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Jessica fox

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Jessica fox

  1. 1. Personal Details Family Name Fox Given Name Jessica Athlete ID Number provided to you 768622 Sport Canoe Slalom Discipline C1 and K1 NOC country competing for Australia Gender F Citizenship Australian Disability type and class Paralympians only Date of birth 11th June 1994 Place of birth Marseille, France Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Height (cm) 1.66 cm Weight (kg) 60 kg Further Information Marital status Common Law, Married, Divorced or Widow only Source: Spouse & Children Source: Other / Previous names legal name changes only Source: Residence Leonay, New South Wales, Australia Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Higher education college/uni only, name of institution and course studied She is currently studying media and communications at Sydney University. Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Occupation e.g. Athlete, Student, Banker, Student Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Languages English & French Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Personal website or blog [full URL] http://jessfoxblog.blogspot.com Facebook Profile [full URL] http://www.facebook.com/jessfox.canoeslalom Twitter Profile [full URL] Email Source:(facebook.com) Sport Specific Information
  2. 2. When and where did you begin this sport? “I’ve been around the sport since I was little. My parents were both involved and I grew up by a river. I started paddling in 2005.” Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Why did you choose / like this sport? She has always paddled, especially on holiday whereby she remembers her parents always taking the kayak. “I made some friends, went on river trips and really started to enjoy training and competition.” She says she also enjoyed the white water where she found a sport that gave her excitement and an adrenaline rush. Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Club / Team Penrith Valley Canoe Club Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Name of coach She speaks as Myriam Fox as predominantly her coach, however Richard Fox also contributes to training sessions. Additionally she also believes there’s a possibility to have other coach who isn’t her parent. Source:(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) (SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Coach from which country? Myriam Fox is from France whilst Richard Fox is from Great Britain Source:(SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Coach from what year? 2009-present Source:(london2012.olympics.com. 03 Mar 2012) Training Regime When she trains in Penrith, Australia, she states, “all the best in the world come to train.” From the world’s best from Canoe Slalom training in Penrith she states she is “lucky” to have grown up there. From this, she believes she can learn the European flair when she goes down and watches them train. Her Mum is her main coach whereby she believes she has “taught her determination and make the most out of each session.” Her Dad also helps her train. She believes her Dad assists her with sprint training basics and develop a vintage style, which she describes as “tough.” Source:(SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Handedness Source: Footedness Source: Senior International Debut Year 2006 Source:(canoeicf.com, 22 Aug 2010) Country debut made for Australia Source:(canoeicf.com, 22 Aug 2010) Opponent Source: Tournament National Source:(canoeicf.com, 22 Aug 2010) Location Tasmania Source:(canoeicf.com, 22 Aug 2010)
  3. 3. General Interest Nicknames Hobbies Memorable sporting achievement let the athlete tell you, their personal choice “Becoming Double Junior World Champion, winning 3 world cups and being selected to represent Australia at the 2012 Olympic Games.” (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Most influential person in career She describes her parents as the most influential people in her career. Additionally she also believes growing up in Penrith has also been influential on her career as it has allowed her to learn from others. “I was always around the top Australian kayakers which meant I could watch and learn from the best. It motivated me to one day be up there!”(canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Hero / Idol “The Olympics and all of the athletes competing and achieving their best.” (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Injuries include recovery/return time She sustained a broken arm when she was learning gymnastics.(SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Superstitions / Rituals / Beliefs Sporting philosophy / motto “Keep improving and keep everything in perspective.” (SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Awards and honours (MVP, Flag bearer, Ambassador, Knighthood, Athlete of the Year, First French Male Athlete to win…, Youngest English Athlete to ever win… etc but no results!) 2011 Athlete of the Year - Australian Canoeing 2010 NSWIS Junior Athlete of the Year 2010 Cumberland Courier Junior Sport Star (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Other sports (state, national or international level only) She competed at state level in swimming. She states, “I just loved racing, however I never really trained enough.” (london2012.olympics.com. 03 Mar 2012) Sporting relatives Her father, Richard Fox, is a five time individual World Champion for Great Britain at K-1 Canoeing, who also competed in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Richard Fox won individual World Championship gold at Bala 1981, Meran 1983, Augsburg 1985, Savage River 1989 and Mezzana 1993. Additionally he also won 5 World Championship K-1 Team gold medals at Jonquiere 1979, Bala 1981, Meran 1983, Bourg St.-Maurice 1987 and Mezzana 1993. Her mother, Myriam Fox, won an individual Olympic bronze medal at the 1996 Atlanta games, and 2 individual World Championship titles for France at the 1989 World Championships held at Savage River and the 1993 Mezzana World Championships. Additionally she also won 6 World Championship K-1 Team gold medals at Meran 1983, Augsburg 1985, Savage River 1989, Tacen 1991, Mezzana 1993 and Nottingham 1995. (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) (databaseolympics.com, 07 Jul 2012) Famous relatives Ambitions “To continue improving and ultimately win medals at the highest level - Olympics, World Championships and World Cups. I also want to complete my uni degree, and in the future get a good job for life after paddling.” (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) Other Information (Any additional information or anecdotes that would be of interest to the media e.g. Family or cultural background, early days in their sport, opinions on sport and its governance, controversies, scandals, Following in her parents footsteps She is the daughter of Olympic kayakers, Richard (5 time World Champion for Great Britain), and Myriam (who won an Olympic bronze medal and 2 World Championship titles for France). She
  4. 4. Copyright 2011- Infostrada Sports personal life triumphs or tragedies, occupation, business ventures, interesting training or competitive anecdotes etc.) states that she has always paddled, especially on holidays. She remembers her family always used to take their kayaks with them on holidays; however she didn’t like it, replying to her parents that “this is not my sport it’s your sport” and would rather have been a swimmer or a gymnast. Yet at the age of “11 or 12” she began to enjoy the white water as it gave her adrenaline and excitement. She will follow in her parents famous footsteps in 2012and compete at her maiden Olympics in the women’s K1 boat. (canoe.org.au, 08 May 2010) (SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Future ambitions Apart from qualifying for the Olympics, she also has an ambition to “finish school with good grades to have something after paddling.” She would also like to take a gap year which would allow her to see the world. (SportsceneTV, 12 Feb 2011) Working Notes (unpublished: write here any information sub-editors need to know about your research e.g. factual inconsistencies, name spelling variations, things you are unsure about etc.) Couldn’t find injury time on broken arm.