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Things You Must See and Do in Europe - John B. Wilson

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John B. Wilson discusses things you must see and do in Europe in this in-depth presentational blog. For more information, please visit JohnBWilson.info!

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Things You Must See and Do in Europe - John B. Wilson

  1. 1. Things You Must See and Do in Europe Presented by John B. Wilson
  2. 2. There are nearly endless amazing things to see and do throughout Europe. Here are 9 destinations that you should not miss. Introduction johnbwilson.info
  3. 3. A good place to start a tour of Europe is in the Scottish Highlands where you can visit numerous old castles. Some of them are equipped to host you overnight so you will feel like a medieval king. 1. Scottish Castles johnbwilson.info
  4. 4. Be sure to visit the world’s most famous art museum, the Louvre. You can stand up close to the Mona Lisa and see many more of the world’s greatest art treasures. 2. The Louvre
  5. 5. To witness some of the most breathtaking architecture in the world, don’t forget to visit the wondrous gothic cathedrals in Europe such as the Notre Dame Cathedral in France, The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona and St. Basil’s in Moscow. 3. The Gothic Cathedrals johnbwilson.info
  6. 6. While taking in the sites, you should also experience the greatest scientific achievement in human history: the Large Hadron Collider. This enormous atom-smashing machine runs along a 17-mile path underground, traveling through portions of France and Switzerland. 4. The Large Hadron Collider
  7. 7. Visit the highest beer garden in Germany atop the mountain, Zugspitze. You can sip a pilsner while taking in a panoramic view of the German Alps. 5. Have a beer atop Germany’s highest mountain johnbwilson.info
  8. 8. Thank you! For more information Please visit Johnbwilson.info