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Twenty game changing tips

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A detailed description of the top 20 things I did that transformed my business from barely making any money to a thriving 5-figure/month business.

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Twenty game changing tips

  1. 1. TWENTY Game Changing Tips That Helped Me Earn $40K in 6 Weeks! 
 with Transformational Life & Success Coach, Joanna Turner
  2. 2. Hey smart women entrepreneurs! ! I’m so excited to bring you my top TWENTY tips that changed the game and made me $40K in six weeks (without a single Facebook ad)! When things started to shift in my business and the money started to come in, really quickly my peers and even strangers started to notice my incredible progress and wanted to know what my secret was. The biggest change came when my mentor Gina DeVee put a post about me on her Facebook page, as well as on my personal page too. I have never been in the habit of talking about my earnings before and certainly would never have posted it on my personal Facebook page, but it must have happened for a reason! The post read as below, it had 228 likes and 3 shares and my inbox was getting bombarded with people asking for tips. As such, I have created this resource for all smart women entrepreneurs looking to take their business to the next level. ! Are you doing everything right in your business but getting nowhere? Are you fed up wondering when it’s going to be your turn? So was I! I was getting seriously stressed about money, and I knew it was time to make some adjustments. When my business made any positive progression, I started noting down what I had done differently. You can’t keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result! ! Even if you just take on a few of these and do them consistently that could be the shift that changes the game! If I can change my destiny, so can you! ! Lots of love, Joanna x! ! 
 Game Changing Tips © Joanna Turner 2015. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 1. Got coached on my money blocks. This is number one for a reason as it’s the most important! Ironically I help clients clear money blocks, using a number of methods but my favorite one is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). Unfortunately it’s very difficult to practice on yourself and much more effective with a coach. I’d struggled to find the right person to work with as there are so few that specialize in it, but finally found one, and it’s been a huge game changer. Not only have my money blocks gone, but it was also during one of these sessions that the name for my Facebook group popped into my head. ! If you aren’t familiar with money blocks, they are the subconscious limiting beliefs you have around money and yourself and business. They cause self-sabotaging behaviors and create a vicious circle of negative patterns or ‘The Holding Pattern’ as I have called it. For example: fear of failure, fear of success, fear of judgement, worrying you aren’t enough, doubting that people will pay for your services, and believing making money is hard. All these negative thoughts will keep you procrastinating, blocking money and avoiding your business until they are properly cleared! ! 2. Got clarity on my target market.! You might not know much about my background, but I am a former Chartered Accountant, who worked all the world in Bermuda, the UK and Australia for big companies like KPMG and the ASX listed QBE Insurance. I was stressed, overweight and burnt out and started studying to be a Health Coach on the side. I thought this was my calling to help other overweight, stressed, corporate women, but I wasn’t enjoying it (strike 1). After some work with my mentor I thought it made sense to help single women lose weight by overcoming emotional eating, so they could gain the confidence to date again. Unfortunately, I felt totally stuck, not actually wanting to move forward and had a loss of motivation and momentum (strike 2). Finally I realized I actually missed the business side of things! I had already discovered Wealth Consciousness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and EFT. In themselves learning about these were game changers. Shortly after, I attended Tony Robbins Mastery University, which includes a Wealth Mastery course, and I was hooked. Everything I thought I knew about money was wrong. Although I had studied finance for 7 years, and worked for 13 years in the industry, I was now seeing money in a whole new light. What if I could combine everything I was passionate about and create something no one else was doing? ! After a third attempt, I had finally nailed my target market and felt it so right. As such, I am a Transformational Life & Success coach for smart women entrepreneurs, incorporating business coaching, wealth creation, mindset work, clearing money blocks,
  4. 4. and helping break ‘The Holding Pattern’ that causes self-sabotage (and often emotional eating). This means I can help women lose weight, while gaining the confidence to become more visible, build their businesses, make more money and live a happier life. This feels incredible, I’m great at it, and I’m excited to help people every day, which created exactly the momentum I needed. ! 3. Read up on wealth consciousness. Up until this point I’d read a number of wealth consciousness books, but not on a consistent basis. I started reading for 30 minutes a day and listening to as many resources as I could. The more you do this, the more it becomes engrained in you, meaning your language and thoughts change as well. The crux of all wealth consciousness is your thoughts become things, so this is why ensuring they are not a constant negative record of old limiting beliefs is so important! (Join my Facebook group to receive free copies of some of the best wealth consciousness books!) ! 4. Cleared my wardrobe. I know this might sound a bit far-fetched, but it’s part of Feng Shui, Clearing your home or closet of unwanted clutter can free you both physically and emotionally. It becomes another vicious circle, when your energy is negative the clutter accumulates and that physical clutter creates lower, stale energy. Clutter of the mind leads to clutter in your space and vice-versa. So by having a big clear out, it breaks the cycle and gives you more space to receive new things, plus it’s super satisfying! 
