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Careem Clone Taxi Ride App Solution

Careem Clone is on demand taxi booking rider driver app. Start your on demand taxi business with careem clone app formed with superest functionalities and intergrate your business branding on online platform. for more info: https://www.careemclone.com/

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Careem Clone Taxi Ride App Solution

  1. 1. Careem Clone Best Taxi Ride App www.careemclone.com
  2. 2. About Careem Clone Careem Clone is on demand taxi booking rider business app. Grab the competitive edge with superest customised features. Using Careem Clone, User can use your offered verity’s car like Mini, Sedan, SUV, Luxury Car etc more. Integrated robust PHP script architecture CMS technology.
  3. 3. What Careem Clone Offer With our Careem Clone App you will have a White Label Solutions that integrate your business branding on online platform You can customise your prefer language. Keep safe your users with digital payment options in COVID-19. Easy to manage and separate admin panel and Android & iOS apps for all users.
  4. 4. Users Features User can login via Social Media Login User will Book a Ride from A to B place Live Tracking he’s Cab where they riched. Digital Payment with COVID-19 Rules Rating & Reviews
  5. 5. Drivers Features Register as Driver with Document Upload and driver can login with credentials. The drivers will receive alerts on upcoming ride request in and around their location and driver will accept the request also can manage Available or Not Section. Driver will notified of the trip cancellation by the users via SMS, In app Notification or Mail.
  6. 6. Admin Panel Features The admin can monitor and manage the entire customers and drivers. You can manage your daily earnings and commissions. Driver get credited to the drivers' bank account.
  7. 7. For More Contact Us to Develop Careem Clone App Careem Clone Script https://www.careemclone.com/