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SeAscape befriending Recruit

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SeAscape befriending Recruit

  1. 1. 1 to 1 Befriending… What is it? Quite simply its…. • Initiated, monitored and supported by a voluntary or statutory agency . • We match up shy lonely and isolated befriendees, with more confident outgoing volunteers. • We encourage them to get out and try new activities and experiences. A professional friendship
  2. 2. • Our group befriending came about by accident when we did not have enough volunteers so invited all our befriendees to come along for coffee and cake once a week. • The format has been so successful, we created a new service around it. Group befriending
  3. 3. • We also expanded it into other areas from coffee mornings in the local Tesco store and once a week pool sessions at the local snooker hall • We have also developed two other coffee morning groups, both in both Girvan and Troon Group befriending
  4. 4. • Our latest venture is into the realm of distance or tele- befriending. • Here we are hoping to re-connect families and friends cut apart by geography, health or physical isolation. • The format is quite new and has its own challenges and benefits Tele- befriending
  5. 5. And now we want you to...
  6. 6. And that’s not all... • Have days out • adventures in tree climbing • bowling tournaments • with cake and prizes for all • and yes we will even pay for it
  7. 7. Make a difference today Be a Volunteer/ befriender with SeAscape NOW! Having friends is a more important factor in warding off loneliness than any other form of treatment. Can you spare two or three hours a week? and turn this… into this