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General Presentation of our service.

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  2. 2. INTRODUCTION AND BENEFITS OF TASK FORCE TASK FORCE Mission: Prospecting, introducing and / or selling products to Hospitality customers in specific geographic areas and for a limited time, through external resources managed by SEPHORECA, in order to achieve the objectives of prospection / sale agreed. Elements managed by the TASK FORCE client (Sales flow) Market/Internal Route to Market (Distributors) Point of Sale/Potential Client • Macroeconomic crisis that affects the Foodservice • Lack of morale and enthusiasm in the sales • Poorly quantified operations and & Hospitality industry. (7% gross domestic product force. management. and a reduction of 9% annual sales). • Lack of confidence to introduce and • Increased focus on cost savings. • Geographic dispersion of points of sale at a local or mobilize a new and high priced product. • Need for differential product offering in national level. • Sales force reduction of personnel. order to “survive”. • Differential needs by typology of end customers. • Reduction of sales on loyal clientele. • Growth of alternative purchasing vs. • Sales personnel reduction to manage fixed costs. • Multiproduct management. Lack of interest independent distributors to control costs • Increased pressure in identifying prospective because of the huge number of clients & (ex/ supermarkets, municipal markets). clients to meet minimum sales objectives. products that they manage. • Cash Management position. • Loss of contact with the end client and his needs • Lack of basic knowledge or poor knowledge • Economic benefits become redundant due due to lack of bidirectional feedback. of the customer’s product. to lack of counseling in business and • Sales are left up to independent and/or specialized • Oriented at volume sales. product applications. distributors. 2/6SEP TASK FORCE Presentation TASK FORCETASK FORCE division of SEPHORECA
  3. 3. WHY TASK FORCE WHY SEPHORECA TASK FORCE BENEFITS SEPHORECA•Sales support in poorly managed geographic areas due to lack of resources. • Deep knowledge of Foodservice & Hospitality market and its counterparts.•Development of an effective, efficient and good quality sales effort/activity. •Management team specialized in Foodservice & Hospitality market.•Direct sales.•Sales transfer of the client products to distributors. •Talent acquisition professionals for internal and external candidates.•Identification of short, medium and long term potential clients. •Use of professional and seasoned sales people.•Acquisition of sensitive sales information (competency, attractiveness, solvency, product viability). •Complete exclusivity of the sales promotion and efforts.•Presentation and disclosure of product or category of products for our client to •Rigor and methodology in our focus and activities. Foodservice & Hospitality Market.•Prestige reinforcement and brand positioning for our client. •Able to identify and work with the profiles of real potential clients for our client.•Labor cost savings.•Administrative process cost savings. •Capable of designing prospection and selling tools and processes for our client.•Time savings in HR personnel management. •Ability to integrate field information and define areas of benefits.•Flexibility in lifespan of sales force. •Tangible and measurable results. 3/6SEP TASK FORCE Presentation TASK FORCETASK FORCE division of SEPHORECA
  4. 4. TASK FORCE WORKING PROCESS Client Sales Department or Distributor • Definition of environment • Report • Sales visits development • Potential client visit list • Presentation of • Visit status product or reports • Definition of Analysis andPlanning Visit product development • Transfer of direct objectives and sale to client or sales category of client report distributor • TASK FORCE • Data collection through • Transfer of personnel reports to client acquisition and questionnaire or distributor training Direct sales through TASK FORCE Report SEPHORECA • Type of establishment • Actual purchase/product consumption of client products • Level of interest in client product • Closing sales visits • Actual vs. potential purchase • Visits & Sales Reporting • Reason for purchase • Sales Control vs. Sales Objectives • Visit/demo schedule and plan • Sales Follow-up • Direct sale or schedule of meeting to • Increasing sales in actual clients. close sale • Weekly Sales meetings. 4/6 SEP TASK FORCE Presentation TASK FORCE TASK FORCE division of SEPHORECA
  5. 5. TASK FORCE SEPHORECA CHARACTERISTICSI. Contract between SEPHORECA and the client is of a specific timeframe. We recommend a monthly timeframe, with a minimum of 3 months of sales push with the possibility of less time when the objective is prospection only. The time frame can be weekly if it is a launch or promotion of a specific product.II. Task Force can be extended to an annual effort if sales is outsourced by the client.III. Fees are both fixed and variable.IV. Fixed cost is valued at 2,500€ monthly (taxes not included) per salesperson or promoter. Monthly billing at the beginning of each month and due within 10 days from the invoice date. This fee includes: a. Acquisition of salesperson b. Sales exclusivity for the client c. Salesperson salary d. Management of sales personnel e. Sales expenses (meals and transport) f. Sales councilV. Variable fees range between 3-10% of total sales based on product to be sold and timeframe of sales effort. Billing is at the end of each month due in 30 days from invoice date.VI. The client has the option, upon completion of TASK FORCE, to hire the sales person on a full time basis paying a recruitment fee of 1,500€ (taxes not included).VII. SEPHORECA will keep all client information confidential and will not be shared or sold to third parties. The information will only be used for the purpose of the sales effort for which it was contracted. 5/6 SEP TASK FORCE Presentation TASK FORCE TASK FORCE division of SEPHORECA
  6. 6. 6/6SEP TASK FORCE Presentation TASK FORCETASK FORCE division of SEPHORECA