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How to write reference(s)

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How to write reference(s)

  1. 1. How to write reference? Be consistent and precise! Jitendra Patil M. Pharma (Pharmacology) Medical Services, Meyer Vitabiotics Ltd
  2. 2. Why reference?• To avoid plagiarism• Showing the breadth of research• To acknowledge direct quotes• To provide evidence to support arguments• Allowing the reader to verify data
  3. 3. Harvard Style
  4. 4. End list references - Books In-text – (Cottrell, 2005)
  5. 5. e-Books
  6. 6. Journal articlesIn-text – (Hendry and Farley, 2006)
  7. 7. Citations for works with no author or anonymous author(s):
  8. 8. Entries should be listed alphabetically
  9. 9. Vancouver Style
  10. 10. What is the Vancouver Referencing Style?• It is a "numbered" style.• It follows rules established by the International Committeeof Medical Journal Editors.• It is also known as: Uniform Requirements forManuscripts submitted to Biomedical Journals.
  11. 11. How to do in-text citations?• A number is assigned to each reference as itis cited - in brackets [ ] ( ) or superscript.1• If the source is referred to again, the same numberis used.
  12. 12. Book Citation• Author/Editor/Compilers surname initials.• Title of the book. • # ed. (if not the 1st)• Place of publication:• Publishers name;• Year of publication.
  13. 13. Journal Citations• Authors surname Initials,• Authors surname Initials.• Title of article.• Title of Journal. abbreviated]• Year of publication Month date;• Volume number• (issue number):• page numbers.
  14. 14. How to create a Reference List?Entries are listed numerically and in the sameorder that they (references) were cited in the text.