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Jonathon Zalecki
2900 Barton Dr. Sterling Heights, MI. 48310
(586) 719 – 9224 ~ zalecki1@msu.edu
Michigan State ...
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Jonathon Zalecki Resume Educational

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Jonathon Zalecki Resume Educational

  1. 1. Jonathon Zalecki 2900 Barton Dr. Sterling Heights, MI. 48310 (586) 719 – 9224 ~ zalecki1@msu.edu Education Michigan State University East Lansing, MI. 3.8 GPA, Eli Broad College of Business, B.A. Accounting May 2018  Continued member of the Dean’s List. Brother Rice High School Bloomfield Hills, MI. High School Diploma May 2014 Experience United Shore Financial Services Troy, MI Legal Team Intern May 2016 – August 2016  Reviewed loans in order to identify legal discrepancies.  Communicated with clients to correct those discrepancies.  Prepared case summaries for management to accurately assess risk.  Participated in various seminars and classes to broaden my knowledge of the mortgage lending laws.  Created a Campus Ambassador pilot program.  Volunteered time to “Calling All Angels” to assist an impactful non-profit organization. J. Williams Construction Shelby Twp., MI Crew Leader May 2015 – August 2015  Monitored a crew of seven workers for the restoration of a condominium complex.  Recorded information on the progress of projects within the complex.  Addressed concerns,complaints, and praise among complex residents.  Executed general labor tasks, including drywall and constructional cleaning. Leadership and Associations MSU Pre-LawSociety Treasurer April 2016 – Present  Overseeing the financial responsibilities of the organization.  Having significant input in decision making for the organization as a member of the Executive Board.  Elected among members of the organization. MSU Small Business Club Vice President April 2016 – Present  Assisting the President in overall organization of the club.  Executive Team Captain of the Barcade project.  Recruiting potential new members. MSU Finance Association Member December 2015 - Present  Attend meetings and presentations to expand my knowledge of the financial industry. International Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, Epsilon Lambda Chapter September 2015 - Present  Coordinated a three-day retreat with a budget of $1,000 to provide transportation, food, and housing for twenty-five young men. Awards/Accolades Charles Hayden Kelley Scholarship April 2016  Essay topic of financial need that is not visible when applying for financial aid. Life Lessons Essay Scholarship March 2015  Essay picked from thousands of applicants writing about the necessity of life-insurance. Richard J. Spence Scholarship March 2014  Essay winner picked among applicants writing on the importance of financial literacy.