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Joe Sinkwitz - Advanced Search Summit Napa 2021

  2. WHO AM I?  Involved in search industry since 1997  Founder & CEO of Intellifluence  Have managed thousands of clients  I’ve been fortunate to play in all facets of online marketing, providing a broad perspective  Spent too much time with the conference founders drinking wine 2
  3. 3 It happens with all marketing channels; at a certain point, a flood of clickbait headlines start to call for that channel’s imminent demise. Instagram makes a change? Influencers are dead! Google updates one of their core algorithms? SEO is dead! A paid campaign fails or underperforms? PPC is dead! None of these proclamations are true and are usually written by those that aren’t practitioners. Influencer marketing won’t ever cease to be until word- of-mouth disappears, so let your competitors fall for the misleading headlines while you learn how enterprises can incorporate influencers into your favorite marketing channel of choice to stay ahead. WHAT’S THE SUMMARY OF THIS TALK?
  4. PRIMER INTO INFLUENCER MARKETING 4 Influencer marketing’s rapid ascension has led to a decent amount of confusion as to where the concept fits in best for B2B and B2C enterprises alike.
  6. 6  Based loosely on video game concept of compulsion loops, which continually entice a user to keep playing.  For marketers’ purposes, compulsion marketing is the collection of activities that manipulate psychological drivers, resulting in a compulsion to purchase a specific product or service.  It is as much a campaign strategy as it is a tactic. WHAT IS COMPULSION MARKETING?
  7. 7  I knew from affiliate days the power of pairing PPC, SEO, and email.  At CopyPress I became a convert on using content marketing paired with native ad amplification.  At Intellifluence I saw how the influence can be magnified using those concepts from CopyPress and my affiliate days.  I started to string them all together and play with ordering. HOW DID I STUMBLE INTO COMPULSION MARKETING?
  8. 8  Aspirational: The most common types from a marketing perspective. Influence applied towards someone that is aspiring to be like another person  Authoritative: Topical experts, whose opinion you trust because you know them to be experts  Peer: The most powerful influencers are those we view as equals. Our friends and neighbors, for example TYPES OF INFLUENCERS
  9. 9  Hero worship – aspirational psychological driver  Appeal to authority – authoritative psychological driver  Wealth signals – peer psychological driver  Pack mentality (unity) – repetition psychological driver KEY PSYCHOLOGICAL DRIVERS
  10. 10  Are we going to be lazy and apply them lazily to obvious marketing channels? No.  I looked for lists of marketing channels and liked this list the most: effective-marketing-channels-for- advertising-your-business OKAY, SO THERE’S DIFFERENT TYPES OF INFLUENCERS. GOOD TO KNOW.
  11. 11 IS THIS GOING TO BE EXHUASTIVE? NO.  However, we have a limited amount of time and I like how Spectrio grouped the channels so I'm going to use mostly similar grouping while digging in.  I'll start with the most obvious and end with the least obvious channels where influencers can be used to beat up your competition.
  12. 12  Non-social Internet Marketing Channels  Social Media Channels  Public Relations Channels  Paid Advertising Channels  Physical Marketing Channels WHAT ARE THE GROUPS?
