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How Will EMV Chip Card Technology Impact Your Restaurant

  1. What the heck is EMV and why should I care? 65,000 DATA BREACHES AND MANY MYTHS LATER, THE HARD FACTS
  2. CORE Restaurant Webinar WELCOME! 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  3. What we’ll cover today EMV, what is stands for and background info EMV October liability shift Operator attitudes and concerns on EMV technology Q&A from moderator – Debunking EMV myths  9 Myths you’ll hear about EMV Solutions & conclusions Q&A from audience 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  4. Webinar panel Tony Ventre, Chief Strategy Officer, emaginePOS Relationship Manager, Heartland Payment Systems Joe Welsh, Managing Principal, CORE Restaurant Marketing Rick Zambrano (Moderator) President, Maryland Restaurant Consulting 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  5. Tony Ventre: EMV background EMV Chip-Cards – What are they? How the standard has been implemented outside the U.S. What has caused the delay in moving EMV standards forward in the U.S. How do “tap-and-go” technologies like Apple Pay come into play? 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  6. Tony Ventre: What does the October deadline mean? What’s the date and what does it mean? Does EMV acceptance reduce or eliminate PCI scope? Does EMV harden my defenses against a data breach? What does EMV acceptance technology look like and what will it cost? Photo credit: Calendarcraze 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  7. Joe Welsh: Operator attitudes Confusion Wait and see What operators are hearing from some payment processors and POS providers Costs and credit card processing rates 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  8. Taking on EMV myths. Fact or fiction? Lawmakers have set the October deadline as a hard stop for operators to start accepting EMV Chip-Cards Restaurant operators should only evaluate accepting the new technology for EMV from a risk assessment perspective “I can only get a reliable EMV Chip-Card solution from my POS company. It’s an additional, worthwhile investment in what I already have.” 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  9. Taking on EMV Myths. Fact or fiction? “Getting equipment to process EMV Chip-Cards helps me with Apple Pay and other mobile wallet technologies.” “My current credit-card processing company is best equipped to provide me with the facts on EMV.” Leasing equipment is a short-term solution restaurants and retailers can afford and free* POS systems are particularly cost-effective 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  10. Taking on EMV myths. Fact or fiction? Operators can afford to wait for more EMV technology acceptance solutions to come out “Customers don’t care whether I have the new technology or not. Certainly, EMV Chip-Card solutions have no bearing at all on my restaurant branding or marketing.” “If credit card processors presents solutions, they will only try to sell their own products.” 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  11. Solutions for EMV acceptance 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  12. Other considerations Point-to-point encryption End-to-end encryption Tokenization Out-of-scope card processing Network management Breach insurance 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING
  13. Thank you for joining us! Tony Ventre, e. t. 800-917-6711 ext 120 Joe Welsh, e. t. 888-890-9492 ext 101 Rick Zambrano (Moderator) e. t. 301.944.0452 7/15/2015 © CORE RESTAURANT MARKETING