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  1. HUM 101 Art Appreciation Art Appreciation is a three-unit course that develops students ability to appreciate, analyze, and critique works of art. Through interdisciplinary and multimodal approaches, this course equips students with a broad knowledge of the practical, historical, philosophical, and social relevance of the arts in order to hone student's ability to articulate their understanding of the arts. The course also develops student's competency in researching and curating art as well as conceptualizing, mounting, and evaluating art productions. The course aims to develop student's genuine appreciation for Philippine arts by providing them opportunities to explore the diversity and richness and their rootedness in Filipino culture.
  2. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.
  4. What is humanities? - The term humanities comes from the Latin word “humanus”
  5. It generally refers to art, literature, music, architecture, dance, theater in which human subjectivity is emphasized and individual expressiveness and dramatized.
  6. In the Renaissance, the word came to refer to the set of disciplines taught in the universities, which included grammar, history, literature, music, philosophy and theology.
  7. Why study humanities?
  8. What is Art?
  9. Art is derived from the Latin word “ars” meaning ability or skill. It is a product of man’s skill or craft. In more specialized sense, art applies to such activities that express aesthetic ideas by the use of skill and imagination in the creation of objects, environment and experiences which can be shared by others.
  10. What is Art appreciation?
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