 ! 5. Booked a photoshoot. Not only has having professional photos, given me a more solid brand, more credibility and given my website a lift but also the confidence to make myself more visible in Facebook groups and my other marketing funnels. ! 6. Booked flights to Paris & LA. One of the high level courses I’m doing this year has courses in Paris, LA & Florence. I decided I had to go and booked flights way in advance to make them non-negotiable. Act with faith and go for it and it will all fall into place.

  5. 5. 7. Increased my visibility. This has been huge, it is one of my clients’ number one issues and I know some people that are almost too embarrassed to even tell people what they do! I have no idea how they are expecting to attract clients by hiding. Or they delay having a photoshoot or filming any videos until they lose another 10kgs! ! Many though, don’t even realize they are doing it. They are really, really busy, and doing things in their business, but not actually doing anything that makes money, or attracts clients. They study hard, spend weeks tweaking websites, lose hours on Facebook or fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, only to end up exhausted, frazzled and complaining how hard they work. I know, I was doing it! Come out of hiding and share your gifts with the world! ! 8. Offered complimentary coaching. I had offered some complimentary coaching in the past, but I had been coaching my old target market. Now that I am focusing on a new group of women, I realized I needed to show people what I could do (and also to check that I actually enjoyed this type of coaching). Not only were these clients all blown away with what we covered in just one hour, they became raving fans and started to promote me in other groups. This was exactly what I needed. Plus, it got my confidence up and made me feel like a ‘real coach’. As such, I offered complimentary coaching for one full week, so I could envision what it would feel like down the road. I still offer complimentary coaching to anyone that’s active in my Facebook Group and also have a draw for free coaching once a week through my newsletter. It makes me feel like I’m giving back and I love it. ! 9. Created a Facebook group. I had been holding off creating a group, mainly because I didn’t know what to call it, and really it was because I wasn’t clear on my target market. Once I finally got the courage to create it, I realized how much I love the group. It’s become a real place of community and a fun place to connect and support each other. Not to mention, a great pool of talented women who regularly engage in my posts. 
 ! Join the party: https://www.facebook.com/groups/healthywealthyvisible/ !
  6. 6. 10. Stopped trying to be perfect. Perfection paralysis. The realization that nothing will ever be perfect was huge! My work will always evolve as I will continue to grow and change and of course there will be mistakes. As my mentor says ‘Fail forward’. ‘Progress not perfection’. We all makes mistakes, but as long as you can learn from them and can laugh at yourself, then all is good! 
 ! 11. Hired a Virtual Assistant. I was spending way too long trying to do everything, and I am not naturally a “techy" or details orientated person. Although, I have managed to learn how to update my website, set up systems, create lead and sales pages, use MailChimp (and more), I needed to focus on my strengths and leave that other stuff to people who were specialists. I couldn’t really afford the help but I did it anyway and the gamble has paid off! A study by Gallup shows people who focus on their strengths every day are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs. They are more productive too, both individually and in teams. And they are more than three times as likely to say they have an excellent quality of life. ! 12. Took inspired actions. There are three types of action; no action, massive action and inspired action. No action is self-explanatory, while massive action is fear based and usually involves forcing yourself to do stuff. Lastly, inspired action is your sweet spot, this is the action that counts, it comes from a place of love, gratitude and inspiration, the vibe is high and beautiful things happen! ☺ ! One of my inspired action came when I entered into a co-author book deal with two big names in the personal development world (one was Tony Robbins original mentor!!!), the offer seemed to come out of nowhere and I had no idea where I would find the time or even what I would write about, but it’s all come together beautifully, and I was inspired about the content in one of my EFT sessions. Watch out for more details coming soon! ! !
