET) Center is collaborative venture between California State University, Fresno (Fresno State), industry, and public agencies. The facility features an underground water pit to be used for water and irrigation testing. This modern test facility provides independent testing and performance certification for pumps and other water technology equipment, an educational learning lab for students, and an incubator facility for businesses specializing in water, irrigation and clean-energy. Renewable Energy Fresno County covers an expansive area over 6,000 square miles from the Sierra Nevadas in the east to the Coastal Range in the west. With over 290 days of sunshine per year, Fresno County, and the rural west side in particular, is ideal for solar project development due of several factors. The most significant factor, however, is the availability of large swaths of fallow, retired farmland. Due to the lack of available clean irrigation water, over 200,000 acres of farmland have been retired over the last few decades. Most recently, Westlands Water District, which covers a large portion of Fresno County’s west side, reached an agreement with the federal government to retire an additional 100,000 acres of farmland. The settlement allows for only a select number of uses for the retired land, one of which is for alternative-energy projects. Biomass and Tree Mortality Over 129 million trees have died in California between 2010-2017 in due to the bark bettles that thrived during the historic drought. Fresno County alone has over 21 million dead trees. However, opportunities do exist to improve the quality and quantity of benefits from California’s forest. Management options for stabilizing carbon storage, improving water quality, fostering more vibrant rural economies, and making landscapes more resistant to threats have the potential to produce more desirable future conditions. To take advantage of these opportunities, federal, state, and local stakeholders have made available over $21 million in grants for projects that will help stimulate the removal of hazardous fuels from national forests and other forest lands to reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires, promote forest health, and reduce the cost of forest management. ENERGY & WATER TECHNOLOGY FresnoCountywasCalifornia’stopregionforindustrialsolarcapacityinstallation exceedingtheinstalledkWcapacityofLosAngelesandtheSiliconValleycombined
  23. 23. 23 LOGISTICS Las Vegas Seattle Portland Boise Sacramento San Francisco FRESNO Los Angeles San Diego Reno Phoenix Tucson Albuquerque Denver Salt Lake City FedEx Seattle Portland Boise Sacramento San Francisco FRESNO Los Angeles San Diego Reno Phoenix Tucson Albuquerque Denver Salt Lake City Las Vegas Seattle Portland Boise Sacramento San Francisco FRESNO Los Angeles San Diego Reno Phoenix Tucson Denver Salt Lake City Las Vegas Ground Package Delivery Transit Days from Fresno UPS OnTrac Transit Days 1 2 3 4 Access to 40 million Customers within 1-day Reach 40 million customers with guaranteed next-day ground service, without the additional cost of expedited shipping. Due to Fresno’s unique location in the middle of the state, FedEx, UPS, and OnTrac, can reach all of California’s major market within 1 day with their standard ground shipping, guaranteed. OnTrac, with their early-pull option, has the ability to reach the entire west coast with their standard ground shipping service. Logistics
  24. 24. 24 THE BOYD COMPANY REPORT Summary of The Boyd Company, Inc. Report Comparative: Distribution Warehousing Costs in 25 Western & Midwestern U.S. Cities (2015) In the following analysis, major operating costs scaled to a representative 200 worker distribution warehouse are presented for a series of 25 comparative sites in the Western and Midwestern U.S. Annual operating costs were projected solely for comparative purposes, with only major geographically-variable factors being considered. Those costs not varying significantly with geography, including relocation and start-up expenses, were not considered. The Boyd analysis focuses on those key geographically-variable cost elements considered to be most pivotal within the warehouse site selection process. Warehouse operating costs are scaled to a hypothetical 500,000 sq. ft. facility employing 200 nonexempt workers and shipping over-the-road to a Western U.S. market. The analysis provides an independent and authoritative point of reference for the assessment of comparative operating cost levels in each of the surveyed sites. The format of the cost