  13. 13  Amazon and other marketplaces  Blogging (your own blog)  Blogging (guest blogging)  Chat Bots  Live Chat  Newsletters NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS  Podcasts  SEO (other metrics, like user signals)  Webinars  Website (your own website)  Whitepapers  VR and AR
  14. 14  Google My Business  Facebook Ads  Facebook Groups  Facebook Profiles  Instagram  LinkedIn  Pinterest SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS  Reddit  TikTok  Twitch  Twitter  Yelp  YouTube
  15. 15  Conferences  Host Events  Media Interviews  Press Releases  Speaking Events  Sponsorships PUBLIC RELATIONS
  16. 16  Affiliate Marketing  Billboards  Mailers  Nextdoor  Non-UGC Social Ads PAID ADVERTISING  Podcast Ads  Print Advertising  Radio Advertising  TV Advertising
  17. 17  Brochures  Customer Loyalty Cards  Digital Signage  Exterior Signage  FREE consults  Giveaways PHYSICAL MARKETING  Interactive Signs  On-hold messaging  Overhead (skywriting)  Packaging  Promotions
  19. 19 Description: Giant ecommerce marketplace which uses reviews as one of the variables to assist buying process Influencer Type: Peer How: Request reviewers select your product via search or category, purchase it, actually use it, up vote another good review, and leave an honest review with photo proof. NEVER insist on a 5* review. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS AMAZON & OTHER MARKETPLACES
  20. 20 Description: Web assets that live on your own website Influencer Type: Authoritative How: By offering a reverse guest posting experience, having a guest author with extensive experience in your industry post on your own site, followed up by secondary promotion. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS BLOGGING (ON YOUR OWN)
  21. 21 Description: Tap into other people's audience for the purchase of traffic (I say traffic instead of links and will explain) Influencer Type: Authoritative How: Similar to your own blog, this is an opportunity to create "think piece" material for dissemination on more authoritative outlets. Collaborating with one or more experts in the field, including yourself, for publication elsewhere, helps to increase your own authoritative influence when done repeatedly over long periods of time. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS BLOGGING (GUEST BLOGGING)
  22. 22 Description: Simple machine learning and search powered question and answer scripts that live on most SaaS websites Influencer Type: Peer How: Personalization in chat response that references others which asked similar questions can help to push users down a desired path. "151 product X users that asked about ___ found this FAQ article the most helpful." NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS CHAT BOTS
  23. 23 Description: The next step up from chat bots, with an actual person on the other end of a conversation Influencer Type: Authoritative How: My preference is to use chat bots to solve 90% of general requests, with the 10% reserved for the not-so-easily answered questions. Placing an intern on this task is a mistake. Display the title/role of the person answering a question and the questioner will defer to authority. Do we feel more secure about an answer from Level 1 new hire tech support or from Susan, the Director of Product Experience? NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS LIVE CHAT
  24. 24 Description: E-mail based contact list of what is usually a hyper targeted audience Influencer Type: Authoritative How: I love this concept and have been trying to get into every relevant newsletter that will have me. My favorite use is for the newsletter owner to introduce my product, explain how he or she uses it, and then offers a special offer for the newsletter audience. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS NEWSLETTERS
  25. 25 Description: Think of podcasts as audio/video-based newsletters. Passionate, targeted audiences looking to consume. Influencer Type: Authoritative How: The format that has worked best for me is the interview-style format where one authority (the podcast host) conveys, through a line of questioning, implied authority onto me for having passed the expert test. Similar with newsletters, don't oversell but rely on a special value for that audience. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS PODCASTS
  26. 26 Description: SEO, when dumbed down, is a collection of signals related to buckets for links, content, and how users interact the first two buckets. Influencer Type: Peer How: Lets skip links as it's covered in blogging and guest blogging. For this, imagine using a large base of buyer persona targeted audience to perform a set of queries on your behalf, click on the results you want, and to take an action on your site that just happens to tie back into a good dwell, navigation, and query satisfaction signal. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS SEO (OTHER METRICS, LIKE USER SIGNALS)
  27. 27 Description: Time-based educational presentation / walk-through Influencer Type: Authoritative or Peer How: The best use I've seen from this comes from authoritative influencers. If you can pay an expert in your field to host a webinar on how they have had success using YOUR product, you'll make sales. If you can't get authorities, you can incentivize some walkthroughs from existing customers to prospective customers. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS WEBINARS