  7. 7. 13. Acted on gut instinct. Since starting my business I’ve been acting pretty much on gut instinct alone, I go with what feels good. When I overthink things, I risk talking myself out of something because I think it’s too expensive or I’m not ready. If I had allowed these fears to drive me and my business, I would still be sitting in my old tiny flat, working at my dining room table and wondering why I wasn’t getting clients to throw themselves at me! I was recently at the Australian NLP conference (another thing I nearly didn’t sign up for but decided on gut to go to!) and heard the legendary Marvin Oka talk about mBraining (m = multiple). So far they have discovered we have 3 brains; the head, the heart and the gut (they are pretty sure there are more like 4 or 5 but still researching, conclusions that men think with a 4th are hard to deny! ☺) By aligning and integrating all 3 brains we can use their combined intelligences to access true effectiveness and ultimate wisdom in decision making. But how do you do that? Autonomic balance is required and it all starts with breathing. Take deep even breaths before you make any decisions or set any goals. ! 14. Meditated and accessed Divine downloads. This is one of the ways I’ve tapped into inspired action. Every morning I have taken 10 minutes to ‘prime’ as Tony Robbins calls it; 3 minutes of gratitude, 3 minutes sending love to everyone you can think of, and 3 minutes of active visualization. During this time I ask for what I need for the day (I have no idea who I’m asking, I guess it’s the Universe), whether it’s inspiration to help guide my clients, something specific like writing a book chapter or a sales page, sometimes it’s more general, and sometimes I get the most incredible divine downloads. Divine downloads are when ideas and inspiration are flowing out of me so fast I barely have time to write them down, they keep on coming, sometimes for hours and it’s the strangest thing, but one of these moments told me to write this document so I’m going with it. I can’t say 100% where they come from, but I know if I don’t ask for them I don’t get them! I also do some longer meditation, but for these I usually head to my local Buddist center and hang with the monks (I kid you not!) ! 15. Set intentions and made them non-negotiables This has been a powerful shift, I had read all the wealth consciousness books but you actually have to put them into practice and do the exercises. When I reached my March goal within a few dollars, with only a few hours to go, this is when I realized the power
  8. 8. of intention! Write down your goals, put them somewhere you can see them every day and recite out loud twice a day! ! 16. Stop comparisonitis. Stop comparing yourself to others and thinking it can’t happen to you! Don’t get me wrong I was always inspired by the success stories of my contemporaries and peers but I wondered if it would ever be my time and if it was meant for me too. I was beginning to feel left out and getting more stressed about money. The moment I gave up this defeatist behavior and decided to stop watching them and just join them, everything has changed. ! 17. Made time to do boot camp 3 times a week. When I first quit my corporate job I was working 16 hour days and at the time trying to market myself as a health coach. However, I wasn’t walking my talk, and people could obviously feel that. I wasn’t making time to exercise and barely leaving my desk. One of the major perks of being an entrepreneur means that I have control over how I use my time. On the flip side, it’s difficult to get into a routine, and it’s quite easy to miss the gym. We’ve all told ourselves “I’ll go tomorrow”. I finally committed to an early morning HIIT Boot camp and I love it, I’ve made it another non-negotiable and don’t even let myself think about not going. By telling myself I have the time to go, gives the universe the sign that I have time and space to bring on more clients. ! 18. Believed in myself, total confidence. This sounds obvious but if you show any doubt or fear in your abilities to deliver, clients will sense it a mile off. If you let your vibration drop, clients will literally be repelled. I was having a bad morning a few months ago and 2 people cancelled discovery calls within 5 minutes of each other. Luckily I was able to quickly see that it was my fault and that low moods can have a damaging effect, but I haven’t allowed external factors to effect me since that day. ! 19. Gave back. I already give around 100 hours of my time a year as a volunteer Surf Lifesaver and instructor, but I had just realized I hadn’t been giving as much money to charity since I left my corporate job. I gave a one-off donation to Nepal and I set up 2 standing
  9. 9. orders, one for Save the Children and one for the Tony Robbins foundation to send underprivileged children to his course. This wasn’t a conscious move to bring on more clients, but instead just a positive gesture around wealth consciousness, and I believe it’s contributed to my new mindset. ! 20. Being more feminine. My new favorite topic! A few weeks ago I attended Tony Robbins' Date with Destiny, a 6 day (& night) seminar. I had so many breakthroughs, Ah-ha moments, and realizations about myself. But the theme that ran through the whole week and my biggest takeaway was about masculine and feminine energy. My mentor Gina DeVee talks about it all the time but I never really understood what it really meant. 
