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Grocery Delivery App Development

Grocery Delivery App is a user-friendly interface to assist the user to order the grocery and get them delivered at their door step. Read the latest features and reasons to develop Grocery Delivery Apps. for more info visit: https://www.esiteworld.com/instacart-clone/

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Grocery Delivery App Development

  1. 1. Grocery Delivery App Development www.esiteworld.com
  2. 2. How to Earn a Profit in an Online Grocery Business? If you are looking to develop a Grocery Delivery Application, this is the right time to take the plunge. Give your customers a pleasant grocery shopping experience with our Grocery Delivery App that comes with power packed features enabling them to book 24/7 grocery orders without the fear of Pandemic.
  3. 3. Reasons to Develop Grocery Delivery App ❖ Our Grocery Delivery App brings technology, groceries, and other daily items and convenience merging at the app platform bridging the gap between the customers and grocery store owners. ❖ The pandemic has put a huge dent in the business world. On-demand app industry has been one of those that showed positive signs allowing businesses to recuperate.
  4. 4. Latest Features of Grocery Delivery Clone ❖ Responsive Website enabling grocer ordering ❖ Customer iOS App/ Android/ Web panel ❖ Delivery Driver iOS / Android/ Web panel ❖ Store iOS App/ Android/ Web panel ❖ Admin Web Panel that manages commission, payments, delivery fleet/drivers, profiles, feedbacks, and much more ❖ Manual Grocery Ordering ❖ Billing Panel to manage Payments
  5. 5. Best Grocery Delivery App 2021 ❖ Amazon Fresh Clone ❖ Instacart Clone ❖ Walmart Grocery Clone ❖ FreshDirect Clone ❖ Peapod Clone
  6. 6. Benefits of On Demand Grocery Delivery App ❖ Convenience ❖ Wide range of grocery categories to browse ❖ Ease in shopping ❖ Personalized discounts/deals ❖ Comfort ❖ Multiple payment options
  7. 7. Contact Us.. Thank you.. https://www.esiteworld.com/instacart-clone/ biz@esiteworld.com +1 (858) 427-0668 (Worldwide)