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Marketing strategy of sony,micromax and samsung

  2.  According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority Of India,India is a second largest telecom market in World in terms of wireless connections.  In india 900 million users of mobile phone as per IDC.  In Q3 2014,mobile phone market stood at 72.5 millions units.  quarter and quarter market growth is 15%.  and year and year growth is 9%.  Major players:Samsung,Sony,micromax,motorola,Apple, COMPANY OVERVIEW:  Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications a global provider of mobile multimedia devices including feature and smartphone accessories .  Micromax entered into Indian rural market in 2008, And within 3 years of operation they have become the 3rd largest selling company in India.  Samsung:Samsung started their operation in handset market in 1988 and become world second largest Mobile Handset Maker.
  3.  To understand the Marketing strategies which are used by Samsung,Micromax,and Sony.  To find out which is the largest selling phone in India.  Under this research project following points about Samsung,Micromax,Sony:  . Marketing mix  Market segmentation  Targeting  Postioning  Swot analysis
  4.  As the study is based on secondary data, the inherent limitation of the secondary data would have affected the study.  As the study is not based on primary data, so no hypothesis is there.  Many data is collected from articles websites, there is in a small chances of error. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY  The research is secondary in nature. For the purpose of the study, relevant information has been collected through books, articles, websites and annual reports of the company under study.
  5.  PRODUCT STRATEGY Sony:  Product Design  VIVAZ  Xperia X10 mini  Quality MICROMAX: Micromax has a wide range of phones with different features and thus offering variety to the customers. Micromax has a lot of interesting and thoughtful products. Micromax has been able to successfully identify the needs of customers and design products appropriately. Micromax believes that consumers in India have unique preferences with respect to mobile handsets such as long battery life, dual GSM capability, low-cost QWERTY phones, WI-FI and gaming phones. SAMSUNG: The USP of the Samsung mobiles is the superior display quality that it has due to the technology used in all Samsung products like SAMSUNG GALAXY,SAMSUNG GALAXY S SERIES.
  6. Price strategy Place strategy SONY: SKIMMING STRATEGY. MICROMAX: PENETRATION STRATEGY SAMSUNG: SKIMMING AND PENETRAION STRATEGY  MICROMAX:  Business to consumer (B2C) model.  Business to Business (B2B) model  SONY:  INTENSIVE DISTRIBUTION STRATEGY  MARKETING CHANNEL  INDIRECT CHANNEL  SAMSUNG  Along with the launch of new products,samsung also consolidated distribution had 18 state level distribution offices and a direct dealer interface.The direct dealer interface helped the company get quick feedback from dealers,and enabled it to launch products according to consumer needs.
  7. PROMOTION STRATEGY OF SONY PROMOTION STRATEGY OF MICROMAX  Advertisement  Pictures of Sony Ericsson's Advertisement  Sony Ericsson applies Aida Model in its advertisements.  Sales Promotion  Publicity  Sponsorship  Direct Marketing  Retailer's Catalogue  Face to Face Selling  Internet Marketing  Hoardings and banners  Advertising online  They have also aimed at higher advertisements through TV, radios,etc which serve large number of customers.  Sponsoring the social cause events as customers in urban areas  Introducing exchange schemes SAMSUNG Brand Ambassador: Aamir Khan Promotional offers like free entry to the show of ‘10 ka dum’ Organizing contests like ‘Samsung Mobile Festival’ Opening the Samsung Fun Club for better customer relationships. Free online software updates, tutorials and customer service
  8. STRENGTH:  High technological advancement.  Greater number of Telecom service providers thus high demand of mobile phones.  Fastest growing mobile market. WEAKENESS:  Lack of interaction between customer and company.  Highly Competitive.  Government trade policies in different countries.  Difficult to enter because of requirement of huge financial resources. OPPORTUNITY  Rural market is very less penetrated so great opportunity ahead.  Go green theme THREAT:  Substitute product  Increase in competition in different countries.
  10. Sony is not focussing to gain market share.micromax is leading brand. And samsung is second largest selling brand. Sony have got more profit,and they don’t want more market share. Q22014 Q32014 Q42014 Series1 65 80 100 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 PROFIT MICROMAX 22% SAMSUNG 20% KARBONN 9% LAVA 7% OTHERS 42% MARKETSHARE SOURCE:WWW.IDC.COM
  11.  Micromax is having 22% market share,Samsung is having 20% market share,Karbonn is having 9% and Lava is 7% market share.  Sony is working on niche segment.and also sony is developing phone to get more profit rather than market share.  Micromax is more focus on rural market because they want to provide innovative and cheaper phone to gain more market share.  Mobile phone industry also increased by increasing range of budget,900 million users of mobile phone is in is launching product with skimmimg pricing,micromax is launching product with penetration pricing,and samsung is launching product on the basis of both strategy.
  12.  With the ever growing threats in the mobile phone industry, Mobile industry must learn to predict and adapt to their consumers and their environments in order to remain a competitive force in this market.  With value in mind, it is apparent that in order to continue to survive in a market that is saturated with high-end products,Sony must now create a way to capitalize on new profits. They must take their current innovations, and simplify them, to develop products that have similar -features and benefits, at a fraction of the price to consumers.  with focussing on Target youth,Women Micromax provides phone with lower price to generate more market share,Micromax must take quality improvement,and innovative product. 