exhibits will allow a further tailoring of warehouse specifications, shipping patterns and staffing levels to reflect alternate scales of operation and market reach of the hypothetical warehouse facility. About Boyd Founded in 1975, The Boyd Company, Inc. provides independent location counsel to leading U.S. and overseas corporations. Devoted exclusively to corporate mobility, Boyd is a recognized authority in the field of comparative business cost analysis. Its proprietary BizCosts® data base is developed from five decades of corporate site selection case studies and is considered an authoritative benchmark by corporations worldwide. Boyd is located in Princeton, NJ. Fresno, CA Riverside/San Bernardino, CA Nonexempt Labor Weighted Average Hourly Earnings $14.94 $15.82 Annual Base Payroll Costs $5,689,152 $6,024256 Fringe Benefits $1,934,312 $2,048,247 Total Annual Labor Costs $7,623,464 $8,072,503 Electric Power Costs $752,172 $678,252 Amortization Costs $3,738,693 $3,775,644 Property & Sales Tax Costs $993,092 $993,354 Shipping Costs $2,770,984 $3,011,272 Total Annual Geographically Variable Operating Costs $15,878,405 $16,531,025 Logistics Comparative Annual Operating Cost Simulation Summary (Fresno and Riverside/San Bernardino Metro Area)
  25. 25. 25 PARCEL DELIVERY HUBS Parcel Delivery Hubs & Notable Fulfillment Center Locations Logistics North Ave Central Ave Gap, Inc. ULTA Beauty Amazon ClovisAveFedEx Hub Fresno UPS Hub OnTrac Hub FedEx Ground Hub: 3151 S East Ave. Fresno, CA 93725 UPS Hub: 1601 W. McKinley Ave Fresno, CA 93728 OnTrac Hub: 3149 S. Willow Ave. #102 Fresno, CA 93725 EastAve WillowAve McKinley Ave
  26. 26. 26 Community Regional Medical Center, Fresno Licensed beds: 791 Flagship hospital of Community Medical Center’s acute-care facilities. 11th largest GAC hospital in California. Saint Agnes Medical Center, Fresno Licensed beds: 436 Consumer Choice Award winner among best hospitals in the U.S. for 19 consecutive years (1996 - 2014). Valley Children’s Hospital Licensed beds: 358 Premier pediatric medical center which treats more inpatient cases in California than any pediatric hospital north of San Diego. Clovis Community Medical Center Licensed beds: 208 Only comprehensive hospital in the area with all-private rooms. Recent expansion included a 5-story bed tower and Women’s Pavilion. VA Central California Fresno Medical Center Licensed beds: 174 A General Medicine and Surgery teaching hospital that serves over 28,000 veterans in the San Joaquin Valley. HEALTHCARE Kaiser Permanente Fresno Medical Center Licensed beds: 169 Certified as a Primary Stroke Center for its compliance with nationally-developed standards for stroke care. San Joaquin Valley Rehabilitation Hospital Licensed beds: 62 Provides comprehensive physical rehabilitation to patients who have suffered a debilitating injury or illness. Fresno Heart and Surgical Hospital Licensed beds: 57 Has earned a 5-star rating in carotid surgery for five years (2009-2013) from Healthgrades. Fresno Surgical Hospital Licensed beds: 27 Physician-owed hospital that delivers high-quality surgical care. Earned the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval in 2005. Fresno is the hub for the full continuum of medical and healthcare related resources for Central California Hospitals General Acute Care in Fresno Metro Area Fresno Metro Area Hospitals 16 Licensed Beds 3,930 Hospitals By the Numbers
  27. 27. 27 HEALTHCARE Select Fresno County Health Care Project Underdevelopment Community Medical Centers Clovis Cancer Center: Clovis Community Medical Center is nearing completion on a $65 million cancer hospital. The 100,000 square foot facility will be one-of-a-kind in the San Joaquin Valley. The goal of the Cancer Center i s to consolidate all of Community’s outpatient cancer services to the new facility and will conduct research along with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). Community Regional Medical Center: A five-story, 180,000 square foot pediatric office building in Downtown Fresno. The more than $1 billion expansion will feature pediatric sub-specialists and outpatient services. Fowler Pediatric Care Medical Plaza: Valley Children’s Hospital and Adventist Health formed a partnership to build a $35 million medical plaza in the City of Fowler with an aim of improving pediatric rural health care services. The planned 16-acre state-of-the-art pediatric care facility, located adjacent to State Highway 99, is scheduled to open in the early part of 2019. California Health Sciences University (CHSU): CHSU’s has began construction for their 826,000 square feet permanent medical school campus on 70 acres of land at the Clovis Research & Technology Park. The $250 million campus will eventually have 2,000-3,000 students and a staff of 300-400. This new university is planned to open the new campus in 2019. Thereareover$350millionofhealthcare-relatedconstruction and improvement projects underway in Fresno County Clovis Cancer Center CHSU - College of Osteopathic Medicine