  28. 28 Description: I's your website. Influencer Type: Peer How: Referral source is your friend. If you know which sources of traffic you want to target, you can first get peer level influencers to review, then screenshot or embed their review on-the-fly. If a user comes in from Instagram, show the Instagram review as social proof to trigger "sameness." NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS WEBSITE (YOUR OWN WEBSITE)
  29. 29 Description: Long-form highly educational content (not salesly ebooks) Influencer Type: Authoritative How: There are two components to this. If you are to sponsor a whitepaper to be written by an expert, you can latch onto their authority. Secondarily, having the whitepaper exist on a different authoritative source for further conveyance of authority. Third, gate the download. This is the Demand Exchange model. So many enterprises request whitepapers. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS WHITEPAPERS
  30. 30 Description: Virtual and augmented reality, viewed through additional lensing - - a still small but growing channel Influencer Type: Aspirational How: The key for most products using this medium is to catch attention, which is the primary role of AR/VR. For instance, an AR experience while you are learning about your surroundings that assesses temperature is high and a beverage vending machine is within walking distance might pop a celebrity walking up to you to exclaim how hot it is and how refreshing a Coca Cola is. NON-SOCIAL INTERNET MARKETING CHANNELS VR AND AR
  31. 31 Description: Business profiles on Google Influencer Type: Peer How: The concept best taken is similar to that of Amazon. You want actual users to leave honest reviews; engaging your existing user base is the fastest method and usually sufficient. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS GOOGLE MY BUSINESS
  32. 32 Description: There are different types of Facebook Ads. For this, we're talking promoted content Influencer Type: Peer or Authoritative How: UGC promoted content, on average, performs better than ad content placed by the brand itself. If an influencer is opted into Facebook's creator program, you can do a collab and then promote that collab. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS FACEBOOK ADS
  33. 33 Description: Targeted, self-selected audiences Influencer Type: Peer How: The quickest way to use Facebook groups is to pay a moderator or administrator of the group for a review within the group. You can alternatively try to join these thousands of groups, endear yourself, and then advertise...but trust me that getting placed in timeouts for spamming is annoying. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS FACEBOOK GROUPS
  34. 34 Description: Personal profiles on Facebook Influencer Type: All How: You'd use these the exact same way as a Facebook ad, without promoting the content. The type to use depends on the goal you're going after. For my product, peer reviewers on both sides of the platform discussing their positive experiences leads to a consistent stream of sign-ups. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS FACEBOOK PROFILES
  35. 35 Description: Visual social network personal profiles Influencer Type: Aspirational or Peer How: The type to use depends again on your goal. Remember that the broader the audience (mass consumable), the more you can get away with aspirational influencers. The more specific and defined the product market, the better peers will perform from an ROI perspective. Generally, I don't use authoritative influencers on Instagram because as a format it doesn't allow one to convey deep understanding. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS INSTAGRAM
  36. 36 Description: The professional social network personal profile Influencer Type: Authoritative How: B2B doesn't spend enough time looking at LinkedIn reviews. If you're targeting the business community, LinkedIn makes it easy to see the largest audiences for that specific target. I recommend livestream videos (takes 6 weeks to get approved as a creator) paired with their articles. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS LINKEDIN
  37. 37 Description: Like Instagram but without the videos...and the media attention. Influencer Type: Peer How: It's such a visual setup that you need to have a product that conveys visually. If you do, then finding relevant peer influencers to photograph using your product is a snap (pun intended). Stick a pin in this concept as pins can rank rather well and be used as part of a parasitic SEO strategy. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS PINTEREST
  38. 38 Description: The self-described front page of the Internet. With it comes with the best and worst of the Internet Influencer Type: Authoritative How: Reddit is hard. If you want a review in a subreddit, your best bet is to treat it like a Facebook Group and pay the moderator to do an authoritative review for you. Otherwise, you'll be downvoted and shunned. When you get something that hits, you can parlay it into a massive media success. Do I have time to mention silly vaping products and how it got the eye of Playboy and Verge? SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS REDDIT
  39. 39 Description: Ask your kids about this hot short- format video content network Influencer Type: Peer or Aspirational How: The videos are a bit too quick for authoritative. The best ways forward are to either make something creative for virality via peers or pay for celebrities to post and let their audience do the lifting. If you can come up with a meme-able campaign across a series of peer influencers + 1 aspirational influencer, you might yet win the Internet. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS TIKTOK
