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Connecting the Unconnected

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This presentation was delivered at the CESI Conference, Dublin 4th March, 2017. The theme of the conference was Making Connections: Transformation Through Technology and Teamwork. The objective of Connecting the Unconnected invites teachers to go back to basics and to reflect on the primary function of learning, which is the relationship between the teacher and student. The presentation suggests that technology and learning will only be successful when we as teachers truly understand the communities we are tasked to serve.

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Connecting the Unconnected

  1. 1. Joanna Norton Connecting the Unconnected Using the community as a learning canvas University of the Arts, London MA Applied Imagination ‘How can we re-create canons of knowledge to include the voices of the voiceless?’ Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  2. 2. Diversity of student cohort 1. New analysis from the Demos Integration Hub shows that ethnic minority children now represent 26 per cent of all school students in England (Burgess, 2015). 2. 90% of teachers are white, middle class and predominately female (DfE, 2011) 2 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  3. 3. Knowing my students 3 At the University of the Arts, I now teach the children of the super-rich. Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  4. 4. Connecting Thinking with Technology 4 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  5. 5. Your community as a resource 5 How can we remove barriers between the school and the community to allow for the free movement of learning? Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  6. 6. Connecting the Unconnected Make connections between concepts and contexts and consider how to apply to practice. A Morning of Inspiration Walking Mathematically Exploring connections between mathematics and innovation. Fashion’s Biological Future Exploring human reproduction, wearable technology & photography Applied Creativity for Teachers and School Leaders Use the community as a learning canvas. Drifting to engage with the student voice. 6 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  7. 7. Task 1 7 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton You will see images of four different projects. Decide what the projects are and how you could use them in your own context?
  8. 8. Paris 2050 8 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  9. 9. A Surrogate Robot 9 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  10. 10. Drone Port Rwanda 10Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  11. 11. Learning outcome: photoshoot to showcase learning 11 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  12. 12. Turn to the person next to you. Discuss activities/strategies you use for getting to know your students. How often do you use getting to know you activities? How well do you know your students? 12 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  13. 13. How do you get to school? 13 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  14. 14. Psychogeography and getting to know your students 14 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  15. 15. Let’s take a break 15 Find an object. Close your eyes. Compose your shot using sound rather than vision. You have two minutes. Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  16. 16. The Blind Photographer by Julian Rothenstein & Mel Gooding Cconnecting the Unconnected #CESI2017 @joannapnorton 16© Gerardo Nigenda This work has been described as “an erotic visual poem, in which braille text is punched into monochrome images of bodies and faces” (Nigenda, 2015).
  17. 17. Left-field Questions Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton 17 How often do you ask your students left-field questions? What are the benefits of such random questions? How often does your research take you beyond the curriculum?
  18. 18. What do you see? 18
  19. 19. Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton The Geometry of Pasta by Jacob Kenedy & Caz Hilderbrand 19
  20. 20. #poundlandpedagogy 20 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  21. 21. Geometry in the community 21 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  22. 22. Redesigning your house/community with FabLab 22 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  23. 23. Drone Port Rwanda Local solutions to local challenges: Concept design Product design Graphic design Engineering Mathematics Architecture Sketching/drawing 23 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  24. 24. The poetry of code 24 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton
  25. 25. Any questions? 25 Connecting the Unconnected #CESICon @joannapnorton