  28. 28. 28 INFORMATION-TECHNOLOGY Information-Technology Cluster Fresno County’s burgeoning Information-Technology (IT) Cluster consists of over 500 companies with over 100 located in Downtown Fresno. With headquarters in Fresno, FocusVision is the first company to provide integrated, global technology solutions for both quantitative and qualitative market research. The company has specialized in research facility video streaming and has grown to offer best-in-class solutions in webcam focus groups, ethnography streaming, asynchronous online software and mobile device usability studies. Founded in 2012, OnFarm Systems is a nationally recognized software company born as a unique farm management tool that displays and analyzes data from many different sources in a single, easy-to-use application. OnFarm transparently integrates the data into a customizable dashboard with forecasts and recommendations that enables the entire farming organization to make better, more informed decisions resulting in immediate impact on farm inputs, productivity, and profitability. Bitwise Industries was founded by a group of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds that believe technology is the future of the San Joaquin Valley. The company was created to provide the software industry in Fresno with the inevitable next step in its rapid growth: the mothership of technological education, collaboration, and innovation. Every day, Bitwise helps cultivate the technology ecosystem in Fresno by providing education (Geekwise Academy), execution (Shift3 Technologies), and place (Hashtag) to empower the next generation of tech leaders. Agrian was founded in 2004 with the goal of providing a single source, easy-to-use solution for those in the agricultural food chain The Agrian platform enables ag professionals to capture information from the field and send the information electronically to various stakeholders. Coupled with its mobile capabilities, Agrian offers the flexibility, convenience and speed to make quick solutions on the go. Growing Successful Tech Companies The Fresno-Clovis metropolitan region ranked 3rd in California among “Tech/Info Leaders” with a job growth of 20% in the tech sector since 2011. Progressive Policy Institute “The California Tech/Info Boom: How It Is Spreading Across the State” July 2015 Cultivated in Fresno
  30. 30. 30 COST OF LIVING Source: PayScale “Cost of Living Calculator” Fresno is One of the Country’s Most Affordable Places to Live According to a survey conducted by the financial website GoBankingRates, Fresno is one of the country’s most affordable places to live. While it’s not exactly a surprise to see Fresno rank high on this list because of the cost of housing, other contributing factors include cost of groceries, transportation, and health care. How does a $50,000 annual salary in Fresno, CA compare in other metropolitan areas across the state and country? The table below lists the equivalent salary for the selected metro areas: Sunnyvale, CA San Francisco, CA San Diego, CA Los Angeles, CA Boston, MA New York, NY Seattle, WA $111,500 $85,500 $72,000 $71,500 $70,000 $114,500 $72,500 Graphic from GoBankingRates’ cost-of-living comparison survey Comparable Salary in Select Metropolitan Areas to a $50,000 Salary in Fresno, CA
  31. 31. 31 HOUSING MARKET The most significant factor contributing to Fresno’s affordable cost of living is affordable housing. The relatively low cost of housing in Fresno attracts many new residents to the region. These new residents arrive from all parts of the country but especially from California’s large metropolitan areas. Real estate markets increasingly depend on strong fundamentals to drive sustainable housing activity. The Fresno housing market possesses these strong fundamentals; solid job growth, low vacancy rate, a market not overvalued, and affordability, amongst other factors. Thanks to the presence of these fundamentals, the Fresno housing market was ranked as the healthiest in the United States entering 2016 according to a report issued by mortgage industry leader Freddie Mac. The Fresno metropolitan area ranks #1 as the healthiest housing market in the U.S. Multi-Indicator Market Index® Freddie Mac California Home Sale Activity by City, CoreLogic, June 2018 Region Median Price Fresno County $270,000 Clovis $348,500 Fresno $250,000 Alameda County $870,000 Berkeley $1,225,000 Oakland $751,000 Los Angeles County $615,000 Long Beach $548,250 Santa Monica $1,495,000 Sacramento County $362,000 Elk Grove $441,000 Sacramento $326,000 Santa Clara County $1,150,000 San Jose $1,000,750 Sunnyvale $1,526,500 San Francisco $1,350,000 Median Sales Price of Homes Sold, June 2018
