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Web3.0 Action Benchmarks

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Getting down to the numbers that define the web 3.0. This presentation delivers the decisive benchmarks we have to meet to unleash the sophotec web3.0 vision - a web in that everyone becomes a media entrepreneur.

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Web3.0 Action Benchmarks

  1. web3.0 Benchmarks Transformative knowledge on sophotec.com by Johannes Bhakdi Web3.0 SERIES by sophotec.com $ 20 per hour earnings 1 hour to your first $20 $ 0 required capital
  2. sophotec.com no-nonsense wisdom technologies <ul><ul><li>full text version </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>presentation downloads </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>more web3.0 blueprints </li></ul></ul>
  3. 1.4 billion people use the internet 250 million people share or publish content Actually can make a living from publishing Only 0.1% 30 million people are regular publishers 250k people web2.0 dilemma: 99.9% of mind potential remains untapped
  4. 0.1% used Wasted creative value: $4.95 trillion every year. $5 billion annually $ 4.95 trillion annually 99.9% wasted Total creative value potential through publishing $5 trillion annually Assumptions:average creative value potential through publishing per content generating user = $20k /year
  5. What prevents web2.0 users from tapping into their full creative publishing potential?
  6. They don‘t get paid You Average hourly wage for web-authors: 0 - 1 US$
  7. A publishing technology so effective that every creative mind can make a living of its creativity, instantly. VISION
  8. Content / time Views / content Profit / view ECONOMICS OF ONLINE PUBLISHING Profit / time Speed Growth Profitability Hourly Wage x x = Economics of web publishing 1 2 3
  9. Users = entrepreneurs users generate business! User generated content Blogs, videos, photos, music etc. web3.0 providing the tools that makes everyone a (media) entrepreneur User generated business Premium content, advertising, e-commerce Authoring platforms enable everyone to publish! Business platforms Everyone can manage Publish Build business
  10. Identify the performance benchmarks required to unleash the web3.0 creativity revolution OBJECTIVE
  11. Benchmarks Three numbers that define the web3.0
  12. $ 20 per hour earnings
  13. 1 hour from sign up to your first $20
  14. $ 0 required capital
  15. 20. 1. 0. = web3.0 breakthrough. It means: with zero investments and in a short time, everyone earns enough money to make a living from creative web publishing.
  16. Requirement: A web publishing technology that improves publishing effectiveness by a factor of 100 or more*. *Average web publishing effectiveness with traditional (wordpress + Google Adsense) technologies are below $ 0.2 / hour
  17. Join our web3.0 communities at: www.sophotec.com (follow!) www.slideshare.net/group/web3.0 (join group) Facebook group: search for “web3.0 (Sophotec)” Twitter: twitter.com/klatcher Contact me: jb@klatcher.com / Facebook (Johannes Bhakdi) www.klatcher.com Together, we will build the web3.0 . Join Publish, grow and earn.