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  1. OBJECTIVES •Produce a creative representation of a literary text by applying differentiated instruction •Appreciate the cultural and aesthetic diversity of literature of the world
  2. GUESSING PICTURES •Guess the picture being shown and say something about it based on your prior knowledge.
  3. Arrange Me!  •thoughts product A is the of his man. •becomes. thinks, he What he
  4. Arranged Words!  •A man is the product of his thoughts. •What he thinks, he becomes.
  5. Discuss It!  The class will be divided into five groups. Each group will extract cultures and tradition evident in the movie entitled “3 Idiots”. It will be reported by group.
  6. APPLICATION: Produce a creative representation of the movie showing the best scene through the following: • Group 1 – Poem/Song • Group 2 - News report • Group 3 – Drawing • Group 4 – Role Play CRITERIA • Content/Message – 20% • Impact – 20% • Cooperation – 10% • Total – 50%
  7. EVALUATION: Give what is being asked. 1. It is the greetings in India. 2. The dressing used by male in Villages. 3. The dressing used by female in Villages. 4. Two official languages of India. 5. The famous Indian personality who gained the Independence of India.
  8. Answer Key for Evaulation 1. Namaste 2. Dhoti, Lungi, Kurta 3. Sari, Shalwar Kameez 4. Hindi, English 5. Mahatma Gandhi