  32. 32. 32 WEATHER The sun shines on Fresno County 288 days a year resulting in one of the nation’s most hospitable and Mediterranean- like climates. The average high temperature is 76.5 degrees and the average low temperature is 50.4 degrees. Average rainfall is 11.50 inches. Fresno’s elevation is 308 feet but, countywide, elevations range from 100 feet to 14,248 feet at the top of the peak of North Palisade in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Source: Western Regional Climate Center, 01/01/1948 to 06/09/2016 at Fresno-Yosemite Intl Airport, Fresno, CA Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Avg. High Temp. 54.6 61.5 67.0 74.4 83.5 91.7 98.3 96.4 90.8 79.7 65.3 54.7 Avg. Low Temp. 37.6 40.7 43.8 48.0 54.3 60.5 65.7 64.0 59.7 51.2 42.4 37.3 Avg. Rainfall (Inches) 2.09 1.90 1.89 1.03 0.36 0.16 0.01 0.01 0.15 0.53 1.13 1.64 Cities with Most Nice Days* Per Year Fresno ranked among top cities with most nice weather days City # of Nice Days Long Beach, CA 210 Los Angeles, CA 182 San Diego, CA 178 San Jose, CA 170 Oakland, CA 138 Phoenix, AZ 100 Fresno, CA 95 Stockton, CA 89 Tacoma, WA 86 Olympia WA 84 Source: Brettschneider, Brian - PhD. University of Alaska, Fairbanks climate researcher - “What cities have the most nice days in America?” Washington Post. Aug. 7, 2018. *Nice Day: Maximum high temperature between 65-85 °F, a dew point less than or equal to 65, and no precipitation.
  33. 33. 33 SEISMIC STABILITY It is a well-known fact that California is earthquake country. However, very few realize that not all of California is subject to the same degree of seismic risk. Unlike many other major metropolitan areas in California, in particular Los Angeles and the Bay Area, Fresno is located in a region that is seismically stable. There are no significant earthquake faults in the Fresno area and few major California cities can match the safety record and low seismic risk of Fresno.   Fresno is at low risk for earthquakes because of its inland location, flat topography, relatively stable soil condition, and the absence of active faults in the area. California Seismic Hazard Map An inland location & flat typography Source: Kalkan, Wills and Branum, Seismic Hazard Mapping of California Considering Site Effects, Earthquake Spectra, Nov. 2010 Fresno
  34. 34. 34 RECREATION & ENTERTAINMENT A Few Ways to Take Advantage of What the Region Has to Offer • Explore the outdoors. Not only does the Fresno metro region have three rivers that run through it, the San Joaquin , Fresno, and the Kings, there are also three national parks nearby, including Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon. • Enjoy what’s in season. The region is one of the most productive farming areas in the world, take advantage. The area is loaded with farmers markets that offer freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Many of the markets are seasonal but the county also has several year-round markets as well. • Taco ‘bout tacos! Fresno is the self-appointed taco capital of the state. There is a major festival devoted to the beloved taco – The Taco Truck Throwdown – hosted by Fresno’s AAA baseball team, the Fresno Grizzlies. During this event the Grizzlies’ alter-ego, the Fresno Tacos, make an appearance. Now in it 7th year, the popularity of the Taco Truck Throwdown has turned this single-day event into a two-day event. • Visit the Fresno Chaffee Zoo, a local treasure. Established in 1929, the Fresno Chaffee Zoo is located in Roeding Park near downtown Fresno. It recently underwent a major renovation and expansion, with the addition of the 13- acre African Adventure Experience, a giraffe feeding area, and sea lion exhibit. Work is currently underway on Phase 2 of the African Adventure, which will bring back hippos along with a host of other species. Much of this would not be possible without the support from Fresno County residents through Measure Z. Measure Z , a one-tenth