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Kalman Rudolf dies at 86

Inventor of the Kálmán filter

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Kalman Rudolf dies at 86

  1. 1. Kálmán Rudolf, inventor of the Kálmán filter, dies at 86 Published on the 12th July, 2016 at LinkedIn Pulse János Kurdics Professor of Mathematics at University of Nyíregyháza Academic Member of ATINER, Athens Hungary Today Rudolf Kálmán (1930-2016) emigrated to the US, graduated in electrical engineering at MIT in 1953, got masters in 1954, was awarded PhD in control at Columbia in 1958. Then he worked at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Baltimore until 1964 when published three influental papers with Richard S Bucy which were awarded the Steele Prize of the AMS in 1986. Prof Kálmán got professorship at Stanford and later at the University of Florida, from where he retired in 1992 and became Emeritus. Kálmán introduced methods of algebra and geometry into linear and nonlinear control. His book ' Topics in mathematical system theory' (New York: McGraw-Hill, 1969) co-authored with PL Falb and MAArbib is fundamental in system theory. Among with several prizes, in 2009 President Obama awarded Prof Kálmán the National Medal of Science. He was a regular member of several Academy of Sciences.Source: http://www- history.mcs.st-and.ac.uk/history/Biographies/Kalman.html by Profs O'Connor and Robertson. See also http://ethw.org/Rudolf_E._Kalman