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Jing Seah Resume 2015

Resume of Jing Seah, Singapore
Interests: Travel, Social Media, Marketing, Sales, Customer Experience
Skills: Sales, Client servicing, Project management, Celebrity/Artiste liaison, Celebrity/Artiste management

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Jing Seah Resume 2015

  1. 1. RESUME Personal Information Name: Jing Seah Age: 27 years old Country of residence: Singapore Citizenship: Singaporean Email: jing.seah@gmail.com Contact: 8333 2595 (HP) Educational Qualifications Bachelor of Arts in 2011 (National University of Singapore) Graduate: Major in Sociology, Minor in Human Services ‘A’ levels in 2006 (Anglo-Chinese Junior College) ‘AO’ General Paper : A1 ‘A’ Economics : A ‘A’ Geography : A ‘A’ Literature : B ‘O’ levels in 2004 (Cedar Girls’ Secondary School) L1R5 – 11 Skills Languages - Written: English, Basic Mandarin - Spoken: English, Mandarin, Basic Hokkien, Basic Korean Computer - Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint) - Basic Video Editing (iMovie) - Google Drive, Google Documents, Google Calendar
  2. 2. Work Experience FLY Entertainment (2011 – 2015) - 4 years - Artiste Manager working with approx 50 – 55 artistes - Roles: Artiste management, Client servicing, Sales, Project management, Scheduling, On-ground chaperoning of artistes, Contract vetting & related paperwork, Social media content creation - Local & Overseas Experience in Artiste Liaison for the following: - Events (Corporate Dinners / Store Launches / Promotional Roadshows/ Press Conferences/ Music Concerts, etc) - TV Commercial Shoots & Photo Shoots - TV Production Shoots - Experience in the following countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Australia Achievements - Average total sales per month $70,000 - $100,000. - “Most Number of Cases Closed” in 2014. - Highest sales record – 1 project amounting to $600,000 in 2015. Courses attended - ‘Communicate & Relate Effectively at the Workplace’ organized by Kaplan Professional - 'Crisis Communication and Management' workshop by Daniel Theyagu organized by Corporate Courses in Singapore (CCIS) Short Term Work Experience (2004 – 2010) - Private Home Tutor (Adhoc) - F&B Waitress in Thai Express & Mad Jack (Adhoc) - HSBC Adminstrative Staff (6 Months in 2011) - AIA Telemarketer (Adhoc)
  3. 3. Leadership Experience NUS Student Leader Experience - Arts & Social Sciences Club MC (07/08) Publicity Committee - NUS Caretalyst (Community Service Club) MC (09/10) President - NUS Social & Ballroom Club MC (09/10) Welfare Head Camp Experience - MOE School Camps o St Anthony’s Canossian Sec 1 Camp 2008 (Camp Chief 2IC) o Fajar Sec Sch Youth-At-Risk Camp 2008 (Team Facilitator) o Chong Boon Upper Sec Camp 2010 (Team Facilitator) - NUS Camps o NUS-NTU Caretalyst Elevate Camp 2010 (Camp Chief 2IC) Personal Strengths People Management: Experienced in managing corporate clients and artiste clients, Good relationship with both clients and suppliers. Sales: Knowledge of entertainment market rates, Negotiating best deals for clients, Strong in closing. Project Management: Self-motivated, Ability to work under pressure, Calm in a crisis, Trained to look out for potential problems & to eliminate risk Team player: Sociable, Enthusiastic, Willingness to learn, Committed to tasks assigned. Social media: Active user. Has experience in content creation & copywriting for current company’s corporate accounts. Personal Social Media Accounts: Twitter: https://twitter.com/jingseah Instagram: http://instagram.com/jingseah Facebook: http://facebook.com/jing.seah Snapchat: @jingseah