of one percent sales tax measure, was renewed by Fresno County voters for an additional 10 years in 2014, thereby ensuring the zoo’s future for decades to come. • Discover Fresno’s art scene. Along with the Fresno Art Museum, Fresno is home to Arte Américas, the African- American Historical and Cultural Museum of the San Joaquin Valley, and Fresno County’s Historical Museum. Art Hop, one of the coolest events the city has, occurs the first Thursday night of each month and is devoted to visiting art galleries, retailers, and restaurants featuring the work of local artists. • See a concert. Whether its at the Save Mart Center, which hosts the biggest names in music – i.e Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Blake Shelton, Selena Gomez, Bruno Mars – or a more intimate venue, Fresno has it all. The Save Mart Center, located at Fresno State, was ranked as the 4th best arena in the U.S. by “Venues Today” based on its concerts and events. The intimate venues include the Woodward Park Rotary Amphitheater, the Saroyan Theatre, Fulton 55, and Strummer’s to name a few. Fresno also has the Fresno Philharmonic and a regular schedule of touring Broadway shows. Shaver Lake Fireworks Spectacular & Boat Parage Fresno Chaffee Zoo Fresno’s Vineyard Farmers Market Saroyan Theatre
  35. 35. 35 PARKS, TRAILS, AND MORE Parks Whether it’s for a family picnic, day fishing trip, or hiking, the Fresno metro region has a variety of parks that suit a wide range of uses. There are over 3,200 acres of park and green space facilities alone between the County of Fresno, City of Fresno, and City of Clovis. The larger parks include Avocado Lake Park, Dry Creek Park, Kearney Park, Roeding Park, Woodward Park, and Fresno’s Regional Sports Complex. Pedestrian and Bike Trails The cities of Clovis and Fresno currently have a 65-mile network of shared-use pedestrian and bike trails. While this network of urban trails has experienced rapid growth over the last 7 years, it pales in comparison to what has been outlined in the 2016 Active Transportation Plan. Due partly to the increasing popularity of the pedestrian and bike trails, the cities have proposed developing their pedestrian and bike trail networks by a combined 215 miles. The most recent noteworthy trail development was the completion of the Dry Creek Trailhead in north Clovis. The site, which is used by 2 million people annually, was designed to capture storm water to replenish groundwater supplies. The Dry Creek Trailhead has subsequently won various state and national awards for its creative design that helps address the issues related to diminishing water supplies. Fresno County Blossom Trail This 62-mile self-guided tour through Fresno County’s orchards was created to celebrate and feature the natural beauty of the region’s agriculture and historical points of interest. The Blossom Trail, which peaks in late February through March, consists of panoramas of fruit tree orchards alive with fragrance and bursting with blossoms. Madera Wine Trail Grapes have been one of the top crops grown in Fresno and Madera counties since at least the early 1900’s. So it’s no surprise to find nationally recognized wineries and wine trails in our backyard. The region’s top wine trail, the Madera Wine Trail, is made up of 9 small, family-owned wineries in Madera County. The Madera Wine Trail hosts a variety of events throughout the year, with Wine Showcase Days as it most popular and featured event. Ski Resorts For those that enjoy winter sports or just relish that cup of hot cocoa at the ski lodge, Fresno County is home to one ski resort, China Peak Mountain Resort, and is within close proximity of a second, Yosemite Ski & Snowboard Area (formerly Badger Pass Ski Area). China Peak Mountain Resort Fresno County Blossom Trail Japanese Gardens at Woodward Park Dry Creek Trailhead
  37. 37. 37 Hiring Incentives New Employment Opportunities Employment Program (NEO) The County of Fresno Department of Social Services (DSS) is committed to developing employment opportunities for County residents through a number of strategies including the County’s New Employment Opportunities Program. DSS can offer employers who hire DSS Welfare-to-Work clients assistance with a number of hiring strategies in addition to subsidizing employment. The following can be available to employers for DSS clients hired: • Employee recruitment; • Employee screening, including reimbursement for drug testing and background checks; • Specialized employee training; • Employee retention services, including