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Bi modal IT- a perspektive - Joakim Lindbom

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A perspective on why bi-modal is not just a buzzword but makes very much sense. Dealing with #NoRequirements, #DevOps, #VUCA #Planability #EntArch

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Bi modal IT- a perspektive - Joakim Lindbom

  1. 1. 1 Copyright © Capgemini 2016 – Internal use only. All Rights Reserved Presentation Title | Date A perspective on Two Speed organisations Stockholm 2016-12-06 Joakim Lindbom CTO, Certified Chief Architect
  2. 2. Be innovative!
  3. 3. Joakim Svensson, Cap Who am I? Been at Capgemini since1985, delivered IT solutions since 13 yo Middleware, integration, architecture, mobility, Open Source, IoT, DevOps Architect since 20 years Certified Chief Architect CTO för Capgemini Sverige for 7 years Global expert legacy modernisering and revitalisation
  4. 4. Mobile first… API
  5. 5. We’ll se more change the next 5 years than the previous 100 in the auto industry. Ian Robertson, Chairman of Rolls Royce Chief of Sales and Marketing, BMW
  6. 6. Design-Build-Run Conway’s Law
  7. 7. “Organisation are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structure of these organisations” Conway’s Law
  8. 8. Reqs Specify system Build SW Design system Write code Build system Install system Test Reqs Test Specs Integr. test Test design Unit test System test UAT Design-Build-Run approach A bit too waterfallish
  9. 9. Speed Kills!
  10. 10. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 2001 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 Best & Beautiful A Inc B Inc C Inc Lack of speed kills!
  11. 11. 3% 2% 3% 3% 12% 10% 8% 8% 39% 33% 25% 22% 36% 42% 43% 46% 12% 15% 22% 23% CEO/ President/ Managing Director C-Level executives and board members Managers Staff Very Fast Fast About right Slow Very Slow How slow is slow?OFF THE PACE The pace of digital transformation is too slow – unless you’re the CEO. Who are these guys?!? MIT Center for Digital Business and Capgemini Consulting
  12. 12. Big IT  Slow IT (not slow as in slow food….)
  13. 13. “The goal is to have more control over the system than it has over you.” DevOps
  14. 14. IT Legacy is #1 obstacle for innovation Major corporations depend on core systems that - Are 15-20 years old - 3-4 persons know - Some staff is retired, some will be it within 4-5 years - Technology support is slow - Are somewhat documented - Have few formal test cases, but the staff know how to test Application Landscape Report 2014
  15. 15. IT Legacy is #1 obstacle for innovation Major corporations depend on core systems that - Are 25-45 years old - 1-2 persons know - All staff are retired, or will be it within 2-3 years - Technology support is gone - Are undocumented - Have no/few formal test cases Application Landscape Report 2014
  16. 16. The ability to innovate is strictly coupled with the ability to fail fast
  17. 17. Nine observations on IT Complexity 1. Most IT systems are too complex. 2. "Best Practices" increase complexity. 3. Complex systems cost more to build. 4. Complex systems are harder to deliver. 5. Complex systems are less secure. 6. Complex systems are less reliable. 7. Complex systems are less agile. 8. Complex systems cost more to run. And 9. Existing management approaches ignore complexity.
  18. 18. But what is Simple-IT, then? 1. Non complex 2. Small building blocks 3. Autonomous 4. They “know nothing” 5. Service based 6. Dynamic 7. Like lego bricks 8. Pace layered - exposes an OpenAPI 9. Joint development and operations Knowing nothing? Image: Daily Mail A.k.a. Agile Architecture
  19. 19. DevOps is about increasing your responsiveness to customers
  20. 20. Devs  New features, fast! Ops  Uptime, uptime & uptime
  21. 21. Devs  Uptime Ops  New features, fast! But what-if…
  22. 22. …should it be one joint team per system/service? Or….
  23. 23. Autonomous system? Totally separate parts Separate lifecycles! Loose coupling paw rihk-titt
  24. 24. System Do stuff Data Autonomous system? We used to look at it from a technical boundaries perspective
  25. 25. System Do stuff Data OpenAPI Autonomous system? OpenAPI mindset = not a solution design for a specific purpose/project. Open for Innovation DevArchitect TestOps Open Data Lake
  26. 26. BiModal
  27. 27. Qualified CHAOS!
  28. 28. Need for change Bigger than ever Capability to change: Lower and lower
  29. 29. Multi modality
  30. 30. Trains Not the least flexible Stabile, robust, predictable Stays decades
  31. 31. Pretty stable, Can be rerouted, Other purposes Often connected to the train network Needs a road Buses
  32. 32. Much more agile & individual One or a few people Gets you where you want A lot of dead weight Cars
  33. 33. Can’t handle load Bikes Lightweight, Extremely flexible Last mile – faster in tough times Rent whenever you like
  34. 34. Trafiknav
  35. 35. Traffic hub Hub to connect Additional services Heart of the city Has to work!
  36. 36. Characteristics Life cycle Trains Busses Hubs Cars Bikes Rhythm Years Season Months Week Day App area ERP Core systems “Systems of Records” CRM, PDM, Supply Chain Data & Apps market Mobile Cyber Sec Integration BPM, BRM, BI Analytics ECM, Mobile Portal Mashups Site Builder Wiki Control Central IT Outsourced IT & business needs IT & business needs Business (IT supports) Business Architecture qualities Predictable Stamina Standard Simplified Heavy duty Predictable Agile Model driven Predictable Open Service oriented Connected Simple Flexible Fast TTV Cul-de-sac Simple Configurable Fast TTV Throw-away
  37. 37. Characteristics Life cycle Trains Busses Hubs Cars Bikes Test Formal Regression Business case driven Industrial grade Exploratory Integration Doesn’t matter Legal testing! Delivery Linear >80% offshore Agile >65% offshore Linear Service integration Agile >35% offshore End user tools <10% offshore Capability AM Continous rationalisation Req handling Agile Dev DevOps SOA Cloud Integration Business analysis DevOps Orchestration Mashup building NoOps Cloud
  38. 38. Infrastructure Incubate Small scale Mainstream Depreciated Dead Incubate Small scale Mainstream Depreciated Dead Incubate Small scale Mainstream Depreciated D V 4.5 V 4.6 V 5.0 t
  39. 39. Modal split CoreCoreCore Partners BI/DW Service Integration Ext Services Portals Orchestration APIs Req Solution What kind of
  40. 40. New mindset?
  41. 41. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% 120% 140% 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 AD/AM Swedish authority AM/AD-quotient Prognosis: 115% just to keep what you have
  42. 42. Legislation & regulations onset 100%
  43. 43. API ≡ Integration Right? Wrong!
  44. 44. Fundamental change API: Not built for 1 purpose #NoReq
  45. 45. #OpenAPI Open Data Lake Open for Innovation “Come play with our APIs”
  46. 46. Outside in! Don’t do it like Autogiro
  47. 47. Determinism vs Opportunism vs Serendipity
  48. 48. “The more I practice, the more lucky I get” - Ingemar Stenmark
  49. 49. Are you with me? Unleash the potential Hacking the future Build simple prototypes Demo and fail! Interact and learn Make!
  50. 50. Contact Joakim Lindbom CTO | Certified Chief Architect Joakim.Lindbom@capgemini.com 08-5368 3934 0708-166404 twitter: JoakimLindbom http://www.slideshare.net/JoakimLindbom http://www.linkedin.com/in/joakimlindbom https://www.capgemini.com/blog/ cto-blog/2014/12/technovision- 2015-from-train-to-scooter
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