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A2 Media Film Script

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Film Noir.

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A2 Media Film Script

  1. 1. Ben: (Opening monologue) 7 long years i spent trying to clean up the streets of this hostile city.Those 7 years have brought me nothing but bitterness and emptiness. Everyday Im surrounded bythe foul stench of greed and corruption, caused not only by the criminals, but by the people who aresupposed to be the good guys. Then again, why should I be any different?Scene 1: Two crime lords (Rob and Jon) are waiting on top of an old railway bridge, waiting tofinish off a business transaction. This is cut between shots of the detective (Ben) getting ready, andeventually meeting them.Jon S: Hes late boss, i told you this would happenRob: Shut the fuck up Donny. Here he comes.(Ben enters into shot)Ben: Alright guys, you got my money?Rob: Here you go. Just do the job properly. Dont fuck with us, try to run off or double cross us, wewill find you. Understood?Ben: YesRob: Im sure you are aware of what happened to the last guy who thought he was better than us. Infact, if memory serves me right, then you were head of that case.Ben: I wont let you down.(Ben walks down the stairs and off shot, camera fades to black.)Scene 2: Ben walks down a street towards a house he is investigating the murder of (even though heis the murderer, it is the result of the previous scene.) He stands under a lamppost, lights acigarette, and proceeds to enter the house where his colleague is already investigating.Ben: (Monologue explaining where he is, and why he is there) I was called in to investigate ahomicide that occurred at the residence of a Mr Steve Archer. He was a nasty fellow who lived in arich area of an otherwise poverty ridden town. He acquired this money by exploiting all the workerswho worked for one of his many factories that he owned. Truly a nasty piece of work.This is Dave Stoney, a new guy at the detective agency. I can see alot of my former self in him, hisinquizitive nature, enthusiasm and willingness to always do the right thing.Jon W: Do we have any clues chief?B: No, whoever did this left no trace at allJon W: Do we at least have any suspects?B: Not yet, he was a widely hated man. I could have been anyone.Jon W: Do you think it could be down to the Barnfield gang? Theyve wanted his blood for quite awhile now.
  2. 2. B: Im sure its not them.Jon W: How can you be sure? Shouldnt we alert head office and see if they can look into it?B: No, just leave it. well find out eventually.Jon W: Are you sure?B: Yes! Now leave it!Jon W: Why are you acting like this? What are you hiding?Ben leaves to get a knife, returns and stabs his colleague in the back (shown in shadows). He thenremorsefully sits and drinks some whiskey whilst contemplating what just happened.Ben: (Closing monologue) Killing a man like Stoney was one thing, but to murder my owncollegue? I had become no better than the scum i resented enough to join the police in the firstplace. It seemed that my morality knew no bounds, and that i didnt even know myself anymore. Ithen knew what i had to do.Ben slowly walks upstairs, stands on a stool, wraps a belt around his neck, and hangs himself. Thefinal shot of his feet suspended in the air is in slow motion, it fades to black as the end credits beginto roll.