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How to attract a good man

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Here are some tips on how to attract a good man

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How to attract a good man

  1. 1. How to attract a man you like
  2. 2. If for weeks you put your eyes and loving intentions in a new guy you met, or if you feel that there is a "I don't know what", that for some time now exists between a friend or acquaintance that is not indifferent to you, we present these useful tips that will attract the attention of this guy you like.
  3. 3. Become a little difficult, but not to much Sometimes men struggle to make the first move so you have to give him "a little help" which shouldn't be very obvious of course.
  4. 4. Take care of your appearance Show off with an 'outfit' that highlights your attributes, strive in your physical appearance, dress your hair differently, modify your makeup from time to time; recall that men are visual at the beginning. Try to fix yourself and feel comfortable at the same time. It is very likely he'll say that admires you because of your feelings, but if you see askance you'll notice he sees your curves.
  5. 5. Show interest in him Make him note that you want to know more about him, that his tastes, dreams and his life interest you. If you talk all the time about yourself you'll get him bored very fast and he'll run from you ... Very likely to find another girl who will listen to him.
  6. 6. Be confident and friendy That your smile stay plastered on his left pupil. Show yourself confident and positive of who you are, men love it. Women who complain about everything do not attract men's attention.
  7. 7. Impress him Impress him with the best you have. You're unique, that's what makes you very special!
  8. 8. To know more about how to attract a man you like, Download my FREE report “HOW TO GET A MAN TO LOVE YOU” In the link of the description below: http://www.togetaboyfriend.com/s/how-to-get-a-man-to-love-you/