support and engagement of clients, reimbursement for uniforms, equipment, transportation and child care, and; • Wage subsidies up to a year depending on the needs of the DSS client New Employment Credit (NEC) California hiring tax credit available to qualified employers hiring qualifying employees. Employer also must be located with-in a Designated Geographic Area (DGA). • Credit is 35% of wages paid in excess of 150% of the California minimum wage. • Is paid hourly wages for an average of at least 35 hours per week, or is salaried, and paid for full-time employment. Employment Training Panel (ETP) State program that reimburses the cost of employer-driven vocational training for new or existing employees. Reimbursement of training costs for approved training program with a maximum reimbursement of $750,000 to $900,000. ETP applications are accepted on a monthly basis. Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Federal tax credit available for hiring qualifying individuals from certain target groups. Federal Tax credit equal to 25% or 40% of a new employee’s first-year wages. Maximum credit amount ranges from $1,200 to $9,000. Wage Reimbursement Schedule Initial 26 Week Placement Wage Reimbursement Week 1-13 100% Week 14-26 75% Potential for (2) 13 week extensions Wage Reimbursement Week 27-39 50% Week 40-52 25% INCENTIVES
  38. 38. 38 Local Incentives Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) Economic Development Rate (EDR) PG&E, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GO-Biz), and the City of Fresno have teamed up to develop the Enhanced Economic Development Rate. Qualifying businesses in Fresno County will receive a 25% Enhanced Rate reduction on their monthly electricity costs. • 5 year program • Designed for businesses with high energy loads that are considering: - Locating within California and have other out-of-state options - Relocating from California to other states - Closing their existing California operations Fresno Economic Expansion Act Under the Fresno Economic Expansion Act, the City of Fresno has outlined various tax/revenue sharing incentives available to large job-generating projects. However, in addition to those incentives outlined below, the City of Fresno is willing to consider and negotiate a customized incentive package (which could include various available revenue/tax sharing mechanisms). • Reduction and Abatement of Development Impact Fees • Reimbursement for Off-site Improvements from Project Generated Revenue. Examples of revenues generated directly by a project include; - Business License Fees, Property Taxes, and Sales Taxes • “Project Revenue” Sharing for unusually large and publicly beneficial projects. Eligible revenue sharing subsidies include; - Property Taxes, Sales Taxes (subject to applicable laws), City Business License Taxes, and any other local revenue stream generated directly by the project County of Fresno Fee Deferral Program Incentive available to qualifying job producing projects. Projects may defer 75% the County’s Plan Review/Building fees, with a maximum of $50,000 deferment per project. Fees re-paid 25% annually for 3 years • Project must create at least 20 jobs: directly or indirectly City of Clovis Core Area Fee Reduction The City of Clovis will reduce development impact fees for in-fill development in the core area south of Sierra Avenue and west of Locan Avenue. Fees can be reduced by as much as 70%. City of Kingsburg Incentives Program The City of Kingsburg will provide the following incentives to new industrial, commercial, and retail projects: 25% reduction of all City Development Impact Fees • 50% rebate of the City’s share of sales taxes paid for 3 years 50% rebate of the City’s share of real property taxes paid for 3 years INCENTIVES
  39. 39. 39 State Incentives Manufacturing Equipment Sales/Use Tax Exemption Programs California offers two sales and use tax exemption program for manufacturing related equipment (including the building of a manufacturing facility), a 100% sales and use tax exemption and a partial sales and use tax exemption. The programs are outlined below. California Competes Tax Credit Through the Governor’s Economic Development Initiative, California has a lucrative program in place to offset state tax liability for companies that invest and create new full-time jobs in California. California Research and Development (R&D) Credit California income tax credit available to businesses who incur qualified research expenses while conducting qualified research in California. Similar credit available on the Federal level. Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) Incentive available to businesses throughout Fresno County that use recycled or recovered materials as raw materials in their manufacturing processes or reduce the creation of solid waste. Benefits include: Low interest micro-loan program (up to $2 million) • Development and permitting assistance Waiver or reduction of development/permit fees INCENTIVES General Program Qualifications Manufacturing and Research & Development Exemption Partial sales/use tax exemption on purchase or lease of manufacturing and related equipment, including leased equipment, construction material to build a new facility, solar equipment, and pollution control equipment. CAEATFA Sales and Use Tax Exclusion (STE) Applicable to Advanced Manufacturing operations. Exclusion, generally on Qualified Property, which includes manufacturing machinery and equipment with an estimated useful lifespan of over one year, as well as information technology used to operate or control the machinery and equipment. Qualified purchases may also include tangible personal property required for infrastructure improvements to manufacturing facilities. Program Type Agency Application Timeline Manufacturing and Research & Development Exemption Partial Exemption (3.9375%) California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) No application necessary. 3.9375% partial sales tax exemption is taken by completing 1-page Exemption Certificate and providing it to seller at time of purchase. CAEATFA Sales and Use Tax Exclusion (STE) Full Exemption California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority (CAEATFA) Applications are considered on a first-come-first-served basis. Applications must be submitted at least 60 days prior to board meetings. Program Type Details Application Timeline California Competes Tax Credit State income tax credit available to businesses that want to locate and grow in California Amount is negotiated between the business and the Governor’s Office. Credit amount ranges from $20,000 for smaller projects into the multi- millions for larger projects. FY 18-19 open application periods: Jan. 2, 2019 - Jan. 21, 2019 Mar. 4, 2019 - Mar. 25, 2019
  40. 40. 40 INCENTIVES Federal Incentives Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) Fresno County is part of FTZ No. 226. The FTZ Program is a federal program used to help encourage value added activity at U.S. facilities in competition with foreign alternatives by allowing delayed or reduced duty payments on foreign merchandise, as well as other savings. Duty deferral • Duty elimination • Inverted tariff relief Ad valorem tax exemption • No time constraints on storage HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) Federal program that helps small businesses in designated cities gain preferential access to federal procurement opportunities. Fresno County HUBZone designated cities: Huron • Mendota • Orange Cove • Parlier • San Joaquin Fresno (in designated census tracts) • Sanger (in designated census tracts) Financing Incentives Industrial Development Bond (IDB) Financing Program IDBs provide manufacturing and processing companies low-cost, low-interest financing for capital expenditures. • For manufacturing companies requesting from $1 million – $10 million • Eligible expenditures: acquisition of land, building construction, building renovation, purchase of machinery and equipment New Market Tax Credits (NMTC) The NMTC is a federal program created to spur new or increased commercial or industrial investments in economically distressed areas. • Businesses can receive capital to fund projects, business expansion, or debt refinancing • Project must have a community benefit (i.e. job creation of skilled workforce or employ those from under-served communities) • NMTC can fund 20% - 23% of a proposed project • Ideal for projects seeking between $1 million to $9 million of additional capital
  41. 41. 41 Fresno-Yosemite International Airport Terminal
  42. 42. 42 About the Fresno County Economic Development Corporation The Fresno County Economic Development Corporation is a private non-profit organization established to market Fresno County as the premier location for business prosperity. We facilitate site selection for new businesses, but also assist in the retention and expansion of local businesses within Fresno County. To learn more, visit www.fresnoedc.com CONTACT Jose N. Mora Client Services Manager (559) 476-2516 JMora@fresnoedc.com In partnership with