Edge-controlled, cloud-connected: Design patterns for the IIoT

Field Application Engineer at RTI um RTI
14. Nov 2018

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Edge-controlled, cloud-connected: Design patterns for the IIoT

  1. Edge-controlled, cloud-connected: Design patterns for the IIoT John Breitenbach Field Applications Engineer
  2. Agenda • Fitbits and Hyperloops • Forecast: Cloudy, with widely scattered latency • The “Big 3” design patterns from IIC • Deep dive: Layered Databus • Demo! • Q&(maybe)A ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  3. My (Easy) Definitions • Cloud – An elastic computing environment in a $b data center • IT (Information Technology) – Software that runs in the cloud & sysadmins/CIOs who manage it • Things – Any physical device or system that has computing. • OT (Operational Technology) – Computing that actually controls and powers “things” and engineers who build them • Edge – IT’s collapsed view of the real world not in the cloud • Fog – Computing that makes OT things intelligent with distributed or elastic computing not in a data center. Usually layered. • IoT – All of the above • IIoT – IoT that consumers don’t buy (except AD cars) ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc.
  4. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. Fitbits & Hyperloops Consumer vs Industrial IoT
  5. The Industrial IoT is a Smart Machine Infrastructure ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)Consumer Internet of Things (CIoT)
  6. IIoT Application Types ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Device Monitoring Edge Autonomy Databus Databus Analytic Optimization
  7. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. Forecast: Cloudy With widely scattered latency…
  8. The problem with the cloud • You can’t always see it • It’s expensive to get there and back – Time – Volume ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  9. The Expense of Time: Autonomous Car • At 40 MPH a car moves roughly 60 feet in a second – Or about 1 ft/17 milliseconds – 23 ft in the blink of an eye (400 ms) • Time to cloud server – 20 ms to 2 seconds – Widely variable ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  10. The Expense of Volume: Autonomous Car • Data generated by autonomous car: 12 Gb/second – Cameras: 2.5-20 Gbit/s – Lidar: 30-300 Mbit/s – Radar, ultrasonic, GPS: 30kB/s • 5G data rate – 100 Mbps (cell edge) – 10 Gb/s (theoretical) ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  11. Edge control: why you need it • Latency, latency, latency! • Throughput • Data volume • Safety • Resiliency ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  12. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. Woot! Demo! Edge control
  13. ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. DDS DataBus pixytracker app USB Circle Servo Servo Circle
  14. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. The IIC’s Big 3 Design Patterns for the IIoT
  15. The IIC’s Design Big 3 Design Patterns ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  16. Three Tier Pattern ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  17. Gateway Mediated Pattern ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  18. Layered Databus Pattern ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  19. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. Deep Dive: Layered Databus
  20. In-Car Platform V2V & V2X Public Internet Fleet Management Sensor-to-Cloud • End-User Applications • Connect with RESTful/Web Sockets • Traffic Management • Traffic Light Control • Congestion Management • Road Management • Environmental & Road Conditions • Probe Data Collection (Sensors) • Environmental Weather • Dynamic Vehicle Location • Collision Avoidance • Navigation • Safety Certified UnifiedDataModel Cloud Databus Machine Databus Site Databus Sense Act Think HMI Unit Databus ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  21. Layered Databus for Surgical Robotics System Controls HMI Robotic Instruments Sensors / Actuators System Controls HMI Image Processing Databus MIRS System Databus Hospital Enterprise DatabusPatient Monitoring Databus Robotics Control Databus ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.
  22. Layered Databus for Healthcare IoT FogEdgeIT/Cloud vMobile HIS PACS LIS Cloud Server GATEWAY to Ward DatabusRoom Systems Apps Database Ward Medical Device System Apps Clinical Apps Medical Device Imaging Device Surgical Robot GATEWAY to Enterprise Databus GATEWAY to CloudADTEMR Clinical Apps Database Patient Room, Operating Room or ICU Databus (DDS) Data LakeSystems Apps Robotic Nurse Robotics UnifiedDataModel ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Ward Databus (DDS) IT Systems/Enterprise Databus (DDS)
  23. Layered Databus for NASA KSC Launch Control ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Recording Services Persistence Service Real-Time Monitoring Domain Control-Pad Bridge Routing Service HMI HMI HMI Event Domain Recording Services Sensor(s) Persistence Service Event Domain Event Domain Event Domain Event Domain
  24. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. Woot! More Demo! Layered Databus: Sensor to Cloud
  25. ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. DDS DataBus Routing Service Amazon Web Services Routing ServiceDDS DataBus Web Integration Service DDSDataBus (TCPtoAWS) pixytracker app USB Circle Servo Servo Circle The Interweb RESTful
  26. ©2018 Real-TimeInnovations, Inc. The Network is the App; The Data is the Interface Databus 101
  27. Databus “Data Everywhere” Abstraction ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. • Doesn’t actually send all data… • Every application gets everything it needs, when it needs it – Applications declare needs and capabilities – Databus delivers data • Applications interface only to data – Every app speaks its own language – Databus maps language, CPU, OS, transport • Fast, reliable, scalable Shared Global Data Space DDS DataBus Data Topic Type QoS Data Topic Type QoS Data Topic Type QoS Naturally, massively parallel This really is magic..
  28. RTI Connext DDS Pro ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc. Admin Console Monitor Recording Console Shapes Demo Wireshark Excel Add-in Tools Web Integration Service Routing Service Recording Service Replay Service Persistence Service Database Integration Queuing Service Services Code Generator DDS Ping DDS Spy Type Convert Record Convert RTI Package Installer Utilities Databus Security Safety Cert
  29. Call to action! • Visit website Free download • Check out IIC guidance • Connect! ©2018 Real-Time Innovations, Inc.