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Social Media Strategy: Whole Foods

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Social Media Strategy: Whole Foods

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy: Joanna Papastavros 10.08.17 Whole Foods
  2. 2. Table of Contents Executive Summary -Company Description -Target Market Social Media Audit Social Media Objectives -Key Messages Online Brand Persona & Voice Strategies & Tools Timing & Key Dates Social Media Roles & Responsibilities Social Media Policy Critical Response Plan Measurement & Reporting Results
  3. 3. Executive Summary Our priority for 2017 will be focused on building the foundation of a strong and welcoming online community associated with our company. By increasing the frequency of engaging content on our social media accounts we will vastly improve our online presence and brand awareness, therefore increasing the traffic to Whole Foods stores and turning potential customers into lifelong customers. Main Strategies: -Frequent posts with relevant and engaging content -Frequent engagement with followers across all social media platforms
  4. 4. Company Description “Who are we? Well, we seek out the finest natural and organic foods available, maintain the strictest quality standards in the industry, and have an unshakeable commitment to sustainable agriculture. Add to that the excitement and fun we bring to shopping for groceries, and you start to get a sense of what we’re all about. Oh yeah, we’re a mission-driven company too.” http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/company-info
  5. 5. Target Market -Adults aged 18-40 -Upper middle class -Interested in sustainability -Health-conscious -Value quality over quantity -View shopping at Whole Foods as an “experience”
  6. 6. Social Media Audit Social Network URL Follower Count Avg. Weekly Activity Avg. Engagement Rate Twitter https://twitter.com/Whole Foods 4.86 million 18 posts per week .0004% Instagram https://www.instagram.co m/wholefoods 2.4 million 7 posts per week .0003% Facebook https://www.facebook.co m/WholeFoods 4.1 million 12 posts per week .0003%
  7. 7. Social Media Audit (cont.) Website Traffic Sources Assessment Timeframe: Monthly average, August-September 2017 Source Volume Percent of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 25,000 unique visits 15% 2.5% Facebook 45,000 unique visits 30% 5% Instagram 30,000 unique visits 20% 3%
  8. 8. Social Media Audit (cont.) Audience Demographic Age Distribution Gender Distribution Primary Social Network Secondary Social Network Primary Need Secondary Need 10% 18-23 15% 24-29 50% 30-35 25% 36-40 51% Female 49% Male 51% Female 49% Male 35% Facebook 25% Instagram 40% Twitter 45% Facebook 20% Instagram 25% Twitter Buying food that is organic from a company that supports sustainability. Being apart of the “experience” and “prestige” of shopping at a Whole Foods store.
  9. 9. Competitor Social Media Profile Strengths Weaknesses Costco FB: Costco Instagram: @Costco Twitter: @Costco YouTube: CostcoTV -Frequent updates to Youtube -Does not have a large following on social media platforms -Inactive on Twitter -Could be more active on Instagram -Little to no engagement across all platforms Sprouts FB: Sprouts Farmers Market Instagram: @Sprouts Twitter: @Sproutsfm Youtube: Sprouts Farmers Market -Frequently posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter -Also uses Twitter to post about special store promotions -Could be more active on Youtube -Needs to build up a bigger Instagram following -Try and create opportunities to engage more with consumers on social media Trader Joe’s Instagram: @traderjoes -Daily Instagram posts -No official FB or Twitter account -Lack engagement with followers on Instagram -Weak online presence overall
  10. 10. Social Media Objectives In 2017, the primary focus of our social media strategy will be to build stronger relationships with followers and increase brand awareness in order to bring more traffic to the stores through our engagement on our social media accounts. In order to achieve these goals we need to: -Post more frequently to increase engagement rate -Increase the number of interactions we have with followers
  11. 11. Social Media Objectives (cont.) 1. Increase traffic to company website from social media accounts by 40% in 6 months a. Increase brand awareness through increased mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook b. Increase use of hashtags related to the company on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook 2. Increase Instagram followers by 35,000 in 6 months 3. Increase the amount of original, engaging content posted on Facebook and Instagram channels by 30% in 6 months
  12. 12. Social Media Objectives (cont.) Key Performance Indicators 1. Number of visitors directed to the Whole Foods website from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram 2. Number of Instagram followers gained 3. Number of daily posts with original content uploaded to Facebook and Instagram accounts 4. Analysis of feedback received from followers on social media posts
  13. 13. Key Messages - “We make grocery shopping an experience” - “Foods that are good for you; sustainable methods that are good for the planet” - “Your health is our top priority”
  14. 14. Online Brand Persona & Voice Adjectives that describe our company: When interacting with customers we are: -High-quality -Organic -Natural -Socially-conscious -Eco-friendly -Healthy -Accommodating -Trendy -Engaging -Polite -Professional -Responsive -Timely -Supportive
  15. 15. Each of the company’s Instagram post ends with a question, which gives followers a voice and increases engagement.
  16. 16. This Facebook post promoting a charitable organization shows that the company is socially conscious and wants to use its platform to spread awareness for good causes.
  17. 17. This is an example of a dissatisfied customer on Facebook. If a customer leaves a negative comment, their feedback is always appreciated and they are responded to in a professional and timely manner. It shows that Whole Foods highly values customer satisfaction.
  18. 18. Strategies and Tools Paid: Carousel ads on Facebook: Will allow them to promote several different items within the same advertisement. Social shopping posts on Instagram: The linked products in the photo will direct people right to the company website where they can purchase the exact items or find a store that carries that item. Owned: Introduce the hashtag #FreshFridays on Instagram. Encourage followers to take a photo of an original recipe they made using ingredients purchased at Whole Foods. Track the hashtag and regram/reply to posts using the hashtag in order to increase engagement, spread brand awareness, and increase follower count on the platform.