  40. 40 Description: Overlooked huge video network that originally catered to gamers Influencer Type: Peer How: I almost placed aspirational influencers, but the content shared matters. If you're in gaming, you already know about Twitch. However, I see expansions into food and other experience-based categories. Live streamed reviews of your product being used can drive sales. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS TWITCH
  41. 41 Description: Political diatribes with a megaphone but without an edit button Influencer Type: All How: Twitter can be very frustrating, but exceptionally useful. We use it on most campaigns to amplify previous efforts via simple RTs, but with the right authoritative and aspirational selections, it can be used with deep reviews due to expected click-outs to longer format content OR tweet storms. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS TWITTER
  42. 42 Description: Difficult company to work with, but can send fantastic traffic for businesses with a physical location Influencer Type: Peer How: The game here is a constant stream of reviews. The same strategy as Google GMB, asking for honest reviews from existing user-based works. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS YELP
  43. 43 Description: Videos of anything you could possibly imagine...loose network, more of a broadcast mechanism. Influencer Type: All How: If your product requires explanation, YouTube is perfect for that via authoritative influencers. If it has mass appeal, aspirational influencers can act as a great broadcast channel. Is it in a heavily searched for category? Get multiple peer-level influencers to review it and embed those into blog posts, ranking the videos themselves to take advantage of the monopoly favoring its own results. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS YOUTUBE
  44. 44 Description: Being at a conference, not necessarily speaking at one Influencer Type: Peer or Authoritative How: This is the point of swag in the hands of your buyer persona. When you can co-opt a series of industry experts to wear your t-shirt on all the same day, how do you think that's perceived by new industry entrants? Now what do you think would happen if you ran an incentivization where anyone wearing your shirt received preferential treatment? PUBLIC RELATIONS CONFERENCES
  45. 45 Description: Bringing that networking meeting to your own offices, as the host Influencer Type: Peer or Authoritative How: What's neat about this tactic is you are bringing your targeted buyer persona to you, which is a way to shortcut into authoritative status, especially if other authoritative influencers invite the audience to YOUR office for the hosted event. Hard selling isn't required because you're proving you are real and by virtue of playing host as establishing yourself as credible. The law of reciprocity plays an assistive role in that the invitees will want to "pay you back" in some unconscious way. PUBLIC RELATIONS HOST EVENTS
  46. 46 Description: Leeching off the authority of the interviewer for publications Influencer Type: Authoritative How: The reason think pieces do so well is because of where they are hosted; the same is true of media interviews. In this process, the interviewer is that time-centric authority that through the process of an interview shows how the interviewee "passes the test" conveying subject matter authority. PUBLIC RELATIONS MEDIA INTERVIEWS
  47. 47 Description: There's a reason Cision calls their journalist contacts an influencer database Influencer Type: Authoritative How: Old school SEO benefits aside, the power of press releases from an influencer perspective is to get the attention of those journalist contacts for the purposes of generating media interviews and garnering follow-up attention. Press releases are a different type of lead-gen where the KPI should be capturing more attention, and with that in mind, one can write them with specific journalists in mind. PUBLIC RELATIONS PRESS RELEASES
  48. 48 Description: This is a speaking event, so what am I? Influencer Type: Authoritative How: Breaking into a speaking circuit can be difficult for some. However, once one has overcome pitch exhaustion and received decent audience scores, other events will seek YOU out. It is an authority transfer, where the conference is the propped up authoritative source on a subject, which is delivered by a speaker. Even a new entrant that can master the stage through the 60 minutes of terror receives that authoritative boost, so the information THEY convey comes off as more credible. Intellifluence is using my temporary authority provided by Advanced Search Summit to pass on this information. Is it working? PUBLIC RELATIONS SPEAKING EVENTS
  49. 49 Description: Paid placements, but not always in the way you might think Influencer Type: All How: The type of influencer to use depends on the medium being used and the buyer audience being targeted. Demographic appeals can use peer influencers of the same background (think enterprise eyeglass company sponsoring a gala for child blindness that provides lenses). Mass appeal sponsorships can use local aspirational influencers on advertising at local sports events. Etc. PUBLIC RELATIONS SPONSORSHIPS
