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LastHr Culture Deck

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Last hr.com Culture Deck
Last hr.com Culture Deck
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LastHr Culture Deck

  1. 1. LastHr.com Culture Deck A collection of Antidotes and Maxims
  2. 2. Principal-Agent Problem? WHAT'S We must operate our company by principal-owners vs agents. Agent People cannot commit to things 100% emotionally if they are not in a position of ownership. Founder Mentality allows for an empathic view of what is good for the business, not just yourself. Interesting to think what is good for the business is actually better for you because you own a piece of the business.
  3. 3. Innovation is the ultimate aim That is why 51% of workplace efforts will account for innovation. The remainder of course will account for as an Administration/ Workplace tasks.
  4. 4. Companies reject candidates for not matching their culture. If some are undesirable for our internal team they can become Principals of one of our Children with resource allocation. No Rejection of Any Candidate - The Undesirables
  5. 5. Complexity Theory Due to Complexity Theory the likelihood you can predict the future is limited.
  6. 6. Complexity Theory You simply do not have enough specific knowledge. Our business cannot start predicting where the market will go. We are here to serve the platfrom of ingenuity.
  7. 7. Autonomous Workplace INDEPENDENT Statistically, it has been found the greatest single feature of a great workplace is autonominity. This should be respected and design a workplace that allows this.
  8. 8. 12 3 6 9 Your Responsibility is Quality REM Sleep You should be in bed by 10 pm. You will operate at a higher cognitive level and be less error-prone (It's like a drunkard who thinks he can make his way home - don't let him have his car keys). Nothing good happens after 10 pm anyways.
  9. 9. Managers Direct / Leaders Inspire
  10. 10. Pride is the greatest sin because it goes against the will of God and the order of the Universe. If things are true to nature they should be followed.
  11. 11. Focus on creating a good environment where products (children) manifest well, akin to good parenting
  12. 12. Decisions through Data by applying Measurable Metrics
  13. 13. Allow bad ideas to die by having them open to discussion. Adding complexity increases the likelihood in making errors. Keep things simple.
  14. 14. The most successful economies are based on trust because checks and bureaucracy are not required. We should strive for trust between all staff.
  15. 15. EQ is not real science and is not measurable. Social behaviours are learnt behaviours from adolescence and are only corrected through extreme trauma as adults.
  16. 16. If one is not behaving appropriately in the workplace, we must have compassion towards these individuals versus ostracizing or exclusion. Lead through the example of how to treat others by using compassion and love towards that person.
  17. 17. You can create abundance in our world by teaching your special knowledge and skill. Like a mad scientist you mix reagents and find out if your experiments work or fail. Almost all the most pertinent findings in electricity was discovered by Faraday by simply doing countless experiments.
  18. 18. You are mentally inclined and designed by God to build something. You will find joy in sharing and making your ideas become real by manifesting them.
  19. 19. You must train to become elite. No one can be exceptional without training.
  20. 20. You cannot become elite by renting your time. A job is only the beginning but you need to own something of your own. It's called equity. Equity = Ownership of an asset
  21. 21. Because of our poor educations as children people don't know how to think big. We a have a governor on our brain like the state of California puts on a Bugatti so it doesn't reach a certain speed. thinkBIG
  22. 22. There is a discussion of product-market fit but there is so much complexity you might be applying false precision. But it's you who has to work on it. Are you the right person? How about Founder Fit. Inspiration is perishable so that is why you need an inexhaustible supply. You should be vested in the interest. This will allow you at certain times to just get it done.
  23. 23. You only have to get rich once.
  24. 24. The longer we work together the more trust will be in the system and more wealth potential will come your way through less friction. WORK TOGETHER TRUST &
  25. 25. The eternal pessimist who always shoots down your ideas will hamper you from getting things done. These people are broken and you simply need to give them love and compassion. Lead, Follow, or Getaway out of my way is when you are starting a new idea.
  26. 26. Either they don't trust/know your brand (company), who you are, what you're selling. You need at least 2/3 of these to get someone to buy from you. That's why follow up is important.
  27. 27. It is difficult when you are in the muck of it to focus on the top of the mountain. You are better off focusing 3 steps ahead of you as you get closer to the top of the mountain and the oxygen in the air gets thinner.
  28. 28. Don't be a dilettante (Dunning Kreuger Effect) Have deep knowledge by constantly learning.
  29. 29. Stop watching that Netflix all the time it's rotting your brain and go read a book. Start looking for a purpose in your life there needs to be balance in your activity. That's why you're watching that garbage.
  30. 30. There are no rules to hiring or expectations organizationally as any parameters set are potentially exclusionary. No hiring policy is our policy. Any form of filter or goal will intrinsically disallow the system to choose the best candidate. We give every potential hire a workplace trial as this is statistically the best method of determining someone ability in a job... doing the job. OPPORTUNITY
  31. 31. Simple is Beautiful
  32. 32. Recap Slides
  33. 33. We judge our progress by how many wealthy people we produce. If one is starting from absolute poverty you must start a service offer or find employment.
  34. 34. Our values are in our christian ethic. If someone is falling out of the line of this ethics system we have the Bible to refer to. CHRISTIAN
  35. 35. You must inform people of your excellence by making that information available. It is your prerogative. Humbleness is not a virtue
  36. 36. Sharing credit is critical of being successful in an organization. This is required from an emotional perspective so people will want to work with you again because you cannot maximize your individual output if your peers feel that working with you is unfair. You must overcome yourself and allow others to have some light especially subordinates. And leaders must take the darkness. Leaders accept responsibility for failures. This represents personal progress.