  19. 19. Strategies and Tools (cont.) Earned: Monitor Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for any hashtags, mentions, or keywords associated with the company. Partner with 10 popular social media influencers/content creators whose follower demographics fit within the company’s target market. Team up to create original content, like recipe videos, which can be posted weekly on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Ensure that relevant hashtags and the company account is tagged in any additional posts created by the influencers.
  20. 20. Tools -Hootsuite -uberVU -Twitter Analytics -Facebook Insights -Instagram Insights
  21. 21. Paid: Example of a carousel advertisement on Facebook.
  22. 22. Paid: Example of social shopping posts on Instagram.
  23. 23. Owned: Example of a weekly hashtag currently being used on the Instagram account.
  24. 24. Earned: Examples of cooking videos posted on the Facebook page. By using well-known influencers in future cooking videos, the company will be able to expand their reach.
  25. 25. Timing & Key Dates Holiday Dates Internal Events Reporting Dates Earth Day Thanksgiving Christmas Hanukkah New Year’s Eve April 22: Earth Day event; 10% of proceeds on groceries purchased will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Network. November 1-24: Thanksgiving can drive for the month of November; Whole Foods gift card will be awarded to those who donate 20 cans or more. Reporting will occur on a quarterly basis: Quarter 1 (Q1): January 1 - March 31 Quarter 2 (Q2): April 1 - June 30 Quarter 3 (Q3): July 1 - September 30 Quarter 4 (Q4): October 1 - December 31
  26. 26. Social Media Roles & Responsibilities - Marketing Director: Marci Frumkin Leads a fully integrated marketing program and manages and develops the regional marketing teams. -Social Media Manager: Lisa Grimm Leads integrated brand content and social media teams responsible for the development of the company. -Social Media Coordinator: Natanya Anderson Leads customer service initiatives to help evolve engagement and communication with customers.
  27. 27. Social Media Policy Do’s Don’ts -Be respectful at all times -Remember that “The customer is always right” -Engage with customers as much as possible -Always respond to comments/concerns in a timely manner -Post engaging content consistently -Promote important store events -Respond to negativity with more negativity -Post anything that will reflect poorly on the company -Use offensive or inappropriate language -Speak negatively about competitors
  28. 28. Critical Response Plan Scenario 1: Inappropriate tweet was sent out from @WholeFoods Twitter account using offensive language. 1. Locate the tweet 2. Take a screenshot 3. Delete the tweet off of the account 4. Contact the social media manager (Lisa Grimm) 5. Have Lisa analyze the reach and impact of tweet and create apology tweet on behalf of the company 6. Person responsible for the original tweet will be identified and further action will be taken
  29. 29. Critical Response Plan Scenario 2: Negative comment posted on Whole Foods Facebook page in response to a dissatisfied customer. 1. Locate the comment 2. Take a screenshot 3. Have the comment deleted from the Facebook page 4. Contact social media coordinator in charge of handling customer service (Natanya Anderson) 5. Have Natanya analyze reach and impact of the comment and write an apology on behalf of the company 6. Person responsible for the comment will be identified and further action will be taken to address the
  30. 30. Critical Response Plan (cont.) Pre-approved messaging: Twitter: “Earlier today, a tweet was sent out from our account that reflected poor judgement on our part. It has since been deleted, and we sincerely apologize to those who were offended.” Facebook: “Our company strives to ensure that customers are always satisfied, but when they are not, we want to always allow them to share their feedback and voice their opinion so we could improve our company. We sincerely apologize for the original response that was left on your comment, and action is currently being taken to address this issue. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help, and again, we thank you for your feedback and apologize for the way this situation was handled.”
  31. 31. Measurement & Reporting Results Quantitative KPIs Reporting Period: 3 months Date as of January 1, 2018 Source Volume Percent of Overall Traffic Conversion Rate Twitter 65,000 +160% growth 30% 2.5% Facebook 100,000 +122% growth 50% 5% Instagram 150,000 +400% growth 35% 3% Website Traffic Sources Assessment
  32. 32. Measurement & Reporting Results (cont.) Social Network Data (Timeframe: As of January 1, 2018) Social Network URL Follower Count Avg. Weekly Activity Engagement Rate Twitter https://twitter.co m/WholeFoods 4.9 million +.82% growth 21 posts per week .0004% Facebook https://www.face book.com/WholeF oods 4.2 million +2.4% growth 25 posts per week .0006% Instagram https://www.insta gram.com/wholef oods 2.45 million +2.1% growth 12 posts per week .0005%
  33. 33. Measurement & Reporting (cont.) #FreshFridays Hashtag Performance -Between October 1, 2017 and December 1, 2017, the hashtag was mentioned 150,000 times on Instagram. -15,000 of these posts had extremely high engagement from the followers of the individuals who posted. Many expressed interest in trying the recipe and visiting a Whole Foods to purchase the necessary ingredients.
  34. 34. Measurement & Reporting (cont.) Qualitative KPIs Sentiment Analysis -An analysis of 1,000 posts on each of our social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) revealed that: ● Followers seem to be a lot more active on the company’s pages, and often tag Whole Foods or use related hashtags in any of their relevant posts or comments ● There are still some negative comments regarding quality of produce or customer service, but they are always addressed in a respectful and professional manner
  35. 35. Measurement & Reporting (cont.) Proposed Action Items -Continue #FreshFridays Instagram campaign -Consider offering incentives to followers who post using the hashtag in order to get more people interested in participating and spreading brand awareness -Continue posting original and engaging content, like the partnered cooking videos and increase the frequency if they elicit positive reactions from viewers