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Best budget travel destinations for 2019

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John B. Wilson discusses the best budget travel destinations for 2019 in this in-depth presentational blog. For more information, please visit JohnBWilson.info!

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Best budget travel destinations for 2019

  1. 1. JOHNBWILSON.INFO Best Budget Travel Destinations For 2019 Presented by John B. Wilson
  2. 2. Montenegro There are two budget-friendly beach towns, Čanj and Sutomore, on the Adriatic coast. A boat ride to Kraljičina Plaža, the area’s best beach, goes for only three Euros. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O
  3. 3. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O Transylvania A real-life region of central Romania, is known as the home of the fictional Count Dracula. Sighişoara, a city of pastel buildings, is one of the region’s three UNESCO world heritage sites.
  4. 4. Yerevan The culture-rich capital of Armenia, includes The History Museum of Armenia, which has an impressive collection of artifacts from the Bronze Age. Visitors can tour the outdoor garden galleries of the Cafesjian Center for the Arts for free.
  5. 5. Serbia’s capital, features attractions that display its long history. Since the Celtic era, Belgrade Fortresshas been destroyed and rebuilt several times. Most of the current fortress dates from the 18th century. Belgrade
  6. 6. J O H N B W I L S O N . I N F O Our Expertise B U E N O S A I R E S A very affordable destination known for steakhouses, architecture, nightlife, and the tango. Dance studios known as milongas are the places to go for the tango scene. E C U A D O R One of South America’s least expensive destinations. American travelers get an additional budget boost because the U.S. dollar is Ecuador’s official currency. L I M A Offers free museums, inexpensive fixed priced menus, free walking tours, gorgeous architecture, and local buses for 60 cents per ride.
  7. 7. South Africa A playground for outdoor enthusiasts who can enjoy going on safari, rock climbing, or bungee jumping. Local transportation and delicious cuisine are inexpensive.
  8. 8. F O R M O R E I N F O R M A T I O N P L E A S E V I S I T JOHNBWILSON.INFO Thank You!