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Marketing presentation on Clocky wake up radio - @ Nyenrode Business University

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  1. 1. CLOCKY Jules Boletis Gera Lenssen Lotte Huisingh Joost Verbakel Ann-Kathrin BeiderwellenClocky gives waking up a new dimension
  2. 2. Key marketing challenges Choice of producer and retailer Retail price Danger of becoming a FAD Target segmentation Positioning  Differentiation from competitors Marketing communication  How to retain the leverage gain from PR  Generating publicity at market introduction
  3. 3. Additional segmentsThere are several ways of market segmentation Psychological  Need marketing  Fun marketing Demographic
  4. 4. Demographic Age marketing  Case: 26-35 and 36-45 are the most interesting sub groups (70%) of the potential buyer group.  For example young families. Gender marketing  Thereis no significant difference between male and female interest.  Male: 3.970  Female: 3.181
  5. 5. Target segmentation Why Fun marketing  Group of interested people is bigger  Variety of product design, innovation Why not Need marketing  Higher consumer expectations  Competition is product leadership (SleepSmart)  Clocky 2.0 could be more focused on need marketing Value proposition: movie link  Clocky gives waking up a new dimension.
  6. 6. Positioning Distribution trough a big retail chain (low cost)  Less risk  Option of selling in store and online shop  Main retailer will be Walmart because of the highest distribution network within the United States.  When contractually possible, other retailers with a mark-up smaller than 140% will be used as a additional outlet.  Nanda does not have the capabilities to introduce the product on her own on this scale. In line with the low cost strategy we advise Nanda to go with a foreign producer.  Lack of experience should not be influencing the choice of this strategy. Usually these types of products are produced in Asia.
  7. 7. Positioning This positioning (low cost) is in line with the goal of Nanda to organize a successful market introduction of Clocky with the highest achievable profit. The positioning of Clocky will not change over time. When Clocky will be a success, Clocky 2.0 could be positioned with more risk, such as higher prices and aiming for need marketing.
  8. 8. Marketing launch plan: MarketingMix Product  Clocky gives waking up a new dimension. Price  The price needs to be determined by looking at the willingness to pay. $39,99 considering the mark-up of 140% of Walmart with a cost-price of $15,-. This results in a profit margin of 126%. Place  Selling at big retail chain and other low cost retailers to achieve availability throughout the United States.
  9. 9. Marketing launch plan: MarketingMix Promotion  Free publicity (TV-shows, radio-shows, Youtube.com)  Walmart and other retailers. They will provide further promotion tools and will make sure that Clocky will not become a FAD product.  Social media, own website, Facebook.com. Partner  Producer  Foreign producer in line with low-cost strategy.  Retailers  Low-cost retailers and big chain retailer (Walmart).
  10. 10. Questions?