  37. 37. Celebrate others workplace successes. Wish people well. P r o m o t i o n a n n o u n c e m e n t
  38. 38. The likelihood you'll convince them effectively is next to nil.
  39. 39. Some people require social proof to be convinced. . This is why network effects are necessary to absorb a large amount of the potential market interest. Some of these people will be unswayed until the majority of their friends around them follow
  40. 40. Be rational: Try to make something of yourself if you convinced of your current path will you be truly successful.
  41. 41. Making large assumptions of complex systems is naive
  42. 42. Once you understand these you can separate truth from falsehood
  43. 43. Fads are often opinion. What are true are algorithms and the order of nature.
  44. 44. Understanding business is bottom of the barrel. It's just antidotes.
  45. 45. Subtleties will present themselves to you when you are in the business. QUALITY
  46. 46. Kill bad ideas quickly. Be a murderer and have no remorse.
  47. 47. If you came up with a good idea in your mind but the market doesn't recognize it. The market doesn't care about your opinion. People make up a market not you.
  48. 48. You should monitor your sleep. 12 3 6 9 12 3 6 9
  49. 49. You work with your colleagues the majority of the time thus you should treat them as your #1.
  50. 50. Incentivize Ingenuity
  51. 51. You cannot train beliefs, that is why we run our organization off of christian ethics. Humbling before the order of the universe in organizational operation. Act in a way that would please god.
  52. 52. Communicate with compassionate directness. With love and truth.
  53. 53. Based on the principles of evolution; iterative improvement through failed experiments is our main thesis. Try again SUCCESS
  54. 54. Our main focus is to develop a platform that allows environmental success for all who participate. We serve our users as our flock for we are their shepherds. Our aim is to bring them to rich and fertile pastures, so they can flourish and live well. Clear their way as if it were safe for a blind man to walk on a busy street. Delight our flock unknowst to them.
  55. 55. We are radically open to sharing information to our colleagues.
  56. 56. Truthfulness of the state of things is a necessity. When knowledge is shared it compounds and becomes more sophisticated through iterative novelty
  57. 57. We are a decisions through data organization.
  58. 58. Like Kames said without ownership of property "for, without ownership, labor and industry are in vain" -- to own things is to own myself
  59. 59. We are better served trying new things when we have little wins. You will become better tolerant of the little failures. We are not evolved for constant small errors. Try again
  60. 60. Don't use business cards get their phone number. (Be Human and have real social connections) 123456789
  61. 61. We make starting a business free and easy. We take you from your first job to your first million. first job first million
  62. 62. We don't want geographical fencing (we pick the best players from around the world)
  63. 63. We interview through chat because that's the main means of communication
  64. 64. You need a space associated only with work otherwise your mind will not be able to disconnect. This is inefficient, you need of time.
  65. 65. No meetings until you present the blog post to staff first
  66. 66. If you try learning by memorizing you don't learn. Understand the first principles. Sometimes it's necessary to emulate behavior so your mind fills in the blanks.
  67. 67. All content uploaded to the service is perpetually licensed back to you based on the percentage of net profit of the business you have decided on sharing. The more you are willing to share with lasthr.com the more resources and money we will put into your idea. When the business becomes big enough we will spin it off the licensed entity where you will own the equity in the new business and be able to run it independently. This is the most efficient means for us to operate, and help our members. We help our outliers and wish them success. This is our success.
  68. 68. A muscle that stops being worked out reverts back to its original size and strength Absent challenges the concept of reversion in evolution to its original state occurs. not working out start working out stop working out
  69. 69. Lao Tzu Quotes and Modifications
  70. 70. Nature will bring you to your own perfection
  71. 71. Serve the needs of others and all your own needs will be fulfilled. Through selfless action fulfillment is attained. Serve the needs of others Your own needs will be fulfilled.
  72. 72. Understand the great within yourself and you will find the way.
  73. 73. Treat all people with goodness. Be it they are good or bad, we treat them with goodness because we are good. We are kind to the kind. We are kind to the unkind because our nature is kind.
  74. 74. We let go of plans and concepts the people will govern themselves. When we stop imposing on others they become themselves.
  75. 75. You are content to serve as an example and not impose your will on others.
  76. 76. Nothing surpasses the governance of people by beginning giving up on one's own ideas.
  77. 77. If one has no limits he is fit to lead
  78. 78. Managing our company is the like frying a small fish. Poke at it too often and you will spoil its meat.
  79. 79. Success is often at the verge of failure, so take as much care in the beginning as in the end and there will be no failure FAIL FAST, SUCCEED SOONER
  80. 80. A leader does not hold onto one's ideas. He helps by letting 10,000 ideas find their own way without leading them by the nose.
  81. 81. When people think they know the answers they are difficult to guide. When people know that they don't know, they can find their own way. By not using cunning is great fortune.
  82. 82. Act for the people's benefit. Trust them. Leave them alone.
  83. 83. Give without expecting true gratitude. To the giver comes the fullness of life.
  84. 84. Lao Tzu 27 A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving. A good artist lets his intuition lead him wherever it wants. A good scientist has freed himself of concepts and keeps his mind open to what is. What is a good man but a bad man’s teacher? What is a bad man but a good man’s job? If you don’t understand this, you will get lost, however intelligent you are. It is the great secret. Thus the Master is available to all people and doesn’t reject anyone. He is ready to use all situations and doesn’t waste anything. This is called embodying the light.