  50. 50 Description: Paying other marketers to sell for you...the essence of influencer marketing! Influencer Type: All How: The most common method is to use a combination of peer influence and authoritative appeal by twisting a pull marketing message into a push to a specific brand. The buyer has determined that the messenger is trustworthy enough and believes him or herself representative of the message being sold. Affiliates are telling your story for you; use them if you can achieve a proper ROI. PAID ADVERTISING AFFILIATE MARKETING
  51. 51 Description: Larger than life advertising often found on busy roadsides Influencer Type: Peer or Aspirational How: Think of billboards as an analog Instagram; you have only a couple seconds to visually convey the message. Therefore, you either need to speak to a demographic (person in the car) or use a celebrity to catch attention. This medium is almost always used for mass appeal products/services, which is sad considering how many I see are for accident and injury attorneys. PAID ADVERTISING BILLBOARDS
  52. 52 Description: Direct promotional mail delivered by the post Influencer Type: All How: Most direct advertising can use all types of influencers, depending on the use case. My favorite method is to use authoritative influencers and deliver a Handwrytten message to the target audience. The mass created robot-created handwritten mailers catches the eyes of a prospect by virtue of it being actual pen on paper and when delivered by an authority the message is paid attention to. PAID ADVERTISING MAILERS
  53. 53 Description: The social network that is hyper localized and difficult to fake affinity Influencer Type: Peer How: If there's a next big network Intellifluence is looking at, it is Nextdoor. Imagine the power of being able to have multiple neighbors within a postal code report on how delicious your local restaurant is, external to the typical Nextdoor adverts? I placed this network here in paid advertising because as it currently stands, authentication into a neighborhood requires a process similar to the old Google business verification post card system...working on it. ;) PAID ADVERTISING NEXTDOOR
  54. 54 Description: The version of ads created by you on your main brand channels instead of UGC-promoted ads Influencer Type: Peer How: I would look at Wendy's use of advertising and relying on the snarky nature of their messaging to be carried by everyday consumers over to their own channels. It is a reverse of the UGC-promoted method and it works because the social ads are not in corporate speak, but have a specific persona associated with them. It's an amplification strategy. Burger King is a good how-not-to at the moment. PAID ADVERTISING NON-UGC SOCIAL ADS
  55. 55 Description: Podcast interviews are great, but if you can't get on the show, sponsor it Influencer Type: Authoritative or Peer How: Most podcasts that I personally listen to are within specific core matter subjects. For instance, "This Week in Virology" isn't a good place for me to advertise my SaaS, but might be a good place to advertise online course on epidemiology by a university. If I were representing such a brand, I could not get on an interview as it is beyond my expertise, but I could potentially sponsor as a proxy to that expertise. PAID ADVERTISING PODCAST ADS
  56. 56 Description: Newspapers, Magazines, and phone directories. Oh my! Influencer Type: All How: I view print advertising as a blend of billboard and sponsorships. While there's an extreme visual component that lends itself to using a peer-level influencer or celebrity to get attention for a quick message, it also offers the potential for an authority to lay out the reasoning for choosing a product or service. PAID ADVERTISING PRINT ADVERTISING
  57. 57 Description: It's radio. Goooooooood morning {Napa|Wine Country|Advanced Search Summit}, what a beautiful day it is Influencer Type: All How: What's intriguing about radio is we lose the sense of sight and have to convey the emotion with tones and description. Pay close attention and you'll hear "I'm a ___ and therefore I did ___" which is a logical lead to perform an action. If I hear an advert at 5:00pm on "I'm a fat CEO that is always hungry and loves nachos, but no nachos can satisfy my hunger like Joe's Sloppy Nachos" then I'm probably going to put that restaurant immediately into my GPS. PAID ADVERTISING RADIO ADVERTISING
  58. 58 Description: TV killed the radio star. Influencer Type: All How: Analog YouTube is how I view television advertising, as it is so diverse. One can use authorities to explain a subject in a controlled setting like an infomercial, celebrities in a 30 second spot to create a sense of awareness, or groups of peers to play upon the unity psychological signal. PAID ADVERTISING TV ADVERTISING
  59. 59 Description: Remember the tri-fold glossy papers sitting on the check-in at your doctor's office? Influencer Type: Authoritative and Peer How: Brochures have a very specific audience and are often used on captive audiences that have already committed, therefore the appeal is via authority. Think of that doctor's office, that's the authority because it is the only place you'll probably see a brochure for that pharmaceutical company with smiling demographic users in a similar age/gender/race/socioeconomic background to you. PAID ADVERTISING BROCHURES
  60. 60 Description: Customer loyalty is all about repeat purchasing. CRM marketers get it. Influencer Type: Peer How: Some customer loyalty programs are boring and bland, only focusing on a numeric reward based on progress metrics. Add some emotional and psychological appeal. People LIKE YOU use this product/service REPEATEDLY and they are BETTER because of it. It would be a nominal effort to include imagery and social media rewards as a function of customer loyalty to build the pack mentality further. PHYSICAL MARKETING CUSTOMER LOYALTY
  61. 61 Description: Interior flat screen TVs scrolling through advertising while people wait for that food Influencer Type: Peer or Authoritative How: Consumers of digital signage are already captive, similar to brochure market, however they don't need to be pushed via an appeal to authority. Awareness via celebrities as a proxy to peers, or peers themselves, advertising complimentary products/services and upsells can increase revenue per square foot. "Jim ordered a delicious Malbec at Joe's Sloppy Nachos and couldn't be happier. Upgrade your water to a Malbec and be like Jim." Worst case scenario in that example is if I see it enough times I'm going to want to start drinking anyhow. PHYSICAL MARKETING DIGITAL SIGNAGE
  62. 62 Description: Positioned signage outside of an establishment to act as a beacon and a hook Influencer Type: Peer How: Walking up and down the street wearing a sandwich board and handing out samples is still a peer level influence on a nominal level to other pedestrians. The very same person that's also eating those samples with delight is more effective. PHYSICAL MARKETING EXTERIOR SIGNAGE
  63. 63 Description: Getting a sneak peek at a service without commitment Influencer Type: Authoritative How: I place such consults under the auspices of physical marketing because it works best "in person" and is almost always service-oriented. A free consult gives the opportunity to establish authority while removing buyer hesitancy, overcoming cognitive dissonance of paying and the uncertainty of the service being credible. When handled effectively, FREE consults are extremely powerful. They are the SaaS equivalent to free trials, which is why you'll find one on the last slide of this presentation. PHYSICAL MARKETING FREE CONSULTS
  64. 64 Description: Contests and Giveaways Influencer Type: Peer How: I love contents and giveaways. Within peer influence especially, an influencer loves receiving a free product, but they also love being able to provide a giveaway to their own audience as it endears them to the audience. Done with an element of viral looping by adding a contest component to it, this can help massively with product launches. PHYSICAL MARKETING GIVEAWAYS
  65. 65 Description: Think digital signage with an element of interactivity Influencer Type: Peer How: The reason this is a separate channel from digital signage is because one is a constant commercial whereas this one takes user input and leads the user down a specific buyer's journey. When you plant an idea into a buyer's head, the most important thing you can then do is let them think they came up with the idea. PHYSICAL MARKETING INTERACTIVE SIGNS
  66. 66 Description: Your call is very important to us; please hold Influencer Type: Peer or Authoritative How: Think radio meets brochures. One of the most important things on- hold marketing can do is disarm the individual, as the emotional state is rarely happy and cheery. Overly cheery on-hold advertising backfires, especially when played repeatedly. Sober sounding authorities calmly explaining the importance of thoroughness coupled with peers talking about their relief of choosing product/service X can go a long way. PHYSICAL MARKETING ON-HOLD MESSAGING
  67. 67 Description: What's that in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, yes, it is a plane. Influencer Type: All How: Overhead advertising is usually a combination of mass appeal and local appeal; there's no point in skywriting a local business in a city across the country. I struggled with this channel as I've not personally used it, but given the broadcast it would be all encompassing. One idea would be to quickly hijack celebrity status "Cher eats at Joe's Sloppy Nachos. Nachos so sloppy she changes wigs twice during dinner." PHYSICAL MARKETING OVERHEAD (SKYWRITING)
  68. 68 Description: It's not just a boring brown box, it's a way to reach out to your customer Influencer Type: Peer How: The Tiffany's bag is widely recognized; the same product delivered in a Tiffany's bag suggests a higher value due to the implied association with luxury. The same goes for other packaging -- it needs to connect emotionally on some level. Amazon delivers the smile, what does your desired buyer persona peer group convey with your packaging? Strength? Beauty? Vitality? Intelligence? PHYSICAL MARKETING PACKAGING
  69. 69 Description: Branded promotional items Influencer Type: Peer How: Promotions are different from contests and giveaways in that the promotion is for that specific buyer, much in the way a brochure and customer loyalty is. One could combine the concepts of course, which is what every major pizza company has done -- personalized promotions that are heavily branded. It's a peer level approach that tries to lightly play into your cognitive dissonance over previous decisions. Just keep going. Just keep swimming. Just keep buying. PHYSICAL MARKETING PROMOTIONS
  70. DID I MISS A CHANNEL?  Almost certainly, but we have limited time. Hopefully, the sheer number of mediums can help you see just how varied the use of influencers are.  That said, the best test is your own test and your own data.  Want to see how well influencers can work for you? Enjoy a 1-year FREE access via this plan: 70
  71. CREDITS Icons courtesy of (Freepik, Icon Monk, Icon Pond, mynamepong, pongsakornRed, Roundicons, Smashicons). All product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.