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  1. 1. “Lesson 21: Jesus Christ Heals Ten Lepers,” Primary 7: New Testament, 69
  2. 2. How do you feel when someone makes a special effort to thank you?
  3. 3. New Testament Stories, Chapter 37
  4. 4. Jesus went to a small town where He saw ten lepers. Lepers are people who are sick. Their sickness causes them to get terrible sores all over their bodies.
  5. 5. People were afraid to go near them. They did not want to get sick too. Doctors could not help the lepers.
  6. 6. The lepers asked Jesus to heal them. They knew He could make their sores go away. Jesus wanted them to be well.
  7. 7. He told them to go and show themselves to the priests. On their way to the priests, the ten lepers were healed. Their sores were gone.
  8. 8. One of the lepers knew that Jesus had healed them. He went back to thank Him. Jesus asked where the other nine lepers were.
  9. 9. Jesus told the leper who had thanked Him that the leper’s faith had made him well. They had not come back.
  10. 10. What did the lepers do when they saw Jesus? Let’s read Luke 17:13 Do you think they knew who Jesus was and believed in him?
  11. 11. What did Jesus ask the lepers to do to be healed? Let’s read Luke 17:14
  12. 12. How many lepers returned to thank Jesus? Let’s read Luke 17:15–16 What did Jesus say about the lepers? Let’s read Luke 17:17–19
  13. 13. Why do you think nine of the lepers did not return to thank Jesus? How would you feel if you helped ten people and only one returned to thank you?
  14. 14. Bishop Merrill J. Bateman said: “In becoming a whole person, the grateful leper was healed inside as well as on the outside. “That day nine lepers were healed skin deep, but only one had the faith to be made whole” (“The Power to Heal from Within,” Ensign, May 1995, 13).
  15. 15. What things should we thank Heavenly Father for? Let’s read D&C 59:7 Why is it important to thank Heavenly Father for specific blessings we receive?
  16. 16. How can we express our gratitude to Heavenly Father? Write down things you can thank Heavenly Father for. What are some of the things you can thank Heavenly Father for?
  17. 17. Let’s memorize D&C 59:7: Thou shalt thank the Lord thy God in all things. Write this scripture on the back of your “Remember to Thank Heavenly Father” cards, and put this card where you can see it every day. Enr. Act. 1
  18. 18. Let’s write Gratitude on the chalkboard. Name things you are thankful for that start with each letter of this word. We depend on the Lord for everything we have and are. Enr. Act. 2
  19. 19. Gratitude Tell Name specific things you can tell Heavenly Father “thank you” for. We’ll list them under Tell. Enr. Act. 3 Parents
  20. 20. Decide ways you can show Heavenly Father gratitude for these blessings. We’ll list these under Show. Enr. Act. 3 Gratitude Tell Show Parents Obey commandments
  21. 21. It is important to both tell and show gratitude. Enr. Act. 3 Gratitude Tell Show Parents Obey commandments
  22. 22. Enr. Act. 4 Jesus Christ created this beautiful world for us under Heavenly Father’s direction. He separated the light from the dark He separated the waters from the firmament He separated the water from the dry land He created the moon and stars He created the fish and the birds He created all of the creatures on the land and sea He created man in His own image
  23. 23. We should be grateful to Heavenly Father and Jesus for the earth and for everything they created for us. Enr. Act. 4
  24. 24. Earlier in the lesson, I gave each of you a thank-you note. Now, it is your turn to write a thank-you note to someone else. You can write to a parent, a friend, a neighbor, a teacher, the bishop, and so on. Enr. Act. 5
  25. 25. We can never repay Heavenly Father for all he does for us; he deserves all the gratitude we could ever give him. Enr. Act. 6 Let’s read Mosiah 2:19–24 and discuss what King Benjamin said.
  26. 26. I am thankful to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for all we have been blessed with. I am also grateful for the privilege of being your teacher and helping you learn more of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  27. 27. The hymn, lesson and scripture story are from lds.org. Images and clipart are from lds.org, sugardoodle.net, Microsoft Office, and other websites indicating the images were in the public domain or permitted for church and home use. Please do not use this presentation for commercial use. Feel free to alter the presentation for use in church or home to suit personal preference. This presentation is intended to supplement, not replace, the lesson manual and scriptures. Teachers should refer to the manual, scriptures and other resources when preparing and conducting the lesson.