 Last week, I got some beautiful flowers, for no reason, and all the note said was 'because you're feminine, hope they brighten your day, X’ 
 I was close to tears, I'd had a tough week and said goodbye to a friend, and they really did make my day! 
 But what does being in your feminine mean and why does it matter?
 Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy within them, and at their core are dominantly one or the other. It's important to have both and we can all adapt which one we use, with practice, but most of us function in one, as a default state, and it may not be the one at our core.  When we are operating in this altered state for too long it can deplete us, as it's exhausting, and you will not be truly fulfilled if you're not living as who you truly are.  

  10. 10. For any relationship, gay, straight or other, to work and have passion it needs to have polarity, both a masculine and feminine energy, so according to Tony Robbins, equality is not the answer! What? No! What about women's lib?  I asked the same question but I had confused being feminine with being weak or flirty. But it’s actually about being open, receiving graciously, being free, flowing and the hardest one, vulnerable. It's definitely something i'll be continuing to work towards! 
 Although I've always loved clothes, make-up and jewelry, I've always been fiercely independent and after 13 years as an accountant I nearly had the feminine knocked out of me completely! I didn't want to be perceived as a weak female or thought to be stupid if I tottered around the office in high heels, so I toughened up. The course made me challenge some of my own judgements and beliefs of others.
 But it's not all about women being masculine, it can very easily go the other way too, society is making men more and more feminine. And as a single female I can vouch for the lack of masculine men out there. If a man takes longer than me to get ready, it's a huge turn off! :) 
 Masculine energy wants freedom, to fix things, is stimulated by challenge, has a powerful centered presence and wants to be appreciated. If a man tells you everything he feels, he's a feminine male. Obviously masculine energy isn’t a bad thing and can be very useful in a business…sometimes, but when we let it dominate it can stop us receiving. 
 Relationships don't end because of a lack of love but depolarization, when both become the same.
 This is a huge topic and too much to explore here, but it certainly got me thinking and definitely explains why some of my past relationships didn't work out!  I am heading to Paris next week for a (another!) course, work and a photoshoot, I can't think of a more wonderful place to practice being in my feminine power! 
  11. 11. BONUS Tip: Get sales call training! I got training from a sales call expert, to really get clear on my process. Part of my issue had also been the money blocks and I hated asking for money or talking about it, by letting go of these blocks and getting clear on how to structure these calls and even do a bit of role play, my confidence went up and now I really enjoy them. I’m no longer hung up on the outcome, I lean back and make an informed decision on whether they are my ideal client and whether I am right for them. It gives the whole process a much better feel. So that’s it, my top 20 steps that changed the game and made me $40K in just six weeks! Just one or two of them alone will make a huge difference, and get you bringing in money faster! ! To find out more about Joanna, visit: https://www.missionforbalance.com https://www.facebook.com/missionforbalance Exclusive Facebook community group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ healthywealthyvisible/ For more information about private coaching, online courses or to book Joanna for a keynote presentation, email jo@missionforbalance.com ! !
  12. 12. About Joanna Turner Joanna is a Transformational Life & Success coach, Integrative Health coach, Advanced EFT & NLP Practitioner (and former Chartered Accountant). Joanna is a recognized author and motivational speaker, and leads online webinars, courses and workshops. Originally from Scotland, Joanna spent 6 years living in Bermuda and now lives in Sydney, Australia, where she also is an active volunteer Surf Lifesaver and instructor. 
 Joanna loves mentoring smart women entrepreneurs to gain momentum in their business by helping them create a winning mindset, earn desired income, gain confidence and reach the freedom to travel and spend more time doing the things they love. Joanna helps women overcome money blocks, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, procrastination, emotional eating and fear of judgment/failure/success (yes they're all linked!).
 She empowers women to be Healthy, Wealthy + Visible!