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Senior Technical Consultant/Architect for Distributed
Technologies (x86)
As a Senior Technical Consultant/Architect for Di...
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Senior Technical Consultant - Architect Distributed Technologies (x86)

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Senior Technical Consultant - Architect Distributed Technologies (x86)

  1. 1. Senior Technical Consultant/Architect for Distributed Technologies (x86) As a Senior Technical Consultant/Architect for Distributed Technologies, with a high technology and conceptual competence, you will support the infrastructure domain management as a key person. Directly reporting to the division head you will actively assist and drive refresh and the optimization of our distributed technology landscape. You will play a key role in technical strategy execution on regional level with exposure to our global domain teams. As part of our distributed area you are exposed to a lot of key topics in the areas of process- , technology and Lifecycle management. Not to neglect the influence in changing our thinking of how we work within the domain to improve our operation excellence. Your competent consulting activities enables the distributed teams to better leverage its capability to cope with state of the art ways for service delivery. Our key technologies are compute, storage, DB and Back -Up and its respective delivery platforms for virtualization and automation. Roles & Responsibilities This consultancy role of the Senior Technical Consultant/Architect for Distributed Technologies includes following tasks: - Actively manage the refresh of the technology landscape, support the management team and Subject Matter Experts and drive key initiatives across multiple teams - Own the delivery and maintenance of technical implementation roadmaps, standards and policies, using the relevant Subject Matter Experts to produce the deliverables - Consultant for internal and external customer and key person for projects and initiatives (e.g. refresh, operations excellence, etc.) - Provide expertise and advice to project teams through all phases of the project life cy cle especially the creation of options papers, business cases, orchestration of design decisions and the creation of design documents (high level - and detail designs). - Work with Technical Architecture on regional and global level as well as the Subject Matter Experts to advise and recommend on future technologies, services, infrastructure and operational improvements - Work with vendors, partners and the global community to keep up-to-date with current and future technologies, products and strategies - Operational capacity and management approach and support for teams, as well as midterm capacity planning & growth management including financial planning, concepts and supervision - Own the creation of concepts of operations and standard operating procedures across the distributed technology platforms Skills, Knowledge & Experience - Excellent understanding of the various distributed technologies: virtualization (VMWare), automation technologies (BMC), compute (Lenovo, converged solutions, Windows, RHEL), storage (HDS, Netapp), back-Up (TSM, Netbackup) and Databases (MSSQL, Oracle). This including long standing architecture, design and hands on experience. - Professional experience during several years in respective areas - A successful computer science education (University, Technical College etc.) supplemented with a degree in economics and/or project management - Very good conceptual thinking and understanding of the core processes to manage IT infrastructure (build & run) - Curiosity and passion for topics around IT infrastructure operation excellence - Ability and experience with the creation of technology roadmaps, concepts of operations and standard operations procedures and respective execution plans with a proven track record of successful delivery - Good skills in project management, ITIL, if available in CMMI or equal (if available) - Communicative and team-minded personality with a high sense of responsibility and quality - Very good communication, moderation and coaching skills - High motivation and ability to work under pressure