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Woo hoo my mobile app is on the store! Now what?

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After months of hard work your app is on the stores and is being downloaded by iOS and Android users alike. But what now? Are all users happy? Do your users only use your app once, or do they keep coming back? Does it crash all the time? Without decent analytics it is hard to know how well your app is doing, and this is where Visual Studio App Center can help.

App Center has a whole suite of crash and user analytics tools. You can use these to see if your app is crashing, and if so under what conditions and on what devices or operating systems. You can also see details of your user base, including how often they use your app or where in the world you are. App Center also provides push notifications that you can send to different groups of users to help drive user engagement.

In this session we will look at how to use App Center, starting with how to integrate the App Center SDK into a Xamarin app. We'll then see crash analytics in action, catching and fixing a real bug in our code. Next up we'll look at the user demographics of our app to see how it is being used, and finally we'll send a push notification to a set of users to encourage them to use our app more.

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Woo hoo my mobile app is